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Miss Maddy
October 13, 2012


I love what I do.

I get to show up at events, whether it is to shoot it as the photographer or set up the photo booth or like today- fortunate enough to do both. I meet people for the first time, observe and just enjoy their enjoyment.

This is Maddy.  I have a bunch Maddy shots from today.  She was one of the first people I photographed just as everyone was starting to arrive. She was at the door with her Mom and I asked her if I could shoot a photo of her pretty dress.  First shot, there was cautious look on her face, I showed her the picture, she started to grin, snapped a second one and there was her smile I would see for the rest of the day.

She made friends with the dance instructor, I have a series of shots of her teaching HIM how to dance. In her own section of the dance floor there she is jumping, twirling, having a great time – check them out below.  Right after, I got this one and it was all her, I was walking across the floor and she saw my camera struck a pose and just as quick she was one her way.

I spent the day with a great group of people, all in the mood to celebrate.  I took photos, learned names, and heard stories as if I had been part of the family.  I get such a thrill out of doing this.  There is no greater honor than to be allowed into these events to capture it for them, so that the stories and memories will continue.

I love what I do.









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