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thedailypic•yr8•324/365•2881•The Practice Crowd

The Dan Rice Project – or Dan for short, is playing his FIRST EVER gig next Sunday the 27th of August. He will be on the deck at the Tradesman, rte 140, in Milford Ma. 3-6pm. Mostly covers, and few mash-ups and a couple originals. He might even have some local musicians getting up to support him. This evening we had some friends over for a cookout and made him practice in front of them – like any proud parents would. No pressure. Come on by next Sunday if you can and see how he does…


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thedailypic•yr8•323/365•2880•4Up 4Over

When I book weddings I get the locations, the date, all the info, I put them in my files and as the date gets closer I start getting familiar with the info. Some are over a year away, some are quicker, but no matter I never really know the exact location I am going until the night before or the morning of. It is my system, it works, I always have a sense of how far it is so I would never be late. Last week I was driving to a wedding and it was 10 minutes from Anna’s campus, I really had no idea, it was a surprise. I took a few minutes to drive around her campus saw her dorm, it was cool.

Then today, off to another wedding, this time it was all familiar roads, turned out to be 10 minutes from my first campus. Franklin Pierce College (then) – now University according to the sign. So after the wedding I took the rest of the road, the additional 10 minutes and toured my old campus. I had not been there in 26 years, I did not stay long today, or back then. Even though my stay was short back then it was part of it all. The first place I left home for, my first real risk, my first real mistake. It was surreal to be there with Anna going off to her school in a matter of days.

That was my room, from the left 4 floors up, 4 windows over, I remember so much, but I can’t tell you the name of my roommate. The college is now bigger in name and campus, new fields, new buildings, my favorite spot was the “barn” that looked over Pearly Lake is still there with some updates and expansions. It is strange how it worked out that in these two weeks I would end up being so close to both campuses. I kind of like my system, they were nice surprises.


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thedailypic•yr8•322/365•2879•Morning Monsters

Some more flea market finds from a couple weeks back, they had the Mummy but no Count… the Mummy was not a real part of the gang in my opinion, so I left him behind.


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thedailypic•yr8•321/365•2878•Sweet Misty RIP

Today we let Misty go, sweet Misty Blue was with us 17 years. She arrived as a wrapped present for Anna’s second birthday and helped us raise Anna everyday since. They had a connection unlike any other, they knew what each were thinking, they were inseparable. She will be missed dearly. Rest in peace sweet Misty Blue.


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Donkey Kong joins the Toy Wednesday dailypic.


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