the dailypic day #1500 Virtual Event

101001_Candles_025The dailypic turns 1500 days old on 11/8/13. Who knows when it will stop, I know I don’t, so we need to celebrate these milestones when they arrive. Want to be part of it? Join this virtual event… you do not need to go anywhere, all you need to do is recommend what this milestone picture should be, here on the event page. In return, I will give some pictures away!!!

You can join the event and my facebook page by clicking here. If you are not on facebook, you still can enter.  Just leave me a suggestion for the picture as a comment on this page.

· For every 20 people going to the event/left comment, I will raffle off one 5×7 dailypic of the winner’s choice.
· If you are chosen and you made a recommendation (must be recommended on the event page or webiste) super-size it to an 8×10.

Share the event, tell them to like the page too. More people going the better the odds!!! And do not forget to give me ideas for the shot too!!

Note: No limit on suggestions, though each name only entered into the raffle once.