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One of my family’s favorite restaurants just underwent a renovation and I got to be part of it. Restaurant 45 in Medway contacted me a month ago telling me about the new plans, strip the dinning room to the studs and redo the whole space. They wanted to include some local photos for the walls in the new look. I was more than happy to partner with them, but I had no idea how great the end result would be. I have 4 huge photos hanging in beautiful, back-lit, light boxes, all printed on film. There is the ‘Old Mill on the Charles’, ‘A Winter Light’ from Choate Park, a Choate Foliage shot and an aerial view of the Charles River.  The Old Mill photo is officially the largest my work has ever been printed and it is right in the dining room. Thank you to Mark, Lisa and all the staff at Restaurant 45 for letting me be part of this. I have been eating in that building for decades, I even used to deliver the previous owners, the Speroni’s, newspaper when they were my neighbors as a kid. So to have some photos there is pretty cool. The renovations are incredible, it only took 3 weeks and as of 6pm tonight you can eat in the dining room again. I can’t wait to shoot photos in the updated function room. Go check it out and get a great meal. The Mac and Cheese Balls, Chicken Parm and Chicken Piccata are our families favorites.