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thedailypic•Yr7•132/366•2323•Cookie Drop

Yr7•132-366•2323•Cookie Drop

This is a work in progress, I will revisit this set up soon. There were a few lessons learned. It is not exact but… I ran out of cookies.

  1. Oreos are disgusting to handle soaked.
  2. I need a full package – I ran out as I figured out how to get the shot I wanted.
  3. I need to buy them, then hide them better.
  4. I will never eat them again.
  5. It is great that my wife never came in the kitchen while this was being done.
  6. More towels can’t hurt.


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thedailypic•Yr7•131/366•2322•The Impact

Yr7•131/366•2322 The Impact February 8, 2016

A couple weeks ago I posted strawberries splashing in a glass and called it Refreshing, well that was just the start. The process was the same for this shot. My flash was triggered by sound, this time, instead of the splash setting it off, it was the sound of a pellet gun (can you find the white pellet in the photo?). The set up: A balloon filled with water hanging by a string in my basement. After setting the camera and getting the focus locked I turned off all the lights. One off camera flash, with the high speed MIOPS trigger attached to it, set behind the balloon, slighty to the right. The before shot is below, a test shot to make sure everything was working correctly. Camera on a tripod about 4 feet from the balloon, set to take a 15 second exposure by timer. I trigger the camera, wait until the exposure starts, then fire the gun from the right – and hope I hit the balloon. There were a few misfires – one where there was not enough propane in the gun to fire it, the pellet actually bounced off the balloon. Another where the noise triggered the flash a few times (I added that shot below too) and you see the balloon at impact and the spray of water after in the same frame. Finally the perfect shot, I had to delay the trigger 1 millisecond and it made a huge difference. Fast enough to still see the pellet and shape of the balloon, but slow enough to catch the spray. I have plenty of more ideas for this process. stay tuned.


Yr7•131-366•2322•The Impact Yr7•132-366•2322•The Impact


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Yr7•117/366•2308 Refreshing January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

Got a new toy tonight, package was waiting for me when I got home. It is an upgrade of an old trigger I had – more cool functions. More photos to come, plenty of ideas, only had a few minutes to play tonight. Couple strawberries, water and a fresh timricephoto tumbler.



Yr7•117/366•2308 Refreshing January 25, 2016

Yr7•118-366•2308•Refreshing Yr7•119-366•2308•Refreshing Yr7•117-366•2308•Refreshing

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