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thedailypic•yr8•270/365•2827•Above Þjóðvegur

The drone made the trip to Iceland, if there were ever a place for it.  Here are a few from today’s drive through the south east coast, including a family shot on a random red chair along the highway, bolted to a rock.



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thedailypic•yr8•269/365•2826•Sólheimasandur Landing

Today (Day 3) was a ‘cross something off the bucket list’ type of day for me. This abandoned plane has fascinated me for years, I have seen photos of it many times, just sitting on Sólheimasandur Beach in Southern Iceland. It crashed in 1973, it was a US Navy DC Plane that ran out of fuel, everyone walked away. The US Government stripped it, but the body was left behind and there it sits. It is beyond cool, the family took ATV rides today along the black sand shoreline and this was a stop. More photos from the ride later, but this was my highlight today. It has been sitting there since the year I was born and today we met, I even snuck the drone up for an aerial view.  And yes, if you look close, you might notice someone put a timricephoto sticker on the inside…



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thedailypic•yr8•268/365•2825•Perfect Day

Day two of the Iceland adventure, literally a perfect day. It was day one on the road, driving through towns I can’t pronounce, forget spell. I have enough pictures to fill “dailypics” for a few months, we saw continental divides, geysers, rivers, churches, waterfalls, craters, horses, the coastline, had one of the best meals I have ever had in a restaurant, drove one of the coolest roads I have ever been on, I am staying in the nicest hotel I ever stayed in…. and then at 11pm, after the kids were asleep, Barbie and I took a quick hike and accidentally found the coolest spot I have ever been in my life, at the end of an already perfect day. After all that, this is the photo I share with you, taken at that spot, because without her, I would not had seen any of the other things listed. Off to sleep, because this was only day 2.



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thedailypic•yr8•267/365•2824•Family Runed

Left Boston at 8:45pm Friday night, landed in Reykjavik at 5:45am the next day (1:45am Boston Time) – we are running on fumes. A great breakfast pastry Bruad & Co, a quick walk around the waterfront then off to a family tattoo appointment I set up.  Ragnar at Tattoo Stofan met us at 10am ready with Icelandic Runes we had talked about over email, all drawn out. Yes, even Dan got one. Dan’s means Music, Anna’s means Peace, Barbie has two, Fire and Ice, and mine is creation. Ragnar suggested it after we spoke about my photography. David Bowie blasting in the parlor, we talked music, photos, travel and even Trump. Ragnar is the man. It was a great experience and family bonding exercise, and on top of it all we met a great guy. Then it was off to explore Reykjavik without falling asleep on our feet.


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thedailypic•yr8•266/365•2823•Next Stop North

Not the first time the dailypic has been on the road, Vegas, DC, FLA, NH, San Fran, TX, Canada, off of which I had no concerns on posting, this time is different. We will see how this goes, the modern world is amazing and connected. If it works it works, if it does not, then a stream of dailypics might show up when I return, like a hose that was un-kinked.

Either way I promise you, at least one photo a day WILL be taken, the streak will stand strong and then some.



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