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thedailypic•yr8•331/365•2888•Dan’s Debut

Dan had his first real gig today. The Dan Rice Project debuted at the Tradesman in Milford. Three hours, a couple guests sang with him, an original was tossed in, a great day overall. The turn out was awesome, so much support from family and friends, he can say he is a paid musician now. Six years ago or so I started photographing acts in the area, if you told me my kid would be part of the community I would never  have believed you, yet here we are. So proud of him, he puts so much into this music, today was just the start of the pay off. Anna even joined him for a song they just decided to do after one practice this morning (video below), one of those moments where you realize as a parent you might have done a decent job… and you feel really old at the same time. Way to go Dan.



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thedailypic•yr8•289/365•2846•The Dan Rice Project

I helped Dan set up a recording spot today for his music. He made a YouTube channel, added a few videos from today. “The George Sessions” George the Tortoise costars in all the videos, George always comes out when Dan plays. The first song he added is Daydreamer, a song he wrote while traveling to Iceland.


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