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thedailypic•Yr5•242/365•1703•The Difficult Spider

Yr5•242/365•1702 The Difficult Spider May 31, 2014

The Difficult Spider
May 31, 2014

It is no secret I like spiders, I also am very aware many of you do not. Please, no need to send notes and messages, I already know. It has been awhile since I posted a spider shot. I had great plans for this one… but the spider had other ideas. Long story short, I did not get the photo I had hoped, and it will not live to see the photo I did get.  It did not have to go that way, though I have photographed dead insects and spiders before, their demise is usually not at my hands.  This one made choices that led to the horrible outcome. I got 3 shots in 20 seconds… and then no more. RIP you PIA. It did not have to go like that.


Yr5•243-365•1702•The Difficult Spider Yr5•242-365•1702•The Difficult Spider

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thedailypic•Yr5•241/365•1702•On the Take

Yr5•241/365•1702 On the Take May 30, 2014

On the Take
May 30, 2014

So, I have aches and pains, who doesn’t? Especially those of us that tend not to rest, I often wonder what my body would do if I truly did nothing for a week. I have never taken a beach vacation, I am not one to sit around.  I think my aches and pains are my body’s way of revolting against this schedule. I got a bad knee, tendonitis in my arm and at times a horrible back. All usually controllable, until they all demand attention at the same time.  This week my back led the charge and demanded to be heard. Thankfully Dr.  Mark Hausmann of Godwin and Hausmann gets me back on my feet when I need it, Mark and Ibuprofen are all that are keeping me moving this week.



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thedailypic•Yr5•240/365•1701•Dressed Up

Yr5•240/365•1701 Dressed Up May 29, 2014

Dressed Up
May 29, 2014

Tonight was Dan’s 7th grade Spring Chorus Concert. Time to get dressed up. Great show.


Yr5•240-365•1701•Dressed Up

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thedailypic•Yr5•239/365•1700•Water Works

Yr5•239/365•1700 Water Works May 28, 2014

Water Works
May 28, 2014

Water, Mud, Remote Controlled Truck, Camera, what else do we need?


Yr5•255-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•254-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•253-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•252-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•251-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•250-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•249-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•248-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•247-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•246-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•245-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•244-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•243-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•242-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•241-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•240-365•1700•Water Works Yr5•239-365•1700•Water Works

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thedailypic•Yr5•238/365•1699•The Common Dance

Yr5•238/365•1699 The Common Dance May 27, 2014

The Common Dance
May 27, 2014

I take no credit for this shoot, this was the plan of my daughter. it was brought to my attention a few weeks back. As soon as dance class ended, we would go to Boston and photograph her in various dance poses. Once class ended, she would use her dance shoes outside. I chose Boston Common as the location, I wanted to incorporate as many people in the scene as we could… that was a debate. We compromised with some here and there.  My favorite shot is the one next to the vendor cart from a distance.  There were plenty of people watching her, and I was far enough away that it took people some time to realize what was going on. Check out the rest below.


Yr5•247-365•1699•The Common Dance Yr5•246-365•1699•The Common Dance Yr5•245-365•1699•The Common Dance Yr5•244-365•1699•The Common Dance Yr5•243-365•1699•The Common Dance Yr5•242-365•1699•The Common Dance Yr5•241-365•1699•The Common Dance Yr5•240-365•1699•The Common Dance Yr5•239-365•1699•The Common Dance Yr5•238-365•1699•The Common Dance Yr5•250-365•1699•The Common Dance Yr5•249-365•1699•The Common Dance Yr5•248-365•1699•The Common Dance

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