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thedailypic•Yr7•150/366•2341•Leap Day Social

Yr7•150-366•2341•The Leap Day SocialThe monthly social came early tonight, we refused the 29th of February and counted tonight as the first Monday in March. It was a great one, Beatles songs, Theme from Full House, Ellis Paul (tickets still on sale for 3/13 show in Milford – click here), some of Extreme stopped by to play, the regulars, new blood, Tiger Blood, birthdays, politicians, and tons more great music. Maybe we can do it again next Monday on the actual first Monday of the month.


Yr7•167-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•166-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•165-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•164-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•161-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•162-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•160-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•159-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•157-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•158-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•156-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•153-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•154-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•155-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•150-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•151-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•152-366•2341•The Leap Day Social


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thedailypic•Yr7•149/366•2340•Snickers Cupcakes

Yr7•149-366•2340•Snickers CupcakesSome baked goods for tomorrow’s Rare Disease Day at work, courtesy of my wife.


Yr7•149-366•2340•Snickers Cupcakes


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thedailypic•Yr7•148/366•2339•Yama Fuji


After a long day of trying to get this house back together, we decided to head out for sushi… since there is not a flat surface in my house we could possible use to eat right now.


Yr7•149-366•2340•Sushi Yr7•150-366•2340•Sushi

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thedailypic•Yr7•147/366•2338•Ally at 10 months


My little friend Ally was back at the studio. The 10th month session. I look forward to our visit each month, two more and we got a whole set!


Yr7•149-366•2339•Ally@10months Yr7•150-366•2339•Ally@10months

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thedailypic•Yr7•146/366•2337•Jolene at 1 Month


Baby Jolene made her first appearance at the studio tonight. I can not wait to capture her each month for her parents. She is precious – even though she was not to crazy about the cute bunny set.


Yr7•149-366•2338•Jolene@1month Yr7•148-366•2338•Jolene@1month Yr7•147-366•2338•Jolene@1month Yr7•150-366•2338•Jolene@1month Yr7•147-366•2338•Jolene@1month Yr7•151-366•2338•Jolene@1month Yr7•152-366•2338•Jolene@1month


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thedailypic•Yr7•146/366•2337•Link at 30

Yr7•147-366•2338•Link at 30February 21, 1986 Nintendo released Legend of Zelda, it changed my life. I did not have to go outside for months. Happy 30th Link.



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thedailypic•Yr7•146/366•2337•Lego City

Yr7•146-366•2337•Lego CityDan and I have been picking at some Lego City sets, close to having some cool landscapes for photos.



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Just a shot of the city looking from Cambridge. Now, I am not sure if anyone had noticed, I changed the layout and ‘feel’ of the website. Tried to brighten the place up, it had been dark for awhile, I got the picture bigger, new scroll, a subtle image behind it all. I thought it was good. I heard a couple things, but no real feedback until someone complained gary, and well, I take that gary seriously. I assume no one looks at this gary, but I guess some people do gary, and those people I feel I should cater to gary. If just one person gary is uncomfortable, gary I need to respect that gary. Though, gary I would never make this about one gary person. That would be crazy gary. So I would love to hear gary some more feedback. What do you gary think of the new gary layout? I promise I would never gary call you out, I appreciate gary honest feedback, and gary as always gary, thanks for looking.



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thedailypic•Yr7•144/366•2335•Beer, Wine, Baby

Yr7•144-366•2335•Beer, Wine, Baby

Went to Porthsmouth, NH with a stop in Newburyport, MA this weekend. A nice quick getaway.


Yr7•157-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•158-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•159-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•155-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•156-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•154-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•153-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•151-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•152-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•150-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•147-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•149-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•148-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•144-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•145-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•146-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby

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thedailypic•Yr7•143/366•2334•Metal Winter Scenes

Yr7•143-366•2334•Metal Winter Scenes

Remember 2 weeks back when we did not really like the snow but we liked the lights. Well some of the shots I took are printed and ready to sell. These 2 are available, printed on Metal (this picture does not do it justice), framed and ready to hang. 12×18 as shown in the photo, $130 each. Also available in other sizes and traditional paper prints. Want to come see them, let me know and I would be happy to open the gallery for you to see these and other prints.



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