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thedailypic•Yr7•305/366•2496•Got to Catch Them All

Yr7•305-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All

We went into Boston last night for a walk around the city. The Common was littered with people playing Pokemon Go. It was overwhelming at first to see. People everywhere, on their phones, moving spot to spot, like a scene from the Walking Dead. I can see how judgemental people could get pissed. Though, I think they are wrong. Or at the least they are missing an opportunity to see what really is going on. When I stepped back and looked, it is incredible. In a world where the media would convince us we are all separated and segregated, there were young, old, male, female, geeks, jocks, gay, straight, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, all joined in this game. Groups were walking up to each other and starting conversations. Asking for levels, info about gyms, being social and civil. I have never seen anything like it. Again, I could be a jerk and judge them all, but that would be more of a reflection on me, not them. You can call this game anything you want, these people were out and everywhere, having a great time. My son talked to a bunch of them, genuinely good people, none he would have met in another situation. We could learn a lot from this fad. It was just a whole bunch of people being themselves… happy and together.


Yr7•318-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•317-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•316-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•315-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•314-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•313-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•312-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•311-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•310-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•309-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•308-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•307-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•306-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•305-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All

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thedailypic•Yr7•304/366•2495•On The Way

Yr7•305-366•2495•On the Way

I met up with Jill and Zack today for a maternity session. We mixed locations – some at the studio, some at the park, a great shoot. I love hearing couples stories and capturing these images for them. Such a sweet couple, I can’t wait to meet their daughter in September. Good luck Jill and Zack.


Yr7•315-366•2495•On the Way Yr7•314-366•2495•On the Way Yr7•313-366•2495•On the Way Yr7•312-366•2495•On the Way Yr7•311-366•2495•On the Way Yr7•310-366•2495•On the Way Yr7•309-366•2495•On the Way Yr7•308-366•2495•On the Way Yr7•307-366•2495•On the Way Yr7•306-366•2495•On the Way Yr7•305-366•2495•On the Way

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Found a frog.


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thedailypic•Yr7•302/366•2493•The Little Things

Yr7•302-366•2493•The Little Things

The new driveway deserved a new car, the trp mobile has joined the fleet. A 2009 Mini Cooper S , yes… I fit fine in it. Watch for Josie and I to be cruising around with the sunroof open, maybe now and then I will let one of the kids join me too.


Yr7•303-366•2493•The Little Things Yr7•302-366•2493•The Little Things

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thedailypic•Yr7•301/366•2492•Ferris in the Dark

Yr7•301-366•2492•Ferris in the Park

It was timricephoto’s 80 Movie night in the park. Third year running, Goonies, Back to the Future, and this year Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I look forward to this night each year. Thanks to Medway Cable Access, TC Scoops, WMRC and my friends in the ultimate 80’s tribute band, Abe Froman Project (perfectly named for this movie) who opened the night with a set of awesome 80’s tunes.


Yr7•301-366•2492•Ferris in the Park Yr7•302-366•2492•Ferris in the Park Yr7•303-366•2492•Ferris in the Park Yr7•304-366•2492•Ferris in the Park Yr7•305-366•2492•Ferris in the Park Yr7•306-366•2492•Ferris in the Park Yr7•307-366•2492•Ferris in the Park Yr7•308-366•2492•Ferris in the Park Yr7•309-366•2492•Ferris in the Park Yr7•310-366•2492•Ferris in the Park

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