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thedailypic•Yr8•211/365•2768•A Year Here

A year ago today a 9lb ball of fur joined our family, and we have never been the same. I have said it many times, I loved every dog I have had, Ginger, Jody, Pebbles, Max, Parker and each one is special, but damn there is something about this one. She is the sweetest creature I have ever known, she is curiosity and a smile rolled together. Today she is 92lbs and still a lap dog. Josie is here for smiles and hugs, both of which she has her own. A ‘Josie smile’ is when those black lips grin from ear to ear and a ‘Josie hug’ is she wraps herself around your legs and gives you no option but to pat her. She completed our family and has asked for nothing in return but those smiles and hugs. If you can’t get enough of Josie photos you can follow her on Instagram: timricephoto_josiesmalls


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thedailypic•Yr8•195/365•2752•Madelynn Emma at 5 Days Old

Two weeks ago we had a maternity session at the studio… well today I met the new addition and she is a she, Madelynn Emma, 5 days old. Welcome Madelynn, big brother Lukas will tell you how the photo sessions go.


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thedailypic•Yr8•189/365•2746•Family Night

A family night out to see a show… Rent, The 20th Anniversary Tour, the kids missed the first time it was around, you know, not being born and all that crap that makes me feel old. They use pay phones in the show…  and mention pagers, told the kids I had a pager and now they think I sold drugs.



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thedailypic•Yr8•162/365•2719•Cat & Dog

This is the first photo of these 2 together. 10 months in sharing the house and this is a huge deal. Very early in the relationship, Misty the cat (16 years old) set the tone. Hissing, hitting and attitude. Misty owns this place, and Josie is very aware. She knows to always keep a distance, and obeys the rules very well. Even setting up this shot made Josie nervous, she is not comfortable being this close to greatness. It lasted 2 seconds.


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thedailypic•Yr8•086/365•2643•Christmas Day

A great day had by all. Merry Christmas.


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thedailypic•Yr8•056/365•2613•Getting a Tree ’16


For only the 2nd time in 15 years we strayed from our normal tree spot, we ventured out to Sutton’s Davagian’s Tree Farm, a dog friendly Christmas Tree Farm. Josie had a blast meeting tons of new people and plenty of dogs, it was a great place. The rain did not stop us, tree was found, cut and brought home. We will see how it goes with a decorated tree and 85lb puppy.


img_7590 yr8%e2%80%a2056-365%e2%80%a22613%e2%80%a2getting-a-tree-16 yr8%e2%80%a2057-365%e2%80%a22613%e2%80%a2getting-a-tree-16 yr8%e2%80%a2064-365%e2%80%a22613%e2%80%a2getting-a-tree-16 yr8%e2%80%a2058-365%e2%80%a22613%e2%80%a2getting-a-tree-16 yr8%e2%80%a2060-365%e2%80%a22613%e2%80%a2getting-a-tree-16 yr8%e2%80%a2061-365%e2%80%a22613%e2%80%a2getting-a-tree-16 yr8%e2%80%a2062-365%e2%80%a22613%e2%80%a2getting-a-tree-16 yr8%e2%80%a2063-365%e2%80%a22613%e2%80%a2getting-a-tree-16 yr8%e2%80%a2059-365%e2%80%a22613%e2%80%a2getting-a-tree-16

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In between rain and wind this morning, I was able to photograph the Mill family. They had the whole family back for Thanksgiving and we took advantage with a session.  It was an honor to take this photo, some of them I have known for many years. Back when I had my photo store I had even developed a few of their baby photos. We could have done with out the cold, but I think we had fun in spite of the conditions.


yr8%e2%80%a2054-365%e2%80%a22608%e2%80%a2gathered yr8%e2%80%a2051-365%e2%80%a22608%e2%80%a2gathered

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thedailypic•Yr8•043/365•2600•Miss Mia


Almost 8 month old Miss Mia stopped by the studio today and was all smiles. She was there with her whole family getting some group shots, but we made sure to get some solo Mia photos too.



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thedailypic•Yr8•036/365•2593•The Kids


Spent the morning with these guys. We had a fun time exploring the grounds of Medfield State Hospital, took some photos and met a ton of dogs. Every session I learn something, this one I was more reminded of something I long forgot… being the oldest of three kids myself, being in the middle of the group shot is the power spot, like calling shotgun, you need to make it known you will be there. Though sometimes the photographer just ignores your request and goes for composition instead. Mom and Dad got in some photos too, they never yelled middle though.


yr8%e2%80%a2036-365%e2%80%a22593%e2%80%a2the-kids yr8%e2%80%a2040-365%e2%80%a22593%e2%80%a2the-kids yr8%e2%80%a2039-365%e2%80%a22593%e2%80%a2the-kids yr8%e2%80%a2038-365%e2%80%a22593%e2%80%a2the-kids yr8%e2%80%a2037-365%e2%80%a22593%e2%80%a2the-kids


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thedailypic•Yr8•020/365•2577•The Cousins


Spent the evening with some cousins, ages 1 month to 5 years. We played on the jungle gym, tossed leaves around and get some photos.


yr8%e2%80%a2028-365%e2%80%a22577%e2%80%a2the-cousins yr8%e2%80%a2027-365%e2%80%a22577%e2%80%a2the-cousins yr8%e2%80%a2026-365%e2%80%a22577%e2%80%a2the-cousins yr8%e2%80%a2024-365%e2%80%a22577%e2%80%a2the-cousins yr8%e2%80%a2023-365%e2%80%a22577%e2%80%a2the-cousins yr8%e2%80%a2030-365%e2%80%a22577%e2%80%a2the-cousins yr8%e2%80%a2029-365%e2%80%a22577%e2%80%a2the-cousins yr8%e2%80%a2022-365%e2%80%a22577%e2%80%a2the-cousins yr8%e2%80%a2021-365%e2%80%a22577%e2%80%a2the-cousins yr8%e2%80%a2020-365%e2%80%a22577%e2%80%a2the-cousins yr8%e2%80%a2025-365%e2%80%a22577%e2%80%a2the-cousins

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