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thedailypic•Yr4•182/365•Easter, Legoboy, Easter

Easter, Legoboy, Easter
March 31, 2013

Last Lego shot for a few weeks, this one is inspired by both Easter and the Walking Dead. I thought zombie faces might be pushing it too far. While looking for menacing Lego heads in the ones we have I noticed a pattern that most of the mean ones have beards. A theme that I found disturbing… maybe it is time to shave for the spring. Hope you all enjoy the Walking Dead season finale, uhm, I mean have a great Easter Sunday!


1/40sec, f6.3, iso640, Nikon 105mm, Nikon D700

Yr4•180-365•Easter, Legoboy, Easter.jpgYr4•181-365•Easter, Legoboy, Easter.jpgYr4•182-365•Easter, Legoboy, Easter.jpgYr4•183-365•Easter, Legoboy, Easter.jpg

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thedailypic•Yr4•181/365•Hatch, Legoboy, Hatch

Hatch, Legoboy, Hatch
March 30, 2013

This is another shot that has kicked around for a while, been part of my sketch book of ideas. Would not have worked with a regular carton of eggs, so I took a trip to BJ’s last night and grabbed 5 dozen.  I was asked twice on the way from the register to my truck if I was coloring all these eggs. My quick answer of “uhm, no.” seemed to puzzle both, or maybe it was the look of “why are you talking to me?”. Either way none of the eggs have been colored. I am not going to take the time to do the math but 5 dozen eggs is a lot of eggs. And seems to cause an issue when you buy them without telling your wife not to buy the standard egg supply for the house… we have a lot of eggs now.  After the shot we hard-boiled half of them. That made for some cool macro shots. I have another Legoboy shot planned for tomorrow involving candy. Sorry for those who do not like the toy shots (yes there are some out there, and they have told me, so I know who they are), but I have a Lego Bunny Suit, I have to shoot it on Easter, it only makes sense.


1/250sec, f13, iso320, Nikon 105mm, Nikon D700

Yr4•001-365•Hatch, Legoboy, Hatch.jpgYr4•002-365•Hatch, Legoboy, Hatch.jpgYr4•003-365•Hatch, Legoboy, Hatch.jpgYr4•004-365•Hatch, Legoboy, Hatch.jpgYr4•005-365•Hatch, Legoboy, Hatch.jpg



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thedailypic•Yr4•180/365• For Being…

For Being…
March 29, 2013

Please allow me a moment of self promotion. After-all, there is a business behind all this. It does not always feel that way, my job tends to be more fun than work, but I do spend time on marketing, promotion, scheduling, editing… you would be surprised how little time is actually spent shooting photos. It is all worth it though, especially when the clients are happy. This check is the final payment from my wedding a few weeks ago, and I asked them if I could use it as a photo, the “for” line cracked me up. I am constantly in need of testimonials, if I have ever shot a photo of, for, near you I would be happy to take a line or two for a page on my website. It can be quick and easy.  I mean this testimonial is great.. and it only really has 4 words, my name and the “for” line… easy right? While you’re here, check out some more shots from the wedding.




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thedailypic•Yr4•179/365•The Ladybug

The Ladybug
March 28, 2013

This is my ladybug, I named her after the American icon, Kenny Rogers, because anyone who is anyone knows who Kenny Rogers is and if you are going to have a pet ladybug, she might as well have a famous name. I found Kenny Rogers and many of her friends in a conference room today at work. An empty cup and cellophane with air-holes later and I have a new pet.  Kenny Rogers really did not want to have her picture taken, always moving around, turning away from the camera, walking up things and continually leaving the good light, but we made it work.  We got this one shot, where for a second, Kenny Rogers was looking right at me. I let Kenny Rogers go after I was done.  I will miss Kenny Rogers, but I will always have the other Kenny Rogers singing “Lady(bug)”… Click here to enjoy the timeless Kenny Rogers hit while you look at the photos, it is as if Kenny Rogers is singing about my relationship with my ladybug Kenny Rogers.  “You’re the love of my life, you’re my lady(bug)”



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March 27, 2013

G-Force – Battle of the Planets, Toy Wednesday.


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thedailypic•Yr4•177/365•Down Under

Down Under
March 26, 2013

I got up at 3:40am so I could work with some coworkers in Perth Australia. We met about 4:30 my time, also 4:30 their time, just one was am and the other pm. Now my first choice would have been to take the 24 hour flight to the opposite side of the planet, conduct the 4 hour meeting then fly 24 hours back (and maybe take some photos while there of course) but, something about budgets and inefficient use of time, webinars… So, when I got home today I tried to explain to the kids what I did and who I spoke with. I guess it is a sign of the times, they did not seem to care.  I know I would have been impressed if my Dad talked to someone in California, forget about it them being in a different country, the world seemed bigger when I was little. I pulled out the globe and showed them where Perth was and again, nothing. The only reaction I got was from my son who wanted to know why the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was where Russia should be.  I guess it might be time for a globe made after the cold war… I might also have an issue with the local school system now that I think about it, at least he knew it was supposed to be Russia. Bonus check out the full moon from tonight.


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thedailypic•Yr4•176/365•Conflict Plan

Conflict Plan
March 25, 2013

I feel I need to reevaluate everything I know…nah, not really. The biggest conflict today was wearing a name tag and water that tasted like chlorine.


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March 24, 2013

Sometimes memories are for the kids, sometimes they are for the parents… this little one is a friend of mine.  I have photographed her a few times over the last couple years, and it is safe to say this time might have been my favorite.  Now a point could be made that getting enjoyment out of seeing a child being scared out of their minds is cruel and abusive… to those people I say, yea so? She was fine immediately after, to be honest we should feel bad for the Easter Bunny, and while we’re at it, Santa back in December – I was told his visit had a similar result. The good news is she was the winner out of all the kids I photographed at the Lions Annual Pancake Breakfast. The majority of the kids were excited to see the EB, we had hugs, and presents, it was a great morning.  But, then there was poor Ryder, I hope she does not associate me with this particular memory.  I do not think she even knew I was there.  I did see her enjoy some pancakes though, and mom and dad got this great series of photos to remember the experience.  I say that is a Win Win.



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thedailypic•Yr4•174/365•Broadmoor Thaw

Broadmoor Thaw
March 23, 2013

My daughter and I took the cameras out to the Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick Ma. A favorite place for us to shoot no matter the time of year. Today the waterfalls were flowing with the melting snow and the afternoon light was beautiful. I can’t wait until the snow and mud are gone and I can start scheduling family shoots there.  It has been a great backdrop for portraits over the years.


1/8 sec, f22, iso 200, Nikon D700, Nikon 28-300mm

Yr4•172-365•Broadmoor Thaw.jpgYr4•173-365•Broadmoor Thaw.jpgYr4•174-365•Broadmoor Thaw.jpgYr4•175-365•Broadmoor Thaw.jpgYr4•176-365•Broadmoor Thaw.jpg

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thedailypic•Yr4•173/365•Eye Spy

Eye Spy
March 22, 2013

Every now and then I ask Facebook what to shoot, in return if I use your idea you can have a 5×7.  We call it Facebook Friday’s, you can follow my page by clicking here. Today I got some great ideas, many I wish I had more time to do… maybe we need to change it to Facebook Saturday or Social Saturday (I like alliteration – good marketing) when I have more time.  Or maybe I need to quit my job and just take photos (I would never do that, knowing my boss reads this blog – Hi Beth). One idea in particular was great… jellybeans, I love jellybeans, to the point that they are not really allowed in my house.The family thinks I might have a problem. Long story short, I bought a bag of jellybeans today… I shot a photo of my daughter’s eye.  You do the math and figure out the middle of the story. Thank you to all who suggested shots, I have a few ideas for some of the ones I did not use.  I will try to do the contest more often, maybe once a month.  I need to go lay down now… I think I might have caught diabetes from the jellybeans.


1/160sec, f9.0, iso2000, Nikon 105mm 2.8, Nikon D700

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