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thedailypic•yr8•273/365•2830•The Dalvik House

Today was that day, you know the days on a long vacation where it shifts gears? Not yet time to go home, but you are starting to wonder, did I book this too long? The answer is no, but this was a transition day. The first day without a “epic” type of thing to see. A day where the weather was not the best, overcast and rain here and there. A day with what felt like a lot of driving without stops. We are in the North of Iceland, still beautiful, but different, desolate I guess is the word, until you come across these awesome little towns – one named Dalvik, in which I found this awesome red house to photograph. We found something for everyone, I liked the tunnels, we had three today, one that was 6KM long with only one lane… but two way traffic. There are pull offs every half KM (you do the math), nerve wracking to say the least guessing if you have enough time to get to the next one before the headlights coming at you. I did manage to get a photo, very quickly in one of the two-laners. Still intimidating when you think you are under a mountain. For Dan we found a music shop in Akureyri, where the staff was awesome and let Dan play a – fairly expensive -Fender Guitar, they hooked him up to an amp and told him to have a blast, by the time we left they were all whistling one of the tunes he played. Barbara got to visit the Christmas Garden, Iceland’s biggest Christmas themed tourist trap shop. They had fried Belgian Waffles on a stick so no one complained. And Anna got more horses than she could had hoped for, our hotel is also a farm, we played with about 30 Icelandic Horses (don’t call them ponies). Sometimes the small stuff is just as great as the epic ones. Tomorrow we start the trek back to Reykjavik, we still have more time and more to see, but it is the back end of the trip. 




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thedailypic•yr8•272/365•2829•Hlidarrett Sheephold

There are sheep everywhere, we were told by a farmer that they all actually belong to someone. In the spring they are let go to roam the land, eat grass and do whatever it is sheep do.  They are all tagged and remain the property of the farm that released them. Come fall, all the farmers round up all the sheep and put them in a Hlidarrett Sheephold, there a farmer from each farm goes through all the sheep and put theirs in the holding pen. He was very excited about this event, he said it is a lot of fun… then mentioned it might take longer than it should due to the drinking. There is an old sheephold next to the hotel, so I grabbed some shots tonight as the sky started to cloud up. The drone view really shows the farmers “pens”, from the ground it looks like a bunch of random stone walls, but there is structure to it.



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thedailypic•yr8•271/365•2828•Boiling Námafjall Hverir

Before we took the trip I was watching some documentaries on the area, one was on the Geothermal activity and how they harness it and heat everything they can. It was incredible. Well today we stopped in that area. Námafjall Hverir is full of steaming vents and boiling mud pools that really make some alien colors. The smell is less than pleasant, but you get used to it, and the view makes up for it. You forget you are on earth, the best fact of the day, this is not even the most alien looking place we saw today. Safe to say we were on 4 different planets during our drive, it is insane. More from Námafjall Hverir.



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thedailypic•yr8•270/365•2827•Above Þjóðvegur

The drone made the trip to Iceland, if there were ever a place for it.  Here are a few from today’s drive through the south east coast, including a family shot on a random red chair along the highway, bolted to a rock.



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thedailypic•yr8•269/365•2826•Sólheimasandur Landing

Today (Day 3) was a ‘cross something off the bucket list’ type of day for me. This abandoned plane has fascinated me for years, I have seen photos of it many times, just sitting on Sólheimasandur Beach in Southern Iceland. It crashed in 1973, it was a US Navy DC Plane that ran out of fuel, everyone walked away. The US Government stripped it, but the body was left behind and there it sits. It is beyond cool, the family took ATV rides today along the black sand shoreline and this was a stop. More photos from the ride later, but this was my highlight today. It has been sitting there since the year I was born and today we met, I even snuck the drone up for an aerial view.  And yes, if you look close, you might notice someone put a timricephoto sticker on the inside…



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