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thedailypic•Yr7•243/366•2434•Josie Hides

Yr7•243-366•2434•Josie Hides

Josie loves to hide and truly believes we can not see her. She has built a nest under there.


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thedailypic•Yr7•242/366•2433•Thank you

Yr7•242-366•2433•Thank You

Weather might had spoiled the parades, but the meaning of the day did not change.

Thank you.


Yr7•242-366•2433•Thank You

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thedailypic•Yr7•241/366•2432•Up Empty Upton


Spent the day with friends in Upton today, broke out the drone for some photos. The streets were quiet.




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thedailypic•Yr7•241/366•2432•With Kids Again

Yr7•240-366•2431•With Kids Again

Impromptu drive to the canal today, first Lobster Roll of the season at The Seafood Shanty, short walk with Josie on the access road and a recreation of a 14 year old photo. At least the bridge looks the same.


Yr7•240-366•2431•With Kids Again

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My 5th time photographing Cocktails for Courage, a great event that raises money in the memory of Capt. Kyle R. Van De Giesen. I look forward to assisting in the celebration of a great man each year. Thank you to all who serve.


Yr7•253-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•252-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•251-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•250-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•249-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•248-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•247-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•246-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•245-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•244-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•243-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•242-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•241-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•240-366•2430•Memorial_ Yr7•239-366•2430•Memorial_

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thedailypic•Yr7•239/366•2430•Jolene @ 4 Months

Yr7•239-366•2430•Jolene at 4 months

Due to a crazy month I was late with my session with Jolene, but it was worth the wait, look at her – pure cuteness.


Yr7•244-366•2430•Jolene at 4 months Yr7•243-366•2430•Jolene at 4 months Yr7•242-366•2430•Jolene at 4 months Yr7•241-366•2430•Jolene at 4 months Yr7•240-366•2430•Jolene at 4 months Yr7•239-366•2430•Jolene at 4 months

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thedailypic•Yr7•238/366•2498•The Driveway

Yr7•238-366•2429•The Driveway

Seven months ago we started construction on the house, bathroom, doorway, patio, and today the last workers left after they finished the driveway. I am ready to be done, all that is left is for me to finish the fence and landscaping.


Yr7•238-366•2429•The Driveway

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thedailypic•Yr7•237/366•2428•Wasn’t Digging

Yr7•237-366•2428•Wasn't Digging

“Your puppy is so cute, she looks like an angel.” Nope – trust me she can be a devil, between the razor sharp puppy teeth and the perfect storm of fresh dirt from construction in the yard and her desire to dig to China, there are plenty of moments where “angel” is not used to describe her. She is eating my foot as I type this.


Yr7•237-366•2428•Wasn't Digging Yr7•238-366•2428•Wasn't Digging

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Last night was the 5th annual WMRC Local Music Awards. For the 3rd year straight I was honored to win the “Favorite Local Non-Musician Supporter”. The dog is not impressed, I think she sees the trophy as a threat to my attention. If she only knew how many people asked about her at the award show, I could not make it through the crowd without a compliment on Josie.

As for the show, there really is nothing like it – picture the Grammys but local, watchable and no one is lip syncing. Get out and support local music, the scene is like no other but like anything great, it is fragile. I have been to shows where the rooms are filled to capacity, I have been to shows where I am the only one. These artist give it their all no matter how many are in the room, but these venues will only keep the shows going if it financially makes sense. So go out, buy a beer, have a meal, listen to some great music, then next year vote for your favorites and join us at the next LMAs.

Congratulations to Ray and Molly Auger and all the other coordinators for a perfect night. Thanks to Liz’s Diamond and staff for hosting, Milford TV for broadcasting/recording the show and most of all all the nominees and winners for just being awesome. Below is a photo of all the nominees in one shot, if you want to see the whole set from the night click here and enjoy.



Yr7•236-366•2427•Honors Yr7•237-366•2427•Honors Yr7•238-366•2427•Honors Yr7•239-366•2427•Honors


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thedailypic•Yr7•235/366•2426•Yard Art

Yr7•236-366•2427•Yard Art

I have a busy afternoon, so I took this early this morning. It is a benefit of being to busy to mow the lawn, I have “art” all over the place. Tonight is the Local Music Awards, so come back tomorrow for all those photos. Or even better, join us at Liz’s Diamond in Hopedale, MA today (May 22), doors open at 4pm, tons of music, great food and drinks, this is the event of the year and it is free to get in.


Yr7•242-366•2427•Yard Art Yr7•241-366•2427•Yard Art Yr7•240-366•2427•Yard Art Yr7•239-366•2427•Yard Art Yr7•238-366•2427•Yard Art Yr7•237-366•2427•Yard Art Yr7•236-366•2427•Yard Art

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