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thedailypic•Yr8•031/365•2588•Halloween Watchers


Josie loved her first Halloween, greeted everyone at the door. Misty on the other hand just judged from a safe distance.


yr8%e2%80%a2031-365%e2%80%a22588%e2%80%a2halloween_-2 yr8%e2%80%a2031-365%e2%80%a22588%e2%80%a2halloween_ yr8%e2%80%a2032-365%e2%80%a22588%e2%80%a2halloween_ yr8%e2%80%a2033-365%e2%80%a22588%e2%80%a2halloween_

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Some drone shots from around the house.


yr8%e2%80%a2031-365%e2%80%a22587%e2%80%a2crossroads yr8%e2%80%a2030-365%e2%80%a22587%e2%80%a2crossroads yr8%e2%80%a2032-365%e2%80%a22587%e2%80%a2crossroads

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Costume day at the timricephoto studio. Thanks to all who came by. Next open house will be the Saturday after Thanksgiving.


yr8%e2%80%a2037-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_ yr8%e2%80%a2038-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_ yr8%e2%80%a2040-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_ yr8%e2%80%a2039-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_ yr8%e2%80%a2041-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_ yr8%e2%80%a2031-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_ yr8%e2%80%a2030-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_ yr8%e2%80%a2032-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_ yr8%e2%80%a2029-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_ yr8%e2%80%a2034-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_ yr8%e2%80%a2035-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_ yr8%e2%80%a2033-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_ yr8%e2%80%a2036-365%e2%80%a22586%e2%80%a2superheroes_

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thedailypic•Yr8•028/365•2585•Dan at Coffee House


Dan had his first time out in public with his new guitar. First time out playing and singing in front of an audience. He was one of the many talented kids that played at the Medway High School Coffee House. They all did great. Dan had two songs, Basket Case by Green Day and Straight to Hell by Drivin’ & Cryin’. He looked like a pro. Awesome job Dan!


yr8%e2%80%a2231-365%e2%80%a22585%e2%80%a2dan-at-coffee-house yr8%e2%80%a2228-365%e2%80%a22585%e2%80%a2dan-at-coffee-house yr8%e2%80%a2229-365%e2%80%a22585%e2%80%a2dan-at-coffee-house yr8%e2%80%a2230-365%e2%80%a22585%e2%80%a2dan-at-coffee-house

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thedailypic•Yr8•027/365•2584•Subtle Sky


The sky put on a show this morning.


yr8%e2%80%a2229-365%e2%80%a22584%e2%80%a2subtle-sky yr8%e2%80%a2228-365%e2%80%a22584%e2%80%a2subtle-sky yr8%e2%80%a2227-365%e2%80%a22584%e2%80%a2subtle-sky

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thedailypic•Yr8•026/365•2583•Burt & Ernie


So, I had to pick up some stuff at Rubber Chicken Comics in Bellingham today and came across these guys. I am not a POP collector, but now and then some of them catch my eye. Who does not like Burt & Ernie? Speaking of Rubber Chicken Comics, this weekend they are having a huge Halloween Sale. Click here for all the details, costume contest, free comics, everything is on sale and even early bird specials including buy one POP figure get one POP figure free.

While I am peddling stuff, let me add timricephoto is also having a Halloween event. Shooting One Bulb portraits, Costume Portraits, holding a raffle for a free Holiday Photo Shoot and the gallery is open for viewing and purchases. 10-3 this Saturday 10/29, click here for more info. Look at all the cool stuff you learned about this weekend


yr8%e2%80%a2026-365%e2%80%a22583%e2%80%a2burt-ernie yr8%e2%80%a2028-365%e2%80%a22583%e2%80%a2burt-ernie yr8%e2%80%a2027-365%e2%80%a22583%e2%80%a2burt-ernie yr8%e2%80%a2029-365%e2%80%a22583%e2%80%a2burt-ernie

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thedailypic•Yr8•025/365•2582•This Little Guy


It is a little cold for this little guy.



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thedailypic•Yr8•024/365•2581•Aiden at 2 Weeks


Two week old baby Aiden stopped by the studio for his first photo session tonight. Sweet little guy with the best head of hair… yes, I am jealous.


yr8%e2%80%a2028-365%e2%80%a22581%e2%80%a2aiden-at-2-weeks yr8%e2%80%a2024-365%e2%80%a22581%e2%80%a2aiden-at-2-weeks yr8%e2%80%a2025-365%e2%80%a22581%e2%80%a2aiden-at-2-weeks yr8%e2%80%a2026-365%e2%80%a22581%e2%80%a2aiden-at-2-weeks yr8%e2%80%a2027-365%e2%80%a22581%e2%80%a2aiden-at-2-weeks yr8%e2%80%a2029-365%e2%80%a22581%e2%80%a2aiden-at-2-weeks

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thedailypic•Yr8•023/365•2580•Friends & Pumpkins


Pumpkin carving, football and food… great day with friends.


yr8%e2%80%a2026-365%e2%80%a22580%e2%80%a2friends-pumpkins yr8%e2%80%a2028-365%e2%80%a22580%e2%80%a2friends-pumpkins yr8%e2%80%a2027-365%e2%80%a22580%e2%80%a2friends-pumpkins yr8%e2%80%a2029-365%e2%80%a22580%e2%80%a2friends-pumpkins yr8%e2%80%a2031-365%e2%80%a22580%e2%80%a2friends-pumpkins yr8%e2%80%a2030-365%e2%80%a22580%e2%80%a2friends-pumpkins yr8%e2%80%a2032-365%e2%80%a22580%e2%80%a2friends-pumpkins yr8%e2%80%a2024-365%e2%80%a22580%e2%80%a2friends-pumpkins yr8%e2%80%a2025-365%e2%80%a22580%e2%80%a2friends-pumpkins yr8%e2%80%a2023-365%e2%80%a22580%e2%80%a2friends-pumpkins

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thedailypic•Yr8•022/365•2579•Christine & Bob


Today I documented the celebration of Christine and Bob’s marriage. They recently were married in Vegas, today family and friends and Elvis partied. Congratulations! #vivalasvegas


yr8%e2%80%a2023-365%e2%80%a22578%e2%80%a2christine-bob yr8%e2%80%a2021-365%e2%80%a22578%e2%80%a2christine-bob yr8%e2%80%a2025-365%e2%80%a22578%e2%80%a2christine-bob yr8%e2%80%a2026-365%e2%80%a22578%e2%80%a2christine-bob yr8%e2%80%a2024-365%e2%80%a22578%e2%80%a2christine-bob yr8%e2%80%a2029-365%e2%80%a22578%e2%80%a2christine-bob yr8%e2%80%a2028-365%e2%80%a22578%e2%80%a2christine-bob yr8%e2%80%a2027-365%e2%80%a22578%e2%80%a2christine-bob yr8%e2%80%a2030-365%e2%80%a22578%e2%80%a2christine-bob

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