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thedailypic•Yr7•060/365•2251•Fall Frost

Yr7•061/365•2252 Fall Frost November 30, 2015

Fall Frost
November 30, 2015

Early morning light on a frosted leaf.



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thedailypic•Yr7•060/365•2251•Owen & Olivia

Yr7•060/365•2251 Owen & Olivia November 29, 2015

Owen & Olivia
November 29, 2015

I held mini sessions at the studio today, met some great new families and kids… but one of my favorite sessions were with these two. Owen and Olivia. I have taken their holiday photos a few times, but distance and time kept me from seeing them last year. So happy I was able to catch up with them today.


Yr7•063-365•2251•Owen & Olivia Yr7•060-365•2251•Owen & Olivia Yr7•061-365•2251•Owen & Olivia Yr7•062-365•2251•Owen & Olivia


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thedailypic•Yr7•059/365•2250•Holiday in Medway

Yr7•059/365•2250 Holiday in Medway November 28, 2015

Holiday in Medway
November 28, 2015

For 23 years the town of Medway has kicked of the Holiday season in style. Holiday Parade down Main St. followed by our tree lighting, then fireworks show. This was my first year being in the parade as timricephoto. It was a family project, Barbie drove, Anna sang – though it was not in the plan, Dan helped me decorate the truck and sat in the back with me as I took photos as we drove through town. I have lived here just about all my life, love this town and how it comes together on things. The traffic gets worse and it feels overcrowded now and then, but events like this show how small and close it can be. Thanks to our friend Shawn from Long Distance Tire for pushing the button, so we could have a family photo.


Yr7•070-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•059-365•2250•Holiday in Medway-2 Yr7•061-365•2250•Holiday in Medway-2 Yr7•060-365•2250•Holiday in Medway-2 Yr7•064-365•2250•Holiday in Medway-2 Yr7•063-365•2250•Holiday in Medway-2 Yr7•062-365•2250•Holiday in Medway-2 Yr7•065-365•2250•Holiday in Medway-2 Yr7•067-365•2250•Holiday in Medway-2 Yr7•066-365•2250•Holiday in Medway-2 Yr7•069-365•2250•Holiday in Medway-2 Yr7•068-365•2250•Holiday in Medway-2 Yr7•071-365•2250•Holiday in Medway-2 Yr7•072-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•069-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•068-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•071-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•061-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•060-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•059-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•064-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•063-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•062-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•067-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•066-365•2250•Holiday in Medway Yr7•065-365•2250•Holiday in Medway


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thedailypic•Yr7•058/365•2249•Cutting Day

Yr7•058/365•2249 Cutting Day November 27, 2015

Cutting Day
November 27, 2015

The annual cut the tree down day, last year there was snow, this year we all should’ve been wearing shorts. The crowd was insane, this was our 15th year doing this and we have never seen anything like it. Line to get in the lot, crazy line to check out. Soooo many lazy, spoiled people that can’t carry a tree to their Beamers and Land-rovers, (yup stereotyping), watched one guy tie what I think might have been his first knot – while idling in the middle of the lot so no one could pass. I am sure there was a free tree somewhere on the side of the road soon after. Still a great time, Dan cut this year, fun was had, tree was retrieved, tradition intact.


Yr7•060-365•2249•Cutting Day Yr7•058-365•2249•Cutting Day Yr7•059-365•2249•Cutting Day Yr7•061-365•2249•Cutting Day Yr7•063-365•2249•Cutting Day Yr7•062-365•2249•Cutting Day Yr7•066-365•2249•Cutting Day Yr7•065-365•2249•Cutting Day Yr7•064-365•2249•Cutting Day

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timricephoto – Holiday Announcement

Hi, A quick bonus post today (dailypic later) about 2 events this weekend.

Saturday – 11/28, 10-3 the Gallery will be open to all, tons of photos for sale.

Sunday – 11/29, 10-3 I have my first mini session studio date, 15 minute sessions, limited to 15 clients. I have booked the morning, but still some space available in the afternoon.

All details below. Contact me for more info.


GalleryHoliday Holiday Mini

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