October 19, 2012

I’m undefeated, my son has never beat me at Stratego.  I know it could be considered mean… if you are weak.  He enjoys playing, unfortunately he enjoys talking more, he fails to see some obvious opportunities and does not jump on them. We had a close one tonight, we also followed that one up with a 8 minute one – 8 minutes in Startego, I don’t think he had a piece on my side, he put too many bombs forward and could not get his guys around them in time… rookie mistake.

It’s too bad, I wish he would win so I could show him my strategy.  It is simple really.  I will give it to you since he does not have access to this blog.

First the flag, so many people surround the flag with bombs, that’s one school of thought, another is put no bombs near it, reverse psychology.  I can respect that.  My planning is a little different, flag always goes in the last line, just makes sense, it’s math, put it as far as you can from the enemy.  Hell, turn it around for all I care and show it to them.  It is not about location, it is about protection.  In the 3 immediate squares put Lieutenants (6) and Sergeants (7).  Then in a V formation, a layer of bombs.  That way when the bombs get discovered, and the Miners come in, the next piece it encounters is lower rank. Gone, threat eliminated.  While this is going on, you of course are sending in protection.

On the front line load it with Scouts (9), straight across the board. You can find out who is coming across, and right behind them load up on Colonels (3), Majors (4) and Captains (5). They will not expect it. Hide the Spy, you lose him early and you’re in trouble.  Never put the Marshal (1) and General (2) on the same side of the board. And lastly spread those Miners (8) out so you can maneuver them in quickly once a bomb is found.  It really is not that hard.

I know what you are thinking, brilliant Tim, you should put this up on You Tube.  I know right, but the boy has access to You Tube, so nope can’t do it.  This is risky enough.  The good news I know there are not a lot of readers of my blog, most of you look at the photo and never see the words.  I am practically talking to myself according to the Site Stats. –  My wife needs to come home, this really was not a good use of time.


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