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thedailypic•yr8•343/365•2900•Lost Marbles

Went off to Brimfield Fair today, came back with a Ouija Board and another series of ‘looking down’ photos. I loved last years set, and now I have some new additions. You can see some of the originals, printed in metal, hanging at The Hot Pigeon in Medway – awesome shop, check it out.



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thedailypic•Yr7•345/366•2536•A Type


Went to Brimfield Fair today, the ultimate flea market. I do not know what is more interesting the items or the people? I only took a handful of photos, all in the same vain – looking down. One of them got me yelled at by a passionate tenant, started blurting out rules and laws and copyrights… it was quite entertaining. I challenged back with some facts of my own, he was not expecting that, we came to an understanding… well, I did. You would be hard pressed to guess which one caused the controversy.


yr7%e2%80%a2343-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2344-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2345-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2346-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2347-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2348-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2349-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2350-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2351-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2352-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2353-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2354-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2355-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2356-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2357-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2358-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2359-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type yr7%e2%80%a2360-366%e2%80%a22536%e2%80%a2a-type

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thedailypic•Yr7•199/366•2390•One Man’s Art

Yr7•199-366•2390•One Man's Art

One Man’s Art, perhaps another man’s drinking problem? I have an old house, old yard, in old part of town. They buried their trash back in the day, the day that they did not think anyone would be here in like 20 years. Did they think it magically disappeared in the dirt? Anyway, after every winter the stuff I find is amazing, broken toys, nails, screws, appliances, but when I try to do yard work, or dig holes for the new fence, that’s when I find the most. In ONE HOLE, seriously, a 6 inch diameter, 2 feet deep I found this glass beer bottle top with roots taking residence in it and 4… that FOUR crushed cans (picture below) each at different levels. I got lucky on that one. You think there might be a chance they drank so much one night they played bury the money? Fingers crossed.


Yr7•199-366•2390•One Man's Art Yr7•200-366•2390•One Man's Art

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thedailypic•Yr6•289/365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach

Yr6•289/365•2109 Butch & the Munsters Koach July 16, 2015

Butch & the Munsters Koach
July 16, 2015

My Distracted Driving co-hosts and I went out to the Brimfield Fair today and hung out with Butch Patrick, “Eddie” from the classic show, The Munsters. Butch was awesome, he signed autographs,posed for some photos, he even drove us up and down Rte 20 in his Munsters Koach while doing an interview for our show – it will be posted in the coming weeks on our Youtube Channel, click here to subscribe. Then we just spent the day trying not to buy ALL the stuff, while walking the town. Check out the photos.


Yr6•289-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach-2

Yr6•305-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•289-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach-2 Yr6•294-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•297-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•296-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•295-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•299-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•300-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•298-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•293-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•289-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•291-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•290-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•292-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•303-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•302-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•301-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•306-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•304-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•308-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•307-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•309-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•312-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•311-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•310-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach Yr6•313-365•2109•Butch and the Munsters Koach

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