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thedailypic•Yr7•336/366•2527•Soon, in Black & White

Yr7•336-366•2527•Soon, in Black and White

A great maternity session with Jessica and her family. Very soon her family will be plus one – and I mean soon, like I hope she reads this while she is still at home soon–  and I will get to go back and see them again. In my early days of shooting maternity photos I had a run of luck where 3 sessions in a row were cancelled due to the baby demanding to be in the photos. I used to tell women, book me if you wanted to go early. This little one waited, but it will not be long, big brothers are ready.


Yr7•337-366•2527•Soon, in Black and White Yr7•339-366•2527•Soon, in Black and White Yr7•340-366•2527•Soon, in Black and White Yr7•336-366•2527•Soon, in Black and White Yr7•338-366•2527•Soon, in Black and White

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thedailypic•Yr7•335/366•2526•Last First Day for One

Yr7•335-366•2526•Last First Day for One

Senior Anna, Sophomore Dan went back to school today. The last ‘1st day of school’ photo that will have both of them in the photo. Anna’s 1st photo below was  2004, I am so proud of who she has become. I know this will be a great year for both of them.


Yr7•335-366•2526•Last First Day for One-4 Yr7•335-366•2526•Last First Day for One Yr7•336-366•2526•Last First Day for One Yr7•337-366•2526•Last First Day for One Yr7•338-366•2526•Last First Day for One

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thedailypic•Yr7•334/366•2525•Mini Mouse

Yr7•334-366•2525•Mini Mouse

He/She is alive, we did not get close long enough for names.


Yr7•334-366•2525•Mini Mouse

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thedailypic•Yr7•333/366•2524•Caprese salad


Nice quiet day, cook out and a salad that looked pretty, but I did not partake.



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thedailypic•Yr7•332/366•2523•And Through A Door

Yr7•331-366•2522•Through A Door

“And Through A Door… What did I see?” I photographed Toad the Wet Sprocket today at Indian Ranch in Webster Ma. One of my all time favorite bands, they had a huge influence on my taste in music in the 90’s, even indirectly led to a job at Newbury Comics. Rusted Root took the stage first, it was an awesome show by both bands. Today was actually the  25th anniversary of the release of TTWS’s Fear, an album that was in my car and played start to finish many times. I saw them a few times in the 90’s in small clubs, today I had a photo pass to shoot the first 3 songs in front of the stage. The set list was a great mix of old with some newer songs. The nod to the Pale album and 80’s with Come Back Down proved the place was full with loyal fans as they sang along was my favorite moment. Indian Ranch is the perfect place to see a summer show. Thanks Toad for still sharing your music.


Yr7•331-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•332-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•333-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•334-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•335-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•336-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•337-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•338-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•339-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•340-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•341-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•342-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•343-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•344-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•345-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•346-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•347-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•348-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•349-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•350-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•351-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•352-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•353-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•354-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•355-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•356-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•357-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•358-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•359-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•360-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•361-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•362-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•363-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•364-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•365-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•367-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•368-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•369-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•370-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•366-366•2522•Through A Door

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thedailypic•Yr7•331/366•2522•Happy Dog Day

Yr7•330-366•2521•Happy Dog Day

She is happy everyday, almost 6 months, almost 60lbs. Happy Dog Day to all the dogs and dog lovers out there.


Yr7•330-366•2521•Happy Dog Day Yr7•331-366•2521•Happy Dog Day Yr7•332-366•2521•Happy Dog Day Yr7•333-366•2521•Happy Dog Day Yr7•334-366•2521•Happy Dog Day Yr7•335-366•2521•Happy Dog Day Yr7•336-366•2521•Happy Dog Day

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thedailypic•Yr7•330/366•2521•Partners in Pain

Yr7•330-366•2521•Partners in Pain

So I have been running out of ideas for the dailypic… so I figured why not yank some teeth out of kid’s heads to make a sad photo. No joke, both of them got wisdom teeth taken out today, and yes I have permission from the doped up teenagers to publish this photo. Home made ice packs courtesy of their nurse Mom.



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thedailypic•Yr7•329/366•2520•Sprinkles the Sad Clown

Yr7•329-366•2520•Sprinkles the Sad Clown

I owe my wife a can of sprinkles.


Yr7•329-366•2520•Sprinkles the Sad Clown Yr7•330-366•2520•Sprinkles the Sad Clown

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thedailypic•Yr7•328/366•2519•Above Medfield State

Yr7•328-366•2519•Above Medfield State

Took the drone to Medfield State Hospital for a flight. I have apps that let me know where and when I can fly, certain areas are no fly zones, this is not one. I was excited to fly around over the abandoned buildings, the Charles River in the background, figured I wold get some great photos. Well, the plan changed when I could not get a strong enough signal to launch it. After walking the campus I found enough bars on my cell phone to get launched… 30 seconds up, signal becomes weak and it comes straight down, in a controlled landing as it is designed. Inconvenient but safe and good to know it works. I was never not in control, just frustrated I could not get what I wanted. I was able to get it airborne long enough in a few spots to get these shots.


Yr7•337-366•2519•Above Medfield State Yr7•336-366•2519•Above Medfield State Yr7•335-366•2519•Above Medfield State Yr7•334-366•2519•Above Medfield State Yr7•333-366•2519•Above Medfield State Yr7•332-366•2519•Above Medfield State Yr7•331-366•2519•Above Medfield State Yr7•329-366•2519•Above Medfield State Yr7•330-366•2519•Above Medfield State Yr7•328-366•2519•Above Medfield State


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Senior portrait night for Shannon. We used her barn as a backdrop. Horses, dogs, cats and beautiful light. Thanks for letting me capture these for you Shannon.


Yr7•329-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•331-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•330-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•335-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•327-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•334-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•332-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•333-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•328-366•2518•Shannon

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