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thedailypic•Yr6•335/365•2161•High Schoolers

Yr6•335/365•2161 High Schoolers August 31, 2015

High Schoolers
August 31, 2015

Off to school, back together again. One incoming Freshman and an “upper class-man” (her words). I can’t say it enough, proud of these two, they are my heroes, and I love this period in their lives. Rolling off a great summer I am sure this will be a great school year. I also believe Dan won’t have the top of his head in the photo next year, we put Anna on the high side to try to balance the picture a bit already. Check out the year before below.


Yr6•335-365•2161•High Schoolers-2 Yr6•336-365•2161•High Schoolers Yr6•335-365•2161•High Schoolers

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thedailypic•Yr6•334/365•2160•A Motley Crew

Yr6•334/365•2160 A Motley Crew August 30, 2015

A Motley Crew
August 30, 2015

Had a special session at the studio tonight, a video shoot for an upcoming PSA about the Labor Day Bash. The annual celebration of local music, that raises money for local charities, will be Sunday, September 6th at the Tradesman in Milford MA. I can’t say more about the video… other than I can’t wait until it is done. Though, I can share some of the epic One Bulb shots I got with these guys, I just wish they weren’t so shy and reserved. I hope you join us at this year’s bash, click here to check out the photos from last year to help convince you to mark those calendars.


Yr6•355-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•356-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•357-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•354-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•352-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•353-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•349-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•350-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•351-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•346-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•347-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•348-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•343-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•344-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•345-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•340-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•341-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•342-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•339-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•337-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•338-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•336-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•334-365•2160•A Motley Crew Yr6•335-365•2160•A Motley Crew


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thedailypic•Yr6•333/365•2159•Daniel & Wendy & Sputnik

Yr6•333/365•2159 Windy & Daniel w/Sputnik August 29, 2015

Windy & Daniel & Sputnik
August 29, 2015

14 days ago Wendy & Daniel got married in Hawaii, today along side of Sputnik they celebrated with family and friends in a back yard reception. It was a great afternoon, I was honored to help capture the day, even the drone made a quick appearance for a group photo.


Yr6•335-365•2159•Windy & Daniel w-Sputnik Yr6•333-365•2159•Windy & Daniel w-Sputnik Yr6•334-365•2159•Windy & Daniel w-Sputnik Yr6•336-365•2159•Windy & Daniel w-Sputnik Yr6•333-365•2159•Windy & Daniel w-Sputnik-2 Yr6•334-365•2159•Windy & Daniel w-Sputnik-2


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thedailypic•Yr6•332/365•2158•The Fun Spot

Yr6•331/365•2157 The Fun Spot August 28, 2015

The Fun Spot
August 28, 2015

Took the kids north for the last day of summer. Fun Spot, Lake Winnipesaukee, Go Carts, some great food and a ton of laughing.


Yr6•333-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•332-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•331-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•335-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•336-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•334-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•339-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•338-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•337-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•342-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•341-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•340-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•345-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•344-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•343-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•347-365•2157•The Fun spot Yr6•346-365•2157•The Fun spot


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thedailypic•Yr6•331/365•2157•Some Clouds

Yr6•330/365•2156 Some Clouds August 27, 2015

Some Clouds
August 27, 2015



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