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Yr4•303/365 Kong July 31, 2013

July 31, 2013

Just Kong.


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thedailypic•Family Shoot July 2oth

A couple of weeks ago I posted a shot of the baby with blanket, I was invited into a home where I was able to spend an hour with the family to get some shots of the kids. It was such a great time. Here are some more from the visit. Portrait sessions do not always need to be a posed event, invite a photographer to a family function and see what happens… I might even know one. You can contact this one by clicking here.

1-TRP_0244 2-TRP_0248 3-TRP_0251 4-TRP_0305 5-TRP_0330 6-TRP_0385 7-TRP_0408 8-TRP_0453

1-TRP_0431 9-TRP_0467 10-TRP_0482

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Yr4•302/365  Betty & Dan July 30, 2013

Betty & Dan
July 30, 2013

Here is Dan with our neighbor and his friend Betty. We are fortunate to have great neighbors, but Betty is special.  I am amazed how they can talk and talk. I was working on my truck today and Dan had walked over to say hi. I looked up and there they were in her drive way, deep in conversation. I had no idea what they were discussing, but Danny was animated and in storytelling mode, while Betty was grinning and laughing.



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thedailypic•Yr4•301/365•White on Blue

Yr4•301/365 White on Blue July 29, 2013

White on Blue
July 29, 2013

Been some great clouds lately, to be honest there have been too many clouds lately, but still, they look cool. Shot 4 shots and then there was debate over which would be the dailypic. My wife picked a different one, see below for the others. I successfully convinced her this photo was her pick, but really it was mine… a point she will not realize until she proofs this for me, which might lead to my horrible grammatical errors making it through with the intent to embarrass me pubically as payback.


Yr4•301-365•White on Blue Yr4•302-365•White on Blue Yr4•303-365•White on Blue

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thedailypic•Yr4•300/365•That’s Rock ‘n Roll

Yr4•300/365 That's Rock 'n Roll July 28, 2013

That’s Rock ‘n Roll
July 28, 2013

My wife and I joined a bunch of friends this afternoon to help out on a music video shoot for  the song “Bucket of Beer”. This was local music at it’s best, pool diving, flamingo kicking, weight shaking, beer drinking, summer good time with even a touch of blood.  I know I have shared the song a few times in this blog. If you have not checked it out, you can here. Below are some more shots from the “set”.  Ray and Molly hosted a great time, glad I was a part of it, I might even make it in a scene or two… depending 0n editing. Though I am always more comfortable on the other side of the camera.

UPDATED: Check out the completed video here. I even make an appearance.


Yr4•300-365•That's Rock 'n Roll Yr4•301-365•That's Rock 'n Roll Yr4•302-365•That's Rock 'n Roll Yr4•303-365•That's Rock 'n Roll Yr4•304-365•That's Rock 'n Roll Yr4•305-365•That's Rock 'n Roll Yr4•306-365•That's Rock 'n Roll Yr4•307-365•That's Rock 'n Roll Yr4•308-365•That's Rock 'n Roll Yr4•309-365•That's Rock 'n Roll Yr4•310-365•That's Rock 'n Roll


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