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thedailypic•Yr7•341/366•2532•Party People

Yr7•341-366•2532•Party of the Year

Yesterday was the party of the year, the 4th annual Labor Day Bash at The Tradesman in Milford Ma. This is Ray Auger and I on the stage with a few of our friends – yes they are friends telling us we are number one! Ray is the mastermind behind this event, so why not let him speak… the following is from him.  If you want to see ALL the photos check out the set on my facebook page here.


Wow what a night. 800+ people (good chance there was a few more!)… 9 bands… delicious food from Anzios Brick Oven Pizza, Wicked Twisted Pretzels and Larry Joes New England Fire Pit… massages from Kelsey Rutkowski… incredible music by Josh Briggs & Friends, Jambag, SOULidarity, Shanna Jackman and Not in Kansas, Bad Marriage, Tailgates Down Band, Charity Case, The Abe Froman Project and Tigerlily… just an incredible lineup of local music!

We raised money for Cory’s Crusaders, Inc. and Milford Ma. Youth Football and Cheer this year through a raffle and all the bands donating their fees back to the cause. Each organization will be receiving about $1500 each!

Thanks so much to Rob DeDominic for putting it all on the line year after year, making it possible for us to throw this party. I appreciate his dedication and willingness to let us do crazy shit at his bar. Now show him your support by visiting The Tradesman again soon AND Valley Pub… his other establishment in Whitinsville. Thanks to Tim Rice of timrice/photo for making all look so good! It’s no doubt that this thing gets bigger and bigger every year because he captures the fun for all to see so perfectly. Thanks to Christopher Rando for amazing sound, stage and lighting. You made us sound and look like rock stars my friend. Thanks to William James for managing the stage all day. He kept us all in check while rocking a set of his own with Charity Case. Thanks to Ed Barry for proving the community drum kit, Todd Boisvert for the bass rig and Gordon Swanson of UpFront Guitars for the rest of the backline. Thanks to the entire staff of The Tradesman and Valley Pub and all the volunteers who worked their asses off all day. Thanks to Jay Pillarella and Dawn Bailey (That Smarts by Dawn) for the cool commemorative t-shirts. Thanks to Milford Police Department and fire departments for doing an outstanding job managing the crowds and supporting the party in general. Same to the Town of Milford, especially our selectmen who approved the party. Great to see you at the show Will Kingkade! You too Scott Harrison. I love walking through the crowd and seeing town officials and school committee members like Joey Callery and off duty police officers and firefighters. This event has really turned into a great community celebration.

On a more personal level thanks to the two great bands I am honored to be a part of… Tailgates Down, with Meghan Haskins, Israel Saldana, Matt Kudirka, Jamie Nicholson, Lorraine D’Angelo Lee and our talented fill in for the show Jay Tullio and The Abe Froman Project with Justin Redden, Todd Boisvert, Tim Corrigan, Johnny Keys and Todd Boisvert. You guys make performing so fun! Thanks to Molly for putting up with me with all the planning and day of shenanigans and to some great friends for your consistent support… Dexter Avery Carcione, Jay Pillarella, Dawn Bailey, Amber K. Redden, Justin, Barbara Bain Rice, Tim and Kathleen Ann and Chris Manoogian.

Hope you go this far because I really want to thank all of YOU! The crazy bastids who partied with us all day! See you all at the social on Monday!

There’s probably more… I’ll stew over it for a bit and hope I didn’t forget anyone. So many great people to thank!



Yr7•341-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•342-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•343-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•344-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•345-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•346-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•347-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•348-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•349-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•350-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•351-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•352-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•353-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•354-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•355-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•357-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•358-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•360-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•361-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•362-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•363-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•364-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•365-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•366-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•367-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•368-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•370-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•371-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•372-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•373-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•374-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•375-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•376-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•377-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•378-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•379-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•380-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•381-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•382-366•2532•Party of the Year

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thedailypic•Yr7•340/366•2531•The Bash 2016

Yr7•340-366•2531•The Bash 2016

The 4th annual Tradesman Bash was insane… tons of photos, look for them later today (Monday). I am off to bed after 14 hours of shooting. More to come, I promise you won’t want to miss it.


Yr7•341-366•2531•The Bash 2016 Yr7•340-366•2531•The Bash 2016


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thedailypic•Yr7•172/366•2363•Tradesman Holiday Party 2016

Yr7•172-366•2363•Tradesman Holiday 2016

Shot the annual Trademan Holiday Party this afternoon. Rob and crew put on a great party!


Yr7•178-366•2363•Tradesman Holiday 2016 Yr7•179-366•2363•Tradesman Holiday 2016 Yr7•175-366•2363•Tradesman Holiday 2016 Yr7•176-366•2363•Tradesman Holiday 2016 Yr7•177-366•2363•Tradesman Holiday 2016 Yr7•172-366•2363•Tradesman Holiday 2016 Yr7•173-366•2363•Tradesman Holiday 2016 Yr7•174-366•2363•Tradesman Holiday 2016

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thedailypic•Yr7•161/366•2352•Tres Hombres

Yr7•161-366•2352•Tres Hombres

Tres Hombres took over The Tradesman tonight. Acoustic Rock Greatness all around.


Yr7•164-366•2352•Tres Hombres Yr7•165-366•2352•Tres Hombres Yr7•161-366•2352•Tres Hombres Yr7•162-366•2352•Tres Hombres Yr7•163-366•2352•Tres Hombres

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thedailypic•Yr7•150/366•2341•Leap Day Social

Yr7•150-366•2341•The Leap Day SocialThe monthly social came early tonight, we refused the 29th of February and counted tonight as the first Monday in March. It was a great one, Beatles songs, Theme from Full House, Ellis Paul (tickets still on sale for 3/13 show in Milford – click here), some of Extreme stopped by to play, the regulars, new blood, Tiger Blood, birthdays, politicians, and tons more great music. Maybe we can do it again next Monday on the actual first Monday of the month.


Yr7•167-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•166-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•165-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•164-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•161-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•162-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•160-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•159-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•157-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•158-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•156-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•153-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•154-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•155-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•150-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•151-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•152-366•2341•The Leap Day Social


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Yr7•101/366•2292 TBVS January 9, 2016

January 9, 2016

Late last night, my friends in Tollbooth Willie, channeled Pearl Jam once again. This time by performing PJ’s album VS. Last January Tollbooth did TEN start to finish, check out the post here. I am a huge Pearl Jam fan and I love TEN, but I love VS just a little bit more. It is an album that fits that time period where music is a soundtrack. I was working at Newbury Comics when it came out. I was running the store for the midnight on-sale on October 8th, 1993, it was a huge event. We played it in the store all night, I played it in the car on the way home from the store, played on the way to college the next day, back to the store, on and on. The album never left my player for weeks. Last night was the first time I had ever seen these songs done live, in person and it was awesome.

Tollbooth Willie, Ray, Todd, Kieth, Kev and Mark, you guys out do yourselves with these shows. TEN, the Unplugged Show, and now VS, so much more than a cover show. These are one of a kind events, the love you have for this music come across to every person in the audience. W.M.A. was insane, dueling drums, haunting vocals, we were not in the Tradesman it was the highlight of the night – I put the camera down and just took it in. Same with Rats, where else and I ever going to see that song performed?  Go, Rear-view, Elderly woman, all of them… incredible jobs guys. I say each time I get to photograph you, thank you for letting documenting these shows. And Eddie, Mike, Jeff, Matt, Stone, if you happen to read this… big fan – drop me a note here, I would be happy to snap some photos for you too.


Yr7•122-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•119-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•120-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•121-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•116-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•117-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•118-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•113-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•114-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•115-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•110-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•111-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•112-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•107-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•108-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•109-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•105-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•106-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•104-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•101-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•102-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•103-366•2292•TBVS

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thedailypic•Yr6•343/365•2169•Raise the Bash

Yr6•343/365•2169 Raise the Bash September 7, 2015

Raise the Bash
September 7, 2015

I belong to a community of talent. To be part of it is an honor, especially when the entry fee is a talent I wish to have. I can’t sing or play music, what I can do is capture those that can, and do my best to represent them. These people are amazing, from the ones that coordinate the staging and the permits, the ones that set the sound and the lights, to the ones that stand on the stage and put it out there -many of them wearing more than one hat. From small stages, weekend after weekend to these incredible celebrations like the Labor Day Bash, the LMAs and showcases that happen throughout the year. The community is unlike anything I have seen. Loyal, respectful, and true family with one goal. The Greater Milford Music scene entertains, that’s all they want to do.

Yesterday was the 2015 edition of the Tradesman Labor Day Bash. Food Truck, Charities and 8 bands on stage with many more represented in the audience. I got there early, stayed late, photographing all day. Now and then getting the drone in the air. Congratulations to all involved, Rob from the Tradesman for a first class, safe, respectful event, Chris Rando for incredible sound and stage and my great friend Ray Auger, without your hard work and ideas, this would all look different.

Go out, support live local music, where ever you live. If you get a chance check out the acts in this set of photos:

To see all – and there are plenty more, of the photos, click here for the whole set.


Yr6•345-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•344-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•343-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•348-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•347-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•346-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•351-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•350-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•349-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•353-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•352-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•354-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•355-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•357-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•356-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•358-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•360-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•359-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•345-365•2169•Raise the Bash-2 Yr6•344-365•2169•Raise the Bash-2 Yr6•343-365•2169•Raise the Bash-2 Yr6•361-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•363-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•362-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•348-365•2169•Raise the Bash-2 Yr6•347-365•2169•Raise the Bash-2 Yr6•346-365•2169•Raise the Bash-2 Yr6•364-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•366-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•365-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•349-365•2169•Raise the Bash-2 Yr6•369-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•368-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•367-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•371-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•370-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•372-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•375-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•374-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•373-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•376-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•378-365•2169•Raise the Bash Yr6•377-365•2169•Raise the Bash

Yr6•343/365•2169 Raise the Bash September 7, 2015

Raise the Bash
September 7, 2015

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thedailypic•Yr6•342/365•2168•The Labor Day Bash 2015

Yr6•342/365•2168 Labor Day Bash 2015 September 6, 2015

Labor Day Bash 2015
September 6, 2015

I think I am as tired as I possibly can be, so I am going to share a few photos from the Labor Day Bash at the Tradesman. Tell you it was unbelievable, thank everyone involved in one general Thank you, promise to tell you all the details tomorrow… then go to bed.


Yr6•342-365•2167•Labor Day Bash 2015 Yr6•341-365•2167•Labor Day Bash 2015 Yr6•344-365•2167•Labor Day Bash 2015 Yr6•345-365•2167•Labor Day Bash 2015


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thedailypic•Yr5•102/365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten

Yr6•102/365•1928 Tollbooth Plays Ten January 10, 2015

Tollbooth Plays Ten
January 10, 2015

Last night my friends Tollbooth Willie played Pearl Jam’s album Ten, start to finish. Something I wonder if Pearl Jam has even done. It was awesome, congratulations to Ray, Keith, Todd, Dave and Mark, they had an idea and made it happen. Pictures do it no justice, but that did not stop me from trying. Added are my favorite 20 from the show and you can see the whole set here.


Yr6•121-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•120-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•119-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•118-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•117-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•116-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•115-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•114-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•113-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•112-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•111-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•110-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•109-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•108-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•107-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•106-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•105-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•104-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•103-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten Yr6•102-365•1928•Tollbooth Plays Ten


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