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thedailypic•yr8•286/365•2843•Seals and Ice

To make up for the insects this week I am starting Iceland Thursdays. Between now and the Iceland Show (Thursday, August 3rd at Thayer House in Medway) I will share some photos from Iceland.  This week I have some from our zodiac boat ride through the Ice Lagoon all the way up to a glacier. We saw seals, we saw rocking icebergs and one that had just flipped and was an incredible blue.

I even have some taken with the drone, they are not here though… you can see them at the show. Tickets are on sale now, $10 ($5 for 16 and under and Seniors). Each ticket purchased prior to the show will receive a 4×6 print from the Iceland photos for free. All the info and tickets can be found by clicking here, or drop me a note, I have hard copies of tickets to sell too.


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thedailypic•yr8•270/365•2827•Above Þjóðvegur

The drone made the trip to Iceland, if there were ever a place for it.  Here are a few from today’s drive through the south east coast, including a family shot on a random red chair along the highway, bolted to a rock.



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thedailypic•Yr7•138/366•2329•Frozen in Morning Light

Yr7•138-366•2329•Frozen in Morning LIght

Up before the sun on a day off, laying on the ground in the snow, blowing bubbles from my home made mix, worried the neighbors are judging me… when the contractors working on my house show up… makes the neighbor thing pointless, when 3 men you need to talk to see you that way. All worth it though, took as many photos as I could before the cold reminded me I should not be on the ground, let alone outside.


Yr7•144-366•2329•Frozen in Morning LIght Yr7•145-366•2329•Frozen in Morning LIght Yr7•141-366•2329•Frozen in Morning LIght Yr7•142-366•2329•Frozen in Morning LIght Yr7•143-366•2329•Frozen in Morning LIght Yr7•138-366•2329•Frozen in Morning LIght Yr7•139-366•2329•Frozen in Morning LIght Yr7•140-366•2329•Frozen in Morning LIght


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thedailypic•Yr7•123/366•2314•Running Thaw

Yr7•123/366•2314 Running Thaw January 31, 2016

Running Thaw
January 31, 2016

#SomewhereSunday, took a walk with the camera to a favorite spot. A few more hints below. Where was I?


Yr7•125-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•124-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•123-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•128-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•127-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•126-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•131-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•132-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•130-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•129-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•133-366•2314•Running Thaw

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thedailypic•Yr5•126/365•1952•Snow Rise

Yr6•126/365•1952 Snow Rise February 3, 2015

Snow Rise
February 3, 2015

It did not happen all at once, but I remember specific incidents that led to the death of my childhood. Death might be harsh, but there is a time when I recall there being no “adult things” to get in the way of fun in the winter. And then gradually… I learned of horrible stupid, responsibilities that just suck any chance of enjoying certain events to the fullest.  The one that sticks in the memory banks the most is shoveling the roof.  I really thought it was a joke. I can understand shoveling the walks and driveway, even as a kid that makes sense, but what kills any chance of enjoying a good storm is the roof thing. So, you mean I got to get on a ladder, then the roof and put the snow on the ground? Any kid would tell you – “Just let it melt!”. It is even closer to the sun… melting is what it should do. But no, I could get Ice Dams… another winter soul killer. The name sounds kind of cool, something you would want to build as a kid and jump your sled over. Nope, Ice Dams destroy your house… and I guess your childhood innocence too. Mr. Andersen, my neighbor told me about all this crap. I honestly thought he was on his roof to jump into the giant pile of snow, and I wanted in, so I rushed over… then he explained it all, slowly taking ways to enjoy the storms. Stupid Ice Dams. I just want to barrel down a hill, jump my sled, but I can’t even do that anymore, my damn hip might break.


Yr6•126-365•1952•Snow Rise Yr6•128-365•1952•Snow Rise Yr6•127-365•1952•Snow Rise Yr6•129-365•1952•Snow Rise

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