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Jake came to the studio last night for a session. What a good boy, and a Pats fan.


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thedailypic•Yr8•122/365•2679•The GOAT & The Rally

I found myself at the New England Patriots Rally this morning, camera in hand, freezing in the cold and loving every minute of it. It was awesome, I think after the rally I was pumped enough, I could win a Super Bowl… I would have to limp to the bus… well, first I would have to go home and get my pills and cane, then drive back and limp to the bus… never mind, I will stick to photos. Though there was a moment when football and photos met. It was quick, but I shared a moment with TB12. I was at the side of the podium, Ty Law (future Hall of Famer corner Ty Law) was speaking to the crowd and Tom was in the back row. He reaches into his coat, pulls out his phone, gets the camera ready, then looks right at me. There was a little nod, and then he snaps a pic of the crowd. The look and nod, it was like, “Cool camera you got there limpy, look what I can do with this phone.” The GOAT. It does not matter what he is doing. You can see my whole set by clicking here, I am not sure where Tom’s photo end up. Some highlights below.


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thedailypic•Yr8•121/365•2678•Happy Birthday Annie!

Happy Birthday Sweet Annie!


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thedailypic•Yr8•120/365•2677•Let Him Have Cake

Johnny came to the studio today for his First Birthday Session. Balloons, stuffed dogs and cake… a great way to celebrate. Happy Birthday john.


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thedailypic•Yr8•119/365•2676•A Well Trained Dog

Josie will be 11 months next week. She is 90ish lbs and the sweetest thing on the planet, but we had a few things to work on. A 90lb puppy that loves to jump on you to say hello is only cute the first time, she liked to keep your hand, in her mouth, she pawed at your legs to get attention, sit was pretty good, but down, come, stay, etc. well those were good when she wanted them to be so we needed some more training. She had been to puppy classes at AlphaDog K9 Training in Medway a few times and it had helped with some of the basics, it had been 15 years since I had a puppy. At the end of last year I saw an announcement from Christina, the owner and dog whisperer queen, at Alpha about an extensive training. 9 full day classes for Josie, 3 classes for us, all over 3 weeks. We debated on spending the money, I mean, nothing she was doing was bad, or mean, everyone loves Josie… but her “manners” really could use a boost. I work two jobs, we have two teenagers we are managing, school, life, time is limited. So we signed up. It only took until the second class to see a difference. Manners, we have manners, we greet seated, we hit the ground when we say ‘down’, sit on stop, walks are a breeze. All just fine tuning that made a great dog perfect. It is one of the best investments I have made in a long time. Josie is so proud of herself too, she really is, she loves showing off what she has learned. And the classes for us were great, I learned I ask instead of direct the dog, we all learned that when Dan says ‘sit’… we all need to sit. Tonight was the last pick up, we will miss our 3 days a week with Christina, but we will be back to say hi. Thanks to Christina and the staff at AlphaDog from all of us.


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