thedailypic•Yr4•210/365•A Fisherman

A Fisherman
April 28, 2013

Took the family and out bikes for a ride at the Cape Cod Canal today. Checked out the fisherman’s pier, Herring Run and grabbed some lobster rolls for lunch.


Yr4•210-365•A Fisherman.jpgYr4•211-365•A Fisherman.jpgYr4•212-365•A Fisherman.jpgYr4•213-365•A Fisherman.jpgYr4•214-365•A Fisherman.jpgYr4•215-365•A Fisherman.jpgYr4•216-365•A Fisherman.jpgYr4•217-365•A Fisherman.jpgYr4•218-365•A Fisherman.jpgYr4•219-365•A Fisherman.jpg

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