thedailypic•Yr7•171/366•2362•Brookside’s Got Talent

Yr7•171-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent

I photographed the Brookside’s Got Talent show today for Brookside Elementary School. A great event with talented kids. No fear, they sang, danced, played piano even used the force. Great job!


Yr7•197-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•195-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•196-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•192-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•193-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•194-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•190-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•191-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•189-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•186-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•187-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•188-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•185-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•183-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•184-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•182-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•180-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•181-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•177-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•178-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•179-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•175-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•176-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•174-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•172-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•173-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent Yr7•171-366•2362•Brooksides Got Talent

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  1. Sharon Choiniere March 19, 2016 at 9:11 pm #

    This looks like an awesome talent show! The photos speak volumes, but they leave me wanting more…like videos!!! lol

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