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thedailypic•Yr5•092/365•1918•Girl Power

Yr6•092/365•1918 Girl Power December 31, 2014

Girl Power
December 31, 2014

Some more figures from the Rubber Chicken Comics sale. Super-Girl, Bat-Girl and Wonder-Girl, they all have changeable heads. Not sure why, they are stuck in one pose, mounted to their stands, but I can change their faces? Took some solo shots with other expressions. No matter the face they are very cool figures, that already have found a new home with my daughter.


Yr6•092-365•1918•Girl Power Yr6•096-365•1918•Girl Power Yr6•097-365•1918•Girl Power Yr6•094-365•1918•Girl Power Yr6•095-365•1918•Girl Power Yr6•093-365•1918•Girl Power

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thedailypic•Yr5•091/365•1917•The Clown Couple

Yr6•091/365•1917 The Clown Couple December 30, 2014

The Clown Couple
December 30, 2014

This shoot took a strange turn… now, I shoot many toys, and the secret is to make them look like they have personality. Catch them in a moment, just as you would with a person. Today my son and I went to the annual sale at Rubber Chicken Comics and I grabbed some figures for 50% off. Each year I stock up on some toys for photos. I have got requests for more girls focused characters in my shots. Harley, Bat-girl, Wonder Woman, all have been mentioned. There are so many young girls out there loving the superhero world as much or more than boys. So I grabbed a fun looking Harley Quinn.  This was going to be her session. I started with just her, her Joker doll and mallet, she does not want to stand at all, tiny feet and the balance of the doll made it a challenge but  got it to work.  I was all set with the solo Harley shot, same pose as the dailypic, figured I would toss the Joker figure from the same series in for ONE photo. The first one taken was the one above… here is where the strange turn comes in… no joke, they had chemistry. The way she looks at him, the grin on his face. It looks like they were having a conversation. I started to move them around, her hand is curved to hold the mallet, but it also could hold his hand. It was so weird, I started treating them like a wedding couple… I know, I lost my mind, but look at the shots. They tell a story of this couple. The close up with the torsos cropped, I have that shot in my wedding portfolio, just replace the Joker doll with a bouquet. Feel free to judge me, I don’t mind. I always have my toys.


Yr6•091-365•1917•The Clown Couple Yr6•092-365•1917•The Clown Couple Yr6•093-365•1917•The Clown Couple Yr6•094-365•1917•The Clown Couple Yr6•096-365•1917•The Clown Couple Yr6•097-365•1917•The Clown Couple Yr6•095-365•1917•The Clown Couple Yr6•098-365•1917•The Clown Couple

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thedailypic•Yr5•090/365•1916•The Breakfast Dogs

Yr6•090/365•1916 The Tim Dog December 29, 2014

The Breakfast Dogs
December 29, 2014

My wife is the cook in the family, it really should not be any other way. I can make cereal, popcorn and corn. I also can cook outside, my knowledge is tied to a grill and open flames. Well today she was unable to cook and I got a new cookbook, Haute Dogs, so it was my turn to provide for the family. I modified the recipe for Danger Dogs and made what I am calling Breakfast Dogs. Deep fried hot dog wrapped in bacon over a fried egg, white onions, with a bread and butter pickle slice. Used the oil to fry up some French Fries too. After the kitchen cleared of smoke (no joke) and we were able to breathe again, the kids came in and ate my dinner. They said it was good.  I thought it was great, but not worth the mess, I destroyed the kitchen.


Yr6•090-365•1916•The Tim Dog Yr6•091-365•1916•The Tim Dog Yr6•092-365•1916•The Tim Dog

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thedailypic•Yr5•089/365•1915•The Springfield Gang

Yr6•089/365•1915 The Springfield Gang December 28, 2014

The Springfield Gang
December 28, 2014

I picked up the set of Simpson Lego figures over the summer. Some have shown up in photos now and then, but most had not been shot yet. During the gallery sale I sold a few copies of an older dailypic, the Star Wars bunch (added below). Nine Star Wars Lego figures, shot about 3 years ago. It gave me the idea to get this one together. I had a quiet night, so I hid at the studio and shot it, The Springfield Gang. I wish there were more figures, I would have liked to see them make the Bumble Bee Guy, Comic Book Guy, Mr. Smithers or Otto Mann, but it is limited to these 16.

Taking care of some logistic stuff, I announced a few nights ago some of you that had not seen the dailypic blog in a while might had received it after some changes I made.  Well, they did not work, those who were getting it still got it, but not all.  So, with some additional tinkering, I think this time we might be reaching some older fans that think it just ended. If by chance you are seeing this for the first time in awhile, welcome back. Drop me a comment letting me know… it would be appreciated.  I try to avoid sending tests clogging up in-boxes.


Yr6•088-365•1914•The Simpsons Gang


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thedailypic•Yr5•088/365•1914•The Amazing Incredible

Yr6•088/365•1914 The Amazing Incredible December 27, 2014

The Amazing Incredible
December 27, 2014

Those who have followed the dailypic for awhile know I lean towards the toy photos the week after Christmas and try to stay away from the words. It is like a mini vacation for me. I have some cool shots planned, just a matter of getting the motivation. Here is some fun with a Spider-man mask that is kicking around.


Yr6•088-365•1914•The Amazing Incredible-2 Yr6•088-365•1914•The Amazing Incredible


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