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thedailypic•yr8•316/365•2873•Cape Boat

A common request I get is, “Do you have any photos from the Cape/Beach/Ocean?” Sadly, not many, I am not sure what happens when I go over the bridge, I take less photos. It is not a secret, if you are close to me, that I am not a fan of the Cape. Some are beach people, some are not… I am not. I do enjoy the occasional visit, in the same vain of I take a sip of coffee now and then… to remind me why I do not drink it. One day at the Cape is a reminder for me. With all that said I really do need to get some shots of the cape to add to the portfolio. It is pretty and the demand is high. Maybe some February I will take the time to head down and shoot it and enjoy a coffee.


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Iceland Thursday – this week, the mighty Dettifoss in North East Iceland. 330 ft wide, 144 ft tall and is considered the most powerful waterfall in Europe. The glacier water is almost gray from sediment and it is loud. It was used in the opening scene of Prometheus as an alien planet. We visited the west side, to access you drive through miles of barren land that looks like I assume Mars would look. All dirt, dust and rocks, the type of road that rattles parts of your car off. All worth it for the view.

Only 2 weeks until the Iceland Photo Show, tickets are starting to sell, I can’t wait. August 3rd, Thayer House Medway, MA. The list pf photos are getting narrowed down and printing has started. If you would like to join us, tickets are $5 for under16/over65 and $10 for others. Early ticket purchases gets you a free 4×6 print from the Iceland set. Let me know if you have any questions, all info is here. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3033477


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thedailypic•yr8•272/365•2829•Hlidarrett Sheephold

There are sheep everywhere, we were told by a farmer that they all actually belong to someone. In the spring they are let go to roam the land, eat grass and do whatever it is sheep do.  They are all tagged and remain the property of the farm that released them. Come fall, all the farmers round up all the sheep and put them in a Hlidarrett Sheephold, there a farmer from each farm goes through all the sheep and put theirs in the holding pen. He was very excited about this event, he said it is a lot of fun… then mentioned it might take longer than it should due to the drinking. There is an old sheephold next to the hotel, so I grabbed some shots tonight as the sky started to cloud up. The drone view really shows the farmers “pens”, from the ground it looks like a bunch of random stone walls, but there is structure to it.



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thedailypic•yr8•268/365•2825•Perfect Day

Day two of the Iceland adventure, literally a perfect day. It was day one on the road, driving through towns I can’t pronounce, forget spell. I have enough pictures to fill “dailypics” for a few months, we saw continental divides, geysers, rivers, churches, waterfalls, craters, horses, the coastline, had one of the best meals I have ever had in a restaurant, drove one of the coolest roads I have ever been on, I am staying in the nicest hotel I ever stayed in…. and then at 11pm, after the kids were asleep, Barbie and I took a quick hike and accidentally found the coolest spot I have ever been in my life, at the end of an already perfect day. After all that, this is the photo I share with you, taken at that spot, because without her, I would not had seen any of the other things listed. Off to sleep, because this was only day 2.



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thedailypic•Yr7•319/366•2510•Major Dance

Yr7•319-366•2510•Major Dance

The rain went away, so we went for a hike, 1785′ up to the peak of Mt. Major in Alton, Nh. Great hike, awesome view, perfect day. Anna used the opportunity to display some dance moves. I would have too, but the 90min hike had left me winded.


Yr7•318-366•2509•Major-2 Yr7•342-366•2509•Major Yr7•341-366•2509•Major Yr7•340-366•2509•Major Yr7•339-366•2509•Major Yr7•338-366•2509•Major Yr7•337-366•2509•Major Yr7•318-366•2509•Major Yr7•319-366•2509•Major Yr7•320-366•2509•Major Yr7•321-366•2509•Major Yr7•322-366•2509•Major Yr7•323-366•2509•Major Yr7•324-366•2509•Major Yr7•325-366•2509•Major Yr7•326-366•2509•Major Yr7•327-366•2509•Major Yr7•328-366•2509•Major Yr7•329-366•2509•Major Yr7•330-366•2509•Major Yr7•331-366•2509•Major Yr7•332-366•2509•Major Yr7•333-366•2509•Major Yr7•334-366•2509•Major Yr7•335-366•2509•Major Yr7•336-366•2509•Major

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