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Another year complete, making it a set of seven. Seven years completed, new photo every day. Tomorrow is day 001/365, I love when the year is new, I have said it before, the weight of the 300’s is heavy. Each year I assume I have less viewers, each year I get a handful of new ones. Some do not realize the history of this project. New photo every day, taken on that day (it is rare it is not I promise you). It started as a 31 day project, on October 1, 2009 when it was just the photo. The words and blog showed up on September 30, 2012. If you really want to hear about the project, and see me without a beard, you can check out an interview from a few years back thanks to Ray Auger and WMRC, click here I start at min 19:52.

If you do look all the time, now and then, or even once a year, feel free to drop a note or even share the post. I love to hear from you. Thank you for looking, suggestions welcome for the number themed post of #2922 next year on this date. Thanks to Dawn for the lottery ticket idea… let’s hope tomorrow’s dailypic is a stack of cash.



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thedailypic•Yr7•365/366•2556•Fall Leaf


‘Tis the season.


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thedailypic•Yr7•364/366•2555•The Disney Bunch

I have been meaning to get this done for awhile, figured as we wrap up Year 7 (2 days left) it would make a good #toywednesday post.


yr7%e2%80%a2363-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2364-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2365-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2366-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2368-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2378-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2367-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2371-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2374-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2375-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2369-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2377-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2379-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2372-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2380-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2373-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2370-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch yr7%e2%80%a2376-366%e2%80%a22554%e2%80%a2the-disney-bunch

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thedailypic•Yr7•363/366•2554•Milford Sky


Quick walk on the Milford Bike Trail, enjoyed the sky.



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thedailypic•Yr7•362/366•2553•Blended Beetle


Look down now and then.



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thedailypic•Yr7•361/366•2552•The Walk


Took the dog for a walk, no one waits up for me. Probably because I am always slowing them down taking photos.


yr7%e2%80%a2361-366%e2%80%a22552%e2%80%a2the-walk yr7%e2%80%a2362-366%e2%80%a22552%e2%80%a2the-walk yr7%e2%80%a2363-366%e2%80%a22552%e2%80%a2the-walk yr7%e2%80%a2367-366%e2%80%a22552%e2%80%a2the-walk yr7%e2%80%a2366-366%e2%80%a22552%e2%80%a2the-walk yr7%e2%80%a2368-366%e2%80%a22552%e2%80%a2the-walk yr7%e2%80%a2364-366%e2%80%a22552%e2%80%a2the-walk yr7%e2%80%a2365-366%e2%80%a22552%e2%80%a2the-walk


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thedailypic•Yr7•359/366•2550•Equinox View

yr7%e2%80%a2359-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-viewToured Vermont today on the way home from the wedding. Took the Mini Cooper and Drone up Mt. Equinox.


yr7%e2%80%a2361-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view yr7%e2%80%a2362-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view-2 yr7%e2%80%a2363-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view-2 yr7%e2%80%a2364-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view-2 yr7%e2%80%a2359-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view-2 yr7%e2%80%a2360-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view-2 yr7%e2%80%a2361-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view-2 yr7%e2%80%a2367-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view yr7%e2%80%a2366-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view yr7%e2%80%a2365-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view yr7%e2%80%a2364-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view yr7%e2%80%a2363-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view yr7%e2%80%a2360-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view yr7%e2%80%a2359-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view yr7%e2%80%a2361-366%e2%80%a22550%e2%80%a2equinox-view


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thedailypic•Yr7•359/366•2550•Jamie and Tony


Congratulations Jamie and Tony…



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Tomorrow is wedding day, I will be photographing Jamie and Tony in Vermont. This afternoon I cleaned the camera, a nerve-wracking process, especially the first time on my own – I usually pay to get it done. I take the camera outside to point it at the sky to test and look for spots. Great news, no spots… not sure what to make of the 5 vultures that were circling the end of my street though.



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thedailypic•Yr7•357/366•2548•POP Spider-Man


A #ToyWednesday picture.




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