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thedailypic•Yr4•365/365•Day #1461

Yr4•365/365 #1461trp September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Another year complete, year 4 makes 1461 days since the project began. Each year has its ups and downs, there has been a few days I think of stopping but it still goes on. Thanks to all that look and an extra thanks to those that read the blog… I think the goal in the next year is get those two numbers to match. The most viewed blog post last year was actually a tie The Groom Waits and On Break, (click on them to check them out) both about men waiting though for different reasons. If you really have patience you can check out the whole year’s worth of photos. Stay tuned for the start of year 5 tomorrow. Bonus points if you can tell me where any of these numbers and letters are from… all local -to me. One of them might belong to your mailbox.


1-121001_Morning October_033.jpg10-121009_Gumby_040.jpg100-130101_BevisandButthead_009.jpg101-Family, Legoboy, Family.jpg102-130110_IronCladPhotos_001.jpg103-130111_WaterDrop2_038-Edit.jpg104-130111_WaterDrop_020.jpg105-130112_Patriots_010.jpg106-130114_Boudros_020.jpg107-130115_Dentist_001.jpg108-130111_WonderWoman_014.jpg109-130117_495Streaks_021.jpg11-121008_ChoatePark_002.jpg110-130118_Boudro_112.jpg111-130119_Thayer_090.jpg112-130120_MillisRailroad_056.jpg113-130121_Bowling_076.jpg114-130121_Kiwi_035.jpg115-130121_Flowers_047.jpg116-130119_Dawn_Catwoman_055.jpg117-130125_Beans_043.jpg118-130126_LegoTruck_021.jpg119-130126_BarbaraO60th_133.jpg12-121007_Caterpillar_035.jpg120-130127_SouthCarolinaDay1_051.jpg121-130128_SouthCarolinaDay2_056.jpg122-130129_SCDay3_006.jpg123-130130_Bibleman_005.jpg124-130131_DannyChorus_003.jpg125-130202_JohnsonBDay_032.jpg126-130203_Halo_013.jpg127-130203_Walnuts_025.jpg128-130203_Misty_005.jpg129-130206_LensbabyTypewriter_016-Edit-2.jpg13-121013_RossBarMitzvah_221.jpg130-130207_Supermarket_003.jpg131-130208_Blizzard13_023-Edit.jpg132-130209_Snowstorm_032-Edit.jpg133-130210_SnowSundayDrive_037.jpg134-130210_LegoSnow_029.jpg135-130210_ChoateSnowWalk_037.jpg136-130210_ChoateSnowWalk_084.jpg137-130213_BethMonkeys_033.jpg138-130214_Hearts_047.jpg139-130216_Firehouse_013.jpg14-121006_YardSale_002.jpg140-130217_Cassettes_006.jpg141-130218_Misty_006.jpg142-130219_MendonDiner_019.jpg143-130220_Popcorn_007.jpg144-130221_Dinner_005.jpg145-130222_Applebees_003.jpg146-130220_Barbie Cruise_083.jpg147-130224_Choate Snow_021.jpg148-130225_MondayMorningSnow_042.jpg149-130225_MexicoFigures_010.jpg15-121015_Old Camera_009.jpg150-130225_Newspaper_003.jpg151-130227_Hazmat_001.jpg152-130228_Pills_016.jpg153-130301_ParkerBday_020.jpg154-130301_Tollbooth Willie_281.jpg155-130302_Kodak_004.jpg156-130303_MedwayMillWalk_009.jpg157-130303_DanLego_006.jpg158-130305_WestStLot_002.jpg159-130307_Books_012.jpg16-121016_DarkDriveWork_180.jpg160-130308_SnowDay_061-Edit.jpg161-TRP_0720.jpg162-TRP_1113.jpg163-TRP_1326.jpg164-130308_Misty_061.jpg165-TRP_1340.jpg166-TRP_1469.jpg167-TRP_1570.jpg168-TRP_1594.jpg169-TRP_1342.jpg17-121017_HardDrive_005.jpg170-TRP_2619.jpg171-TRP_2751.jpg172-TRP_2766.jpg173-DSC01152.jpg174-TRP_2781.jpg175-TRP_2837.jpg176-RyderEB.jpg177-TRP_2885.jpg178-TRP_2896.jpg179-TRP_2966.jpg18-121018_Tree_006.jpg180-TRP_3001.jpg181-TRP_2917.jpg182-TRP_3242.jpg183-TRP_3264.jpg184-TRP_3284.jpg185-TRP_3417.jpg186-TRP_3532.jpg187-DSC01165.jpg188-TRP_3536.jpg189-TRP_3714.jpg19-121019_Stratego_011.jpg190-DSC01170.jpg191-File0006.jpg192-TRP_4265.jpg193-TRP_4329.jpg194-TRP_4357.jpg195-TRP_4379.jpg196-TRP_4731.jpg197-TRP_4784.jpg198-TRP_5066.jpg199-TRP_5182.jpg2-121002_AshlandSunrise_007.jpg20-121020_SatPM_016.jpg200-TRP_5823.jpg201-TRP_5966.jpg202-TRP_6117.jpg203-TRP_4324.jpg204-TRP_6456.jpg205-TRP_6477.jpg206-TRP_6492.jpg207-TRP_6511.jpg208-TRP_6521.jpg209-TRP_6532.jpg21-121021_Lukas_118.jpg210-_DSC1461.jpg211-DSC01260.jpg212-DSC01346.jpg213-TRP_7974.jpg214-TRP_7986.jpg215-TRP_8327.jpg216-TRP_8407.jpg217-TRP_8528.jpg218-TRP_8632.jpg219-DSC01370.jpg22-121021_PumpkinCarving_159.jpg220-TRP_8665.jpg221-TRP_8674.jpg222-TRP_8686.jpg223-TRP_8728.jpg224-TRP_8787.jpg225-TRP_8618.jpg226-DSC01437.jpg227-TRP_8905.jpg228-TRP_8933.jpg229-TRP_8982.jpg23-121023_23Exit_104.jpg230-TRP_8998.jpg231-TRP_9002.jpg232-TRP_9017.jpg233-TRP_9555.jpg234-TRP_9835.jpg235-TRP_9854.jpg236-TRP_9862.jpg237-File0026.jpg238-TRP_0133.jpg239-TRP_0967.jpg24-121024_RCComics_122.jpg240-TRP_1082.jpg241-TRP_1136.jpg242-TRP_1189.jpg243-TRP_1256.jpg244-TRP_1446.jpg245-TRP_1609.jpg246-DSC01470.jpg247-TRP_1644.jpg248-TRP_1790.jpg249-TRP_1795.jpg25-121025_Morning Light_106.jpg250-TRP_1825.jpg251-TRP_1845.jpg252-TRP_2209.jpg253-TRP_2472.jpg254-TRP_2526.jpg255-TRP_2564.jpg256-TRP_2567.jpg257-TRP_2577.jpg258-TRP_2851.jpg259-TRP_3095.jpg26-121026_StonyBrookFall_130.jpg260-TRP_3116.jpg261-TRP_3173.jpg262-TRP_3178.jpg263-TRP_3446.jpg264-TRP_3580.jpg265-TRP_3711.jpg266-TRP_4434.jpg267-TRP_4505.jpg268-TRP_4540.jpg269-TRP_4672.jpg27-121027_UptonStateForest_125.jpg270-TRP_4883.jpg271-TRP_5103.jpg272-TRP_5277.jpg273-TRP_5304.jpg274-TRP_5322.jpg275-File0834.jpg276-LegoboyShit-2.jpg277-DSC01598.jpg278-TRP_5556.jpg279-BJJ_6276.jpg28-121028_BatteryBox_133.jpg280-DSC01689.jpg281-BJJ_6319.jpg282-DSC01723.jpg283-TRP_5595.jpg284-TRP_5748.jpg285-DSC_6640.jpg286-DSC_7296.jpg287-DSC_7357.jpg288-DSC_7484.jpg289-TRP_5778.jpg29-121029_ShitLegoBoy_166.jpg290-TRP_0111.jpg291-TRP_0113.jpg292-TRP_0190.jpg293-TRP_0482.jpg294-DSC01833.jpg295-TRP_0547.jpg296-TRP_0565.jpg297-TRP_0748.jpg298-DSC01963.jpg299-TRP_0755.jpg3-121003_Knee Brace_002.jpg30-121030_Jedi Mickey_146.jpg300-TRP_0783.jpg301-TRP_1389.jpg302-TRP_1475.jpg303-TRP_1480.jpg304-TRP_1506.jpg305-TRP_1514.jpg306-DSC02110.jpg307-TRP_1677.jpg308-TRP_1769.jpg309-TRP_5901.jpg31-121031_Haloween_014.jpg310-DSC02166.jpg311-TRP_2192.jpg312-TRP_2251.jpg313-TRP_2687.jpg314-TRP_3043.jpg315-TRP_3167.jpg316-TRP_3171.jpg317-TRP_3253.jpg318-TRP_3785.jpg319-TRP_3854.jpg32-121030_Danny_003.jpg320-DSC02211.jpg321-TRP_6057.jpg322-TRP_3936.jpg323-TRP_4035.jpg324-DSC02241.jpg325-TRP_4170.jpg326-TRP_4246.jpg327-TRP_4429.jpg328-TRP_4525.jpg329-TRP_4696.jpg33-121102_LotF_031.jpg330-TRP_4713.jpg331-TRP_4734.jpg332-TRP_4750.jpg333-TRP_4754.jpg334-TRP_4757.jpg335-TRP_4784.jpg336-TRP_5088.jpg337-TRP_5440.jpg338-TRP_5596.jpg339-TRP_6188.jpg34-121026_StonyBrookFall_155.jpg340-TRP_6194.jpg341-TRP_6203.jpg342-TRP_6474.jpg343-TRP_6803.jpg344-TRP_6954.jpg345-TRP_6977.jpg346-TRP_6978.jpg347-TRP_7011.jpg348-TRP_7044.jpg349-TRP_7153.jpg35-121104_BellaLunaShow_028.jpg350-TRP_7257.jpg351-TRP_7317.jpg352-TRP_7352.jpg353-TRP_7384.jpg354-TRP_7530.jpg355-TRP_7582.jpg356-TRP_8362.jpg357-TRP_8953.jpg358-TRP_9744.jpg359-TRP_9812.jpg36-121105_JunkMail_015.jpg360-TRP_9861.jpg361-TRP_9924.jpg362-TRP_0019.jpg363-TRP_0435.jpg364-TRP_1743.jpg365-Day1461-2.jpg37-121106_Vote_003.jpg38-121107_Spiderman_015.jpg39-121108_Beer Glass_159.jpg4-121004_Squirells_004.jpg40-121109_Davidson_3_010.jpg41-121110_Gamache_082.jpg42-121110_GregsBday_006.jpg43-121112_RWZoo_123.jpg44-121113_Law_005.jpg45-121114_Spiderman267_004.jpg46-121115_Lamp_015.jpg47-121116_Meeting_014.jpg48-121117_Moon_002.jpg49-121118_Thanksgiving_One_004.jpg5-121005_Boston_004.jpg50-121119_IceMorning_005.jpg51-121120_Clouds_002.jpg52-121121_turkey_014.jpg53-121122_Thanksgiving_225.jpg54-121123_Tree Cutting_302.jpg55-121124_MedwayFireworks_395.jpg56-121125_Fruit Blow Up_381.jpg57-121126_Spiderman Sign_308.jpg58-121127_DrearyNight_321.jpg59-121128_Robot_304.jpg6-121006_King Richards_467.jpg60-121129_MorningMoon_303.jpg61-121129_Matthew_307.jpg62-121201_Rowland_342.jpg63-121201_FamilyShots_371.jpg64-121202_Snowman_318.jpg65-121203_AngelStars_308.jpg66-121204_Bags Shopping_301.jpg67-121205_Jack_309.jpg68-121207_Food_300.jpg69-121208_Chaunaca_341.jpg7-121006_YardSale_031.jpg70-121209_Snowman_339.jpg71-121210_Gingerbreadhouse_314.jpg72-121205_Storefront_302.jpg73-121212_Dunsky_472.jpg74-120708_CharlesRiver_104.jpg75-121214_LetLifeLive_304.jpg76-121215_ShopBellingham_310.jpg77-130106_MomMonkey_001.jpg78-121217_SingingSnowman_300.jpg79-121218_Barbie_304.jpg8-121008_ChoatePark_008.jpg80-121218_Lego Santa_349.jpg81-121219_TOYDOG_305.jpg82-121221_Star_308.jpg83-121221_Spiderelf_318.jpg84-121223_Snowcouple_301-2.jpg85-121224_YankeeCandle_522.jpg86-121225_XmasMoms_361.jpg87-121226_StPeppers_310.jpg88-121227_SnowBoardLegoBoy_335.jpg89-121228_MassWest_332.jpg9-121006_YardSale_006.jpg90-121229_Snow_326.jpg91-121230_SnowStorm_382.jpg92-121231_FiveGuys_301.jpg93-130101_Sledding_338.jpg94-130101_SuperMarioFlame_306.jpg95-130101_JackSkellington_012.jpg96-130101_Animal_016.jpg97-130105_AppleBlowUp_001-2.jpg98-121224_YankeeCandle_437.jpg99-130107_RussellMA_004.jpg

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thedailypic•Yr4•364/365•The King & Dan

Yr4•363/365 The King & Dan September 29, 2013

The King & Dan
September 29, 2013

Took the family to King Richard’s Faire today. Spent the day living the Renaissance or something like that. Dan got to hang with the King, I got to shoot a cool Game of Thrones trivia/costume contest, and Anna got her turkey leg… all is good in the, uhm, what century was the Renaissance… you look it up, I am tired.  When you do I was going to say life is good in that century.  The rest of the photos are below.

The second most viewed post from this last year is Historic Site, a blog post I wrote for my wife last October. Click here to see it, it is a favorite of mine:


Yr4•363-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•364-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•365-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•366-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•367-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•368-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•369-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•370-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•371-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•372-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•373-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•374-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•375-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•376-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•377-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•378-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•379-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•380-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•381-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•382-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•383-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•384-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•385-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•386-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•387-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•388-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•389-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•390-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•391-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•392-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•393-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•394-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•395-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•396-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•397-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•398-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•399-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•400-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•401-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•402-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•403-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•404-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•405-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•406-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•407-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•408-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•409-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•410-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•411-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•412-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•413-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•414-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•415-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•416-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•417-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•418-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•419-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•420-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•421-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•422-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•423-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•424-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•425-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•426-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•427-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•428-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•429-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•430-365•The King & Dan.jpgYr4•431-365•The King & Dan.jpg

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thedailypic•Yr4•362/365•Congratulations Alice & Steve

Yr4•362/365  Alice & Steve September 29, 2013

Alice & Steve
September 29, 2013

Spent the night at the Worcester Art Museum with Alice & Steve and their family and friends. Such a beautiful wedding. Look at those smiles and they couldn’t even see each other. Congratulations Alice & Steve.


Yr4•363-365•Congratulations Alice & Steve Yr4•362-365•Congratulations Alice & Steve

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thedailypic•Yr4•361/365•trp Photo Bomb

Yr4•361/365 trp Photo Bomb September 28, 2013

trp Photo Bomb
September 28, 2013

My wife surprised me with a celebration at a local bar this evening… a pre-birthday party at a Justin & Ray show over at the Tradesman. I had no idea.  She got a trp cake, had a special drink made in my honor, the trp photo bomb and a bunch of friends were there to celebrate.  Such a great night. Thanks to all that were there and helped my wife put it together, thanks to my wife for being awesome and thanks to those tasty shots… damn they were good. Great way to start the 40th celebration…


Yr4•361-365•trp Photo Bomb Yr4•362-365•trp Photo Bomb Yr4•363-365•trp Photo Bomb Yr4•364-365•trp Photo Bomb Yr4•365-365•trp Photo Bomb

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thedailypic•Yr4•360/365•Web Maker

Yr4•360/365 Web Maker September 26, 2013

Web Maker
September 26, 2013

Ok, I will admit there might be a few too many spider photos lately. I like spiders, I love macro shots and there are a ton of spiders around. This is the first time a spider got annoyed with me, might be because I broke the web.  I get far too close to these guys, the hood hit the web, the web broke, the spider went to the fence.  Did I stop… no  I got closer and get the shot from the fence, right before it jumped, moved, scared the crap out of me.  Reality is different though a lens… that’s why I was scared, in real reality I would have been fine.

Reporting the top 7 blogs, tonight is #5: That’s Rock ‘n Roll


Yr4•361-365•Web Maker Yr4•360-365•Web Maker

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thedailypic•Yr4•359/365•Old Man Rice

Yr4•359/365 Old Man Rice September 25, 2013

Old Man Rice
September 25, 2013

I need to get back on track with Toy Wednesday. Thought this would be a good toy shot since I have a birthday coming up. There are some days lately I feel like this guy. I don’t need the cane yet, but I do check them out when I see them in the stores.  There are some pretty cool canes out there, the fact that I know this, well is a little sad. For the record, the cane in the photo belongs to a Yoda action figure.  There was debate tonight on which of the two old man photos would be the daily. The titles were the deciding factor, the kids and wife thought the Old Man Rice title was better than the second photos name: Retirement Plan.

Continuing the re-posting of the top 7 blogs from the last year, #6 is “Tim’s Wife” seems fitting since in it is a photo of a young me… to balance out the Old Man Rice Lego guy.  Click here to read:


Yr4•359-365•Old Man Rice

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thedailypic•Yr4•358/365•Sun Over Field

Yr4•358/365 Sun Over Field September 24, 2013

Sun Over Field
September 24, 2013

I have seen this shot a few times on my way to work over the last few weeks, but I did not take it until today. My fear was I would drive home each day and see the corn gone like the field across the street. I had really good reasons not to take the photo until today, I will list them for you.

1. Lazy

2. Lazy

3. Rain

4. Lazy

5. Lazy

6. Went to work early – Dark

7. Lazy

In other news, the dailypic blog turns one next Tuesday. So, I am posting the top seven blogs. Number seven is from April 15th, the day of the Boston Bombing.  I wrote it on the train on my way home from NYC with my family. Click here to see it:




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thedailypic•Yr4•357/365•Buffalo Tails

Yr4•357/365 Buffalo Tails September 23, 2013

Buffalo Tails
September 23, 2013

Twizzlers and an old nickel, all for a buck.  Thanks awesome vending machine.


Yr4•357-365•Buffalo Tails

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thedailypic•Yr4•356/365•The Church on Rabbit Hill

Yr4•356/365 Church on Rabbit Hill September 22, 2013

Church on Rabbit Hill
September 22, 2013

I have lived in Medway most of my life. Raised on Ellis Street across from the Ellis house. Went through the schools, met my wife, owned a business and now I am raising my family here. My wife, and I will admit I have too, romanticized that this is still the town we grew up in. When I was a kid, it was a small town that seemed huge, now it is a huge town that seems small. I wait at traffic lights that never existed before, I pass developments that were fields where I loved to play. Now and then I see the old town. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving each year you can see it when we all turn out for the fireworks and parade. I see it in my kids when they talk about their 6th grade environmental trips, and this year the old town came back to celebrate. The 300th committee has put on a great show, celebration, after celebration, art shows, fireworks, and this weekend the parade. I watched the 275th parade with friends, I stood in front of the “new” Papa Gino’s on Main St. My Grandfather was in the parade as a Shriner. I would have never imagined 25 years later I would still be here and actually riding in the parade shooting photos. I shot this one of the Community Church as I waited for the parade to start yesterday. Nostalgia is powerful, seeing all the comments and memories the events have brought is incredible.  I hope the photos I took will add to the memories. Below are my personal favorites from the day in black & white and you can also check out the links for the full sets.

We Are Medway: Click Here

The 300th Parade: Click Here




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Yr4•355/365 Clydesdales September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013

Today Medway celebrated it’s 300th year with a town wide parade.  I was able to join a float full of Veterans and photograph it as it traveled Main and Holliston St. It was awesome, I took pictures of the crowds that gathered, saw old friends and made new ones with the Veterans that shared their ride. The Budweiser Clydesdales even joined the excitement.  I had a chance to photograph them as they were being loaded up to go back to Nashua NH. They are beautiful creatures. Here are some of my favorites from the day.  Tomorrow I will share a special post with all the photos. Happy Birthday Medway.


Yr4•371-365•Clydesdales Yr4•370-365•Clydesdales Yr4•369-365•Clydesdales Yr4•368-365•Clydesdales Yr4•367-365•Clydesdales Yr4•366-365•Clydesdales Yr4•365-365•Clydesdales Yr4•364-365•Clydesdales Yr4•363-365•Clydesdales Yr4•362-365•Clydesdales Yr4•361-365•Clydesdales-2 Yr4•360-365•Clydesdales-2 Yr4•359-365•Clydesdales-2 Yr4•358-365•Clydesdales-2 Yr4•357-365•Clydesdales-2 Yr4•356-365•Clydesdales-2 Yr4•355-365•Clydesdales-2 Yr4•361-365•Clydesdales Yr4•360-365•Clydesdales Yr4•359-365•Clydesdales Yr4•358-365•Clydesdales Yr4•357-365•Clydesdales Yr4•356-365•Clydesdales Yr4•355-365•Clydesdales

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