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thedailypic•yr8•259/365•2816•Nail’d It!

Checked out Nail’d It! at their Liz’s Diamond debut. Great band, awesome set list. Go see them.



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thedailypic•Yr8•080/365•2637•The Snowflakes 2016

This was my second time shooting the Purple Room for JP’s Song of the Day. This time it was ‘The Snowflakes’ recording their annual Christmas video. My son Dan was invited to join in on back up vocals. JP, Sara, Carolyn, Jay, Bill, Kev, Ray and Dan did an awesome job with “Santa Comes on Christmas Eve” a parody of “Shut up and dance w/me”. As fun as the video is, I can say it was even more fun to watch the behind the scene antics. Thanks for letting me (and Dan) take part in it. Last year their video went viral, even ranking on Ellen’s Youtube Channel. I can’t wait to see this one pass it. Check it out and feel free to share.



Santa Comes on Christmas Eve

The Purple Room’s Holiday parody for 2016 is “Santa Comes on Christmas Eve.”
(to the music of Shut up and dance w/ me)
Please SHARE it.. we’d like to break last years views.

Posted by Jon-Paul Royer on Monday, December 19, 2016


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thedailypic•Yr8•012/365•2569•Bad Marriage Downstairs


Last night I shot Bad Marriage Downstairs at the Middle East in Cambridge. Pure Rock and Roll awesomeness. From their page:

Boston’s Bad Marriage comes out of the gate swinging their hard rock hammer with both fists, laying down their blistering boogie with heavily swung rhythms. Their repertoire digs deep with influences including AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. Indulging their collective thirst for tone and overdriven guitars, Bad Marriage pack their material with British blues-infused hard rock riffs and gutsy, soaring melodies. Together with frontman and resident wordsmith JonnyP and his over-the-top, self aggrandizing lyrics, they’ve crafted a collection of egotistical hip-shakers including “Knock 3 More Times”, “Miss Outrageous” and “Young Love”.
Check them out – badmarriagemusic.com
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thedailypic•Yr7•211/366•2402•Liz’s Open Mic

Yr7•211-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic

Liz’s Diamond Bar and Grille in Hopedale kicked off their new Open Mic Night tonight – each Thursday staring at 8pm. Tonight’s host and opening act, was Medway’s own Chris Ross, he will be rotating hosting duties with Jennifer Tefft. Go check it out, great music, get drinks, some food – I am fan of their burgers.


Yr7•211-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•212-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•213-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•214-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•215-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•216-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•217-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•218-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic

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Yr7•101/366•2292 TBVS January 9, 2016

January 9, 2016

Late last night, my friends in Tollbooth Willie, channeled Pearl Jam once again. This time by performing PJ’s album VS. Last January Tollbooth did TEN start to finish, check out the post here. I am a huge Pearl Jam fan and I love TEN, but I love VS just a little bit more. It is an album that fits that time period where music is a soundtrack. I was working at Newbury Comics when it came out. I was running the store for the midnight on-sale on October 8th, 1993, it was a huge event. We played it in the store all night, I played it in the car on the way home from the store, played on the way to college the next day, back to the store, on and on. The album never left my player for weeks. Last night was the first time I had ever seen these songs done live, in person and it was awesome.

Tollbooth Willie, Ray, Todd, Kieth, Kev and Mark, you guys out do yourselves with these shows. TEN, the Unplugged Show, and now VS, so much more than a cover show. These are one of a kind events, the love you have for this music come across to every person in the audience. W.M.A. was insane, dueling drums, haunting vocals, we were not in the Tradesman it was the highlight of the night – I put the camera down and just took it in. Same with Rats, where else and I ever going to see that song performed?  Go, Rear-view, Elderly woman, all of them… incredible jobs guys. I say each time I get to photograph you, thank you for letting documenting these shows. And Eddie, Mike, Jeff, Matt, Stone, if you happen to read this… big fan – drop me a note here, I would be happy to snap some photos for you too.


Yr7•122-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•119-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•120-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•121-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•116-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•117-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•118-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•113-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•114-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•115-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•110-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•111-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•112-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•107-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•108-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•109-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•105-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•106-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•104-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•101-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•102-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•103-366•2292•TBVS

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