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thedailypic•Yr7•213/366•2404•Josie’s Art

Yr7•214-366•2404•Joise's Art

Spent the day hanging out with friends, enjoying the weather and getting Josie used to the being social. Our super talented friend Dawn whipped up this sidewalk chalk mural for her during our yard sale. So cool, thanks Dawn.


Yr7•214-366•2404•Joise's Art

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thedailypic•Yr7•212/366•2403•Josie’s Home

Yr7•213-366•2403•Joise's Home

Josie came home today, a trip north with my wife, a fun visit with the breeder and home in time for the kids after school. She was a pro in the car, then it was new experience, after new experience,  with a few naps in between- all great, minus the cat intro… Misty will come out of hiding in a few days. I believe Josie will fit in quite well. And of course we had to hit the studio for a quiet photo session. She is a poser. I am not used to that, I love all my photos of Parker, but I fought for each one. This little one just poses, I only get a few seconds before she charges me, but its all I need. She is just 8 weeks old, I will do my best to not turn the dailypic into a profile for her – but be patient for the first week… if you do want more Josie photos, follow her Instagram page – @timricephoto_josiesmalls.


Yr7•214-366•2403•Joise's Home Yr7•213-366•2403•Joise's Home Yr7•215-366•2403•Joise's Home Yr7•213-366•2403•Joise's Home-2 Yr7•214-366•2403•Joise's Home-2 Yr7•215-366•2403•Joise's Home-2 Yr7•213-366•2403•Joise's Home-3 Yr7•214-366•2403•Joise's Home-3 Yr7•215-366•2403•Joise's Home-3

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thedailypic•Yr7•211/366•2402•Liz’s Open Mic

Yr7•211-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic

Liz’s Diamond Bar and Grille in Hopedale kicked off their new Open Mic Night tonight – each Thursday staring at 8pm. Tonight’s host and opening act, was Medway’s own Chris Ross, he will be rotating hosting duties with Jennifer Tefft. Go check it out, great music, get drinks, some food – I am fan of their burgers.


Yr7•211-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•212-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•213-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•214-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•215-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•216-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•217-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic Yr7•218-366•2402•Liz's Open Mic

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thedailypic•Yr7•210/366•2401•Legoboy Busy Man

Yr7•210-366•2401•Legoboy Busy

I have been reminded that Legoboy has not made an appearance lately. Figured it was time to check in and see what he has been up to… looks like he is busy.


Yr7•210-366•2401•Legoboy Busy

Yr7•210-366•2401•Legoboy Busy-2

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thedailypic•Yr7•209/366•2400•Making Fries

Yr7•209-366•2400•Making Fries




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