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Who do you want in The We Are Medway Project? I notice many town employees and men and women in uniform, and maybe I am not who you are looking for?

Out of the gate, I have had many town officials and well-known people in the town as part of the project. It has only worked out this way, and part of it was to get attention for the project. The goal is anyone with a ‘connection’ to Medway is eligible.  I want to show the full range of people connected to this town, from ‘townies’ to those who just arrived and all in between. Teachers who interact with our kids, the postal workers who we have gotten to know over the years, clerks at our favorite places.

How is a person ‘connected’ to Medway?

You live in Medway, for the last 80 years or 80 days. You work(ed) in Medway. You own(ed) a business in Medway. You are part of the Medway story. If you are reading this, then there is a good chance you should be in the project. Contact me if you have any questions. No one has been turned away yet.

How long will this project go on?

As of now, the project is slated to end June 30th, 2019, one year since it started.

How many photos do you want to include?

As many as I can, in a perfect scenario, I would love to have over One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirteen by the end of the project.

What is the plan for the photos?

First, they will be added with the brief bios to a webpage, timricephoto.com/wearemedway. The ultimate goal will be a showing of the photos, either as part of a slide show, or physical display at the Thayer House in Medway on Celebrate Medway Day, July 20th, 2019. If you are interested in your photo being part of the physical display (Printed and Matted), there will be a minimal fee to cover materials, and you would receive your photo at the end of the show.

Are these single head-shots or can there be group shots?

The model of the yearbook is a single head-shot. I had considered family photos, but for logistics, I think I need to limit it to individual images. Now a family is welcome to come at the same time and get their pictures taken separately and be added in a row. And people with little kids (under the age of 13) who want to be photographed with their children I may make an exception. There will be other exceptions, at my discretion and group shot addition to a single head shot will not be counted in the total number. I am happy to book family sessions for those who would like them; it is offered as one of my services.

Why are the photos in black and white?

The photos are in black and white because that is how I picture the project. Like an old yearbook. Black and white are timeless. The images are taken in color and maybe be purchased in color after the fact. This leads to the next question.

Can I purchase the photo?

Yes, the photo can be purchased as a print or as a file. The ones I post online can be shared and used as profile photos etc. but will contain a watermark. Watermark-free images can be purchased, but no purchase is necessary to be part of the project. See “What is the plan for the photos” for info on being part of the show.

Are props allowed?

Yes, they are, within reason. If you were to bring a prop, I would hope it would be part of your story and relate to who you are.

Are the photos shot only at your studio?

Yes, the photos are all taken at the studio on the same backdrop. Contact me for more details or to discuss exceptions.

What should I wear?

This is up to you; I want you to be comfortable and represented the way you want to be in the project. When applicable, uniforms are welcomed, but not necessary.

Are animals welcome?

Not really for this particular project, again I do offer sessions where I photograph animals and would be happy to set a time for you. Concerning The We Are Medway Project, I rather keep it to people, but exceptions can be made, contact me and let me know more and we can discuss.

Why are you doing this?

Why not?

How can I help?

Thank you for asking, the goal of 1713 is a considerable number. I need people. Feel free to tell people about the project. I get many names suggested to me, but not ways to get in touch with them. Suggestions always welcomed suggestions with ways to get in touch with better. People who reach out to me because you suggested me to them… the best.

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