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thedailypic•Yr5•365/365•1826•Happy 5th

Yr5•365/365•1826 Happy 5th September 30, 2014

Happy 5th
September 30, 2014

Another year complete, October 1, 2009 to September 30,2014 – a photo everyday, thank you for looking. The picture changed a few times today, had a few ideas, see the dog and look at his tags below, I ended up with this. As for the words, I have a guest blogger since it’s a special occasion, my friend Ray took some time out of his busy schedule to share some thoughts on photos… thanks Ray. I hope you all stick around for the next year.


From Ray: A Life in Pictures

We can only hope for a book in the end entitled “(Your Name Here): A Life in Pictures”.  Or, at least, that’s how I look at it.  Pictures, or photographs, depending on your preference to the medium, have always been an important part of my life.  It started with a Polaroid in the 70’s that was bigger than my actual head, but somehow I squeezed off a few good shots.  In the 80’s it was a Kodak Disc camera which was futuristic looking and fit right in my back pocket.  In the 90’s I owned my first Minolta 35 mm that was used for a small aerial photography business I had for a couple years.  Then came the digital years which brings us to today and at least a million pictures later.  Even when the camera wasn’t in my own hand I encouraged those around me to capture whatever moment we were in.  From family vacations to school field trips to teenage shenanigans to weddings to births and so on and so on.

For me, being able to relive an event through pictures is the next best thing to living  through it.  A photograph is what keeps a memory alive and vivid.  A split second captured for all eternity to relive over and over again at one’s own leisure.  Sometimes the stories grow taller as the viewings of the photograph become less frequent but the stories, and certainly the visuals, still remains true to its original memory.  A place in time that will never be again but shall live on for eternity. Through albums and shoeboxes and, now, hard drives, we reminisce about the “good ol’ days”.  Better days perhaps.  Or days long gone for the better.  We have visual proof of the moments that shaped who we have become or who we could have been.  A photograph serves as proof that we lived and how we lived, how we loved, how we chose to embrace the world around us.  It tells the story of us.  Ray Auger: A Life in Pictures is the book I want published about me when I’m gone.  I want to show the world how I lived and how I loved.  Luckily for me I have become close to a wonderful photographer and a better friend over the past few years who can spearhead this task.  He possesses some of my most favorite photographs taken of me and my beautiful little life.  He asked me to do this great honor on the celebration of an important milestone in his career and life and I can’t thank him enough for that.  Happy anniversary to Tim Rice and his Dailypic!  Here’s to a another 5 years and then some!  Thanks for the memories my friend…

Yr5•366-365•1826•Happy 5th Yr5•365-365•1826•Happy 5th

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thedailypic•Yr5•364/365•1825•National Coffee Day

Yr5•364/365•1825 National Coffee Day September 29, 2014

National Coffee Day
September 29, 2014

Did you know today is National Coffee Day… yeah, neither did I. I have never had a full cup of coffee, I was told it stunts your growth and I wanted to be tall. It made for a fun photo though.  Had another Lego Coffee photo a few years back call “Never Enough Coffee” I will repost it below.

In other news, tomorrow is the dailypic’s 5th year celebration. 6-8pm TC Scoops on Rte 109 in Medway.  First 75 people get free ice cream, there will be prints for sale, raffles, t-shirts, fun stuff.  Just stop by and say hi. Tomorrow is the last dailypic of year 5. I have created sets from earlier years, click here to see the full set of year 4.

I hope to see you!



Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.58.59 PM

Yr5•364-365•1825•National Coffee Day-2

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thedailypic•Yr5•363/365•1824•Culture Clash

Yr5•363/365•1824 Culture Clash September 28, 2014

Culture Clash
September 28, 2014

Guess who is coming to dinner, 2014’s version? Maybe not that dramatic, but still, if you have any interest in either of these families, you might be entertained by the thought of them mixing it up. Tonight they do just that, I believe the Griffins head to Springfield. I saw one promo where Peter and Homer fight (like Peter fights the Chicken) I have to admit I laughed. I also know there is a prank call joke to Moe’s that is getting a lot of “protest” from parents groups. Funny, I never let my kids watch either show when they were young.  Now that they are older they don’t watch them because, well, they don’t want to – Spongebob is real comedy to them. People protested the Simpson Lego toys, could you imagine the uproar if they made Lego Family Guy figures. I believe these are made by Kinex, I am not sure. Some older shots I had of those figure below.


Yr5•363-365•1824•Culture Clash-3 Yr5•364-365•1824•Culture Clash-2 Yr5•363-365•1824•Culture Clash-2 Yr5•364-365•1824•Culture Clash Yr5•363-365•1824•Culture Clash


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thedailypic•Yr5•362/365•1823•Rugged Maniacs

Yr5•362/365•1823 Rugged Maniacs September 27, 2014

Rugged Maniacs
September 27, 2014

I write this from a state of exhaustion, some achiness (is that a word – don’t care -see exhaustion) and extreme satisfaction. I was convinced to sign up and run The Rugged Maniac Course with friends. 25 obstacles, 3 miles, I had my doubts… last time I did anything like this I was in IPEC in 10th grade. As part of the WMRC Mud Rats team we all completed the course without incident. It was incredible day, and after maybe a day or 2 I would be happy to run another. Thank you to Ray and Molly for inviting us to join them and the rest of the Mud Rats. And thanks to Ray for being the guest photographer for today’s dailypic.


Yr5•367-365•1823•Rugged Maniacs Yr5•366-365•1823•Rugged Maniacs Yr5•365-365•1823•Rugged Maniacs Yr5•364-365•1823•Rugged Maniacs Yr5•363-365•1823•Rugged Maniacs Yr5•362-365•1823•Rugged Maniacs

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thedailypic•Yr5•361/365•1822•Old Time Radio

Yr5•362/365•1822 Old Time Radio September 26, 2014

Old Time Radio
September 26, 2014

I stopped by the local radio station WMRC 1490 AM in Milford today, while waiting in the lobby I admired and then photographed their collection of old radios.  I once had a plan to collect radios.  I have a couple of cool ones that I’ve added as photos before, but WMRC’s collection is impressive.  I shot them quick, took maybe 4-5 minutes to run through the ones below.  I wonder what the receptionist was thinking as I was clicking away. I had trouble picking the dailypic, so my wife said use the Motorola because it was smiling… seems good as any reason. Though I really liked the full shot of the Delco I added last.

tr/trpYr5•379-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•378-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•377-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•376-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•375-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•374-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•373-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•372-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•371-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•370-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•368-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•367-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•366-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•365-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•364-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•363-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•362-365•1822•Old Time Radio Yr5•361-365•1822•Old Time Radio


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thedailypic•Yr5•360/365•1821•The Passing

Yr5•360/365•1821 The Passing September 25, 2014

The Passing
September 25, 2014

The color seems to just be showing, though in my yard I have green and brown, that is it. These are always the first to go, I believe they have made it to the dailypic before, usually when they are red. The ant, well, I found him under another leaf when I was trying to find the branch with the most detail. He is dead, preserved and protected by 2 leaves and in a death grip with his last adventure.


Yr5•360-365•1820•The Passing Yr5•359-365•1820•The Passing

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thedailypic•Yr5•359/365•1820•Man of Plush

Yr5•359/365•1820 Man of Plush September 24, 2014

Man of Plush
September 24, 2014

#toywednesday – Anna’s plush superman.


Yr5•359-365•1820•Man of Plush

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thedailypic•Yr5•358/365•1819•Westbound on 9

Yr5•358/365•1819 West Bound on 9 September 23, 2014

West Bound on 9
September 23, 2014

I walk at lunch, today I had a camera in my pocket. Took a quick shot while I was out. Now, I also had the camera at my desk when the window washer Spider-manned across the glass and scared the crap out of us.  If history repeats itself, I am sure TOMORROW there will be an email letting us know they are cleaning the windows on my building. The cool thing is, I snapped the shot below without thinking how this would play out in the blog.  See the bridge in the Spider-Man shot, bottom of the photo on the right? Directly above the “t” in the “photo” part of my watermark, is the very spot where I was standing when I took the shot of the road. Almost like I planned it.

In other news, we are one week away from the end of this years dailypic. Continuing the updating of the year sets, here is the link to year #3. Click to check them out: the dailypic year 3

If you are local, I hope you might join us at T.C. Scoops in Medway next Tuesday night 6-8.  I will be sharing free ice cream, selling photos, books and raffling off some prizes, all in celebration of 5 years of thedailypic!



Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.58.59 PM

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thedailypic•Yr5•357/365•1818•R2D2 Under Glass

Yr5•357/365•1818 R2D2 Under Glass September 22, 2014

R2D2 Under Glass
September 22, 2014

Technically R2 is behind a prism, but I thought he looked cool.


Yr5•357-365•1818•R2D2 Under Glass-2


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Yr5•356/365•1817 Darren September 21, 2014

September 21, 2014

Had a couple sessions at Stony Brook in Norfolk this morning. A Senior Portrait shoot and another one with my neighbor Darren.  This was our third year taking photos around his birthday. Last year we got some great photos on railroad tracks, this year it was all about hiking through the Audubon Sanctuary. Happy Birthday Darren.


Yr5•356-365•1817•Darren Yr5•357-365•1817•Darren Yr5•358-365•1817•Darren Yr5•359-365•1817•Darren Yr5•360-365•1817•Darren

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