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Yr5•272-365•1733 Doug June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Today an old friend stopped by. My wife and I both went to High School with Doug. I could not let him leave before I took a photo. Even though Doug lives out west this is his second time in the dailypic, we went to see him perform at the dueling piano bar he plays at in Arizona a few years ago, where I took the photo below. Great to see you Doug, can’t wait to meet the family next time.


20111019-111019_19 Shout House_007

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thedailypic•Yr5•271/365•1732•Sun-setting in Maine

Yr5•271/365•1732 Sun-setting on Maine June 29, 2014

Sun-setting on Maine
June 29, 2014

As the sun sets on another family vacation… yea, that’s bad. Vacation is over, this is one of the last shots I took up in Maine. We had a great time. I tried not to take too many photos, believe it or not.  I was strategic on what I shot and when I had the camera.  Arm needs a break now and then.  Back to the grind, more vacations coming up, weddings, family sessions and a bunch of events to photograph over the next few weeks. On top of that, less than 100 days left for this year’s dailypic. As of now I am not sure if five years make a complete project. In the meantime, send me suggestions for new shots. Or something you would like to see in this year’s set.

As for this shot, see the piece of wood in the center of the water, the off center “t”. It rained so much the first night we were there that the water of the lake rose, streets flooded and the beach was under water.  To give you a sense of how much water I am talking about… check the last shot below with Anna, at the bottom of the frame on the left, that’s the tip of the same wood “t”.


Yr5•272-365•1732•Maine Sunset Yr5•271-365•1732•Maine SunsetYr5•275-365•1728•Rainy Day Camp


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thedailypic•Yr5•270/365•1731•Playing with Fire

Yr5•270-365•173 Playing with Fire June 28, 2014

Playing with Fire
June 28, 2014

Campfire, camera and tripod. I can be entertained for hours.


Yr5•270-365•1731•Playing with Fire Yr5•271-365•1731•Playing with Fire Yr5•272-365•1731•Playing with Fire Yr5•273-365•1731•Playing with Fire Yr5•274-365•1731•Playing with Fire Yr5•275-365•1731•Playing with Fire Yr5•276-365•1731•Playing with Fire Yr5•277-365•1731•Playing with Fire Yr5•278-365•1731•Playing with Fire Yr5•279-365•1731•Playing with Fire Yr5•280-365•1731•Playing with Fire Yr5•281-365•1731•Playing with Fire

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thedailypic•Yr5•269/365•1730•Wight Brook Upper Step

Yr5•269/365•1730 Wight Brook Upper Step June 27, 2014

Wight Brook Upper Step
June 27, 2014

Turns out the waterfalls I was looking for yesterday were 1 mile from where we turned around and decided to photograph cows instead. Worked out better, we took the whole family today and it was a beautiful day. First stop were the Wight Brook Step Falls, The dailypic is the upper step and the next one down is the lower.  The view from the upper part was incredible.  The second stop was the Screw Auger Falls, which was hard to photograph, but incredible to witness. The power of water is insane. Reminds me I need to fix a drippy sink when I get home, as long as the water has not destroyed it while I was gone.


Yr5•269-365•1730•Wight Brook Upper Step Yr5•270-365•1730•Wight Brook Upper Step Yr5•271-365•1730•Wight Brook Upper Step Yr5•273-365•1730•Wight Brook Upper Step Yr5•274-365•1730•Wight Brook Upper Step Yr5•277-365•1730•Wight Brook Upper Step Yr5•275-365•1730•Wight Brook Upper Step Yr5•278-365•1730•Wight Brook Upper Step Yr5•279-365•1730•Wight Brook Upper Step Yr5•280-365•1730•Wight Brook Upper Step Yr5•281-365•1730•Wight Brook Upper Step

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thedailypic•Yr5•268/365•1729•Artist’s Bridge

Yr5•268/365•1729 Artist's Bridge June 26, 2014

Artist’s Bridge
June 26, 2014

Anna and I went on an adventure to find a waterfall… we never found it, But we found cows and this cool bridge. Sunday River Bridge or Artist’s Bridge. Day 2, the rain stopped. All is well, wish you were fine, or something like that.


Yr5•268-365•1729•Artist's Bridge Yr5•269-365•1729•Artist's Bridge Yr5•270-365•1729•Artist's Bridge Yr5•271-365•1729•Artist's Bridge Yr5•272-365•1729•Artist's Bridge Yr5•273-365•1729•Artist's Bridge Yr5•274-365•1729•Artist's Bridge Yr5•275-365•1729•Artist's Bridge Yr5•276-365•1729•Artist's Bridge

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thedailypic•Yr5•267/365•1728•Rainy Day Camp

Yr5•267/365•1728 Rainy Day Camp June 25, 2014

Rainy Day Camp
June 25, 2014

Headed North with the family, Maine, Papoose Pond. The rain found us, not a huge deal, we have camped in the rain before. We make the best of it. Forecast looks better as the weekend approaches.  I would rather sit in the rain here, than in my dry cube there (sorry to my fellow co-workers that read this – it’s not you, it’s me). The kids are insisting we do not have this trip planned out to the minute. That is not our my style.  Something about relaxing and just hanging out here. We will see.


Yr5•275-365•1728•Rainy Day Camp Yr5•274-365•1728•Rainy Day Camp Yr5•273-365•1728•Rainy Day Camp Yr5•272-365•1728•Rainy Day Camp Yr5•271-365•1728•Rainy Day Camp Yr5•269-365•1728•Rainy Day Camp Yr5•268-365•1728•Rainy Day Camp Yr5•267-365•1728•Rainy Day Camp


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thedailypic•Yr5•266/365•1727•Post School Cut

Yr5•266/365•1727 Post School Cut June 24, 2014

Post School Cut
June 24, 2014

Today school ended, Dan went to each day, never missed one.  He has not actually missed one in many years.  It does not mean he’s not excited when the last day rolls around. Each year he gets off the bus and before the end of the day we shave his head. It is what we do. Enjoy the summer and Happy Birthday/Retirement to my Mom! She would not let me shave her head.


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thedailypic•Yr5•265/365•1726•Sitting Bee

Yr5•265/365•1726 Sitting Bee June 23, 2014

Sitting Bee
June 23, 2014

Bees can live 2-6 weeks, I caught this little guy 3 weeks back. Training was hard, at first I had a little leash made from thread, cutest thing, it is yellow. After a few days I was able to let him off and he did not roam too far. He even rode in the truck with me one day to work, I think he just hung out in the truck or around it, I was busy so… I left the window cracked. He could come and go as he pleased.  One the ride home that day I decided I wanted to teach Buzzy- oh yea I named him Buzzy because he is a bee – I wanted to teach him tricks.  I thought of flying tricks,  maybe a hoop on fire or something, he did not seem interested. Fetch, impressions, I tried magic tricks, nothing seemed to work, then it seemed so simple. I taught him to sit, sit on command.  Right before this shot I said “Buzzy sit” it is that easy. Well not really easy at the beginning, I had to show him how to do it, I would sit on the rock, then tell him to, back and forth. He got it eventually, I am a trainer in real life so I was ready for this, it was amazing to see. Once he sat like I asked, I went and got the camera, had to change the battery, find the macro lens, locate an empty memory card… went back outside and I was shocked, there he still sat, waiting for me. I snapped a few pictures and he flew off. Away, gone, he circled once, I think it was his way of saying goodbye and then vanished into the horizon. I assume he was heading off to die on his own terms, again they only live weeks, and he had a busy life, smart little guy,  hope he was proud of what he learned. All I have is his leash and this picture. I miss you Buzzy.



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thedailypic•Yr5•264/365•1725•Summer Dinner

Yr5•264/365•1725 Summer Dinner June 22, 2104

Summer Dinner
June 22, 2104

I was invited to spend the afternoon with one of my regular clients and their extended family down the Cape. I have been with them for weddings, family sessions, newborn photos, even a visit to a Christmas Tree Farm. Today I was there for some more family shots on the beach and to document their family vacation dinner, there was even a lobster for me. I love getting to know my clients over the years, it was an honor to be part of another great family event. I hope they enjoy the rest of the vacation and the weather stays as beautiful as it was today.


Yr5•264-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•265-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•266-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•267-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•268-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•269-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•270-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•271-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•272-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•273-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•274-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•275-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•276-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•277-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•278-365•1725•Summer Dinner Yr5•279-365•1725•Summer Dinner

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thedailypic•Yr5•263/365•1724•Flying Dragon

Yr5•263/365•1724 Flying Dragon June 21, 2014

Flying Dragon
June 21, 2014

How about some Dragonfly photos…


Yr5•270-365•1724•Flying Dragon Yr5•269-365•1724•Flying Dragon Yr5•268-365•1724•Flying Dragon Yr5•267-365•1724•Flying Dragon Yr5•266-365•1724•Flying Dragon Yr5•265-365•1724•Flying Dragon Yr5•264-365•1724•Flying Dragon Yr5•263-365•1724•Flying Dragon

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