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thedailypic•Yr4•151/365•The Pills

The Pills
February 28, 2013

I was going to write I suck at being sick, but really? is there anyone that is good at it? I suppose some of us might deal with it better than others.  I did work with a guy that liked being sick, he took advantage of it to the fullest.  His mother would cater to him night and day, grant him his every wish, pillows, magazines, movies, special food, I knew he would drag it out as long as he could turn a cold into a 2 week project.  This is only worse when you know he was single, 40 something and lived in her basement. I remember the day I had to take the call from her that he would not make it in to work, she said he “had the sniffles”… we saw him 5 days later. He looked like he had gained 10lbs.

I approach being sick from a different angle. I deny how bad it is for the first few days. Maybe swing by the old medicine cabinet, see what left overs are there to help out (don’t roll your eyes, I know most of you do it too, just none on wants to own up to it – I draw the line at the dogs pills). Couple days later I think I might have pneumonia, so I start thinking about calling someone professional, maybe watch an episode or two of Dr. Oz. If it has not worked it self out by the 4th day, I MIGHT finally break down and make an appointment or go to a clinic.  On the drive there I always seem to feel better, some how by the time I am in the chair being examined I feel the need to explain how I WAS sick but I am just not showing any signs right now, you should have seen me 15 minutes ago.  I blame a quack Doctor who I used to see in the 90’s.  The guy would never believe anything was wrong with me, I had to beg for him to believe me, and sometimes he would convince me I was not sick.

Anyway, I am sick, soon I will not be, it is really that simple. These pills were developed by skilled technicians to fix me, of course I will need to stop taking them a few days early to stock up for the next time I might be sick.


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thedailypic•Yr4•150/365•Angry Hazmat Man

Angry Hazmat Man
February 27, 2013

I am sick. I thought I had a Lego Doctor, I do not, I have an angry hazmat guy though, not sure what that has to do with anything…


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thedailypic•Yr4•149/365•The Photographer & The Model

The Photographer & The Model
February 26, 2013

My wife brought me back this… well I am not sure what it is, statue? figure? from Mexico. They are on the same stand, the photog is in a really awkward position and I am not sure what he is taking a picture of, I doubt whoever designed this really put any research behind it.  Anyway, I will get right to it, here are the last 2 days to 7 Days Without a Wife. Enjoy.

Seven Days Without a Wife: Day 6

8:29pm – So we the morning went well. We have it down to a pretty solid routine. I honestly think the kids are just going along with most the things I say to avoid the confrontations. And in the end isn’t that all parenting is… getting to a point where they just do not want to fight with you so they do it?

Now that does not mean there were not some issues. The menu thins has been working, frozen pizza, chicken patties, hot dogs then tonight. Sloppy Joes, meat, sauce and rolls put ‘em together. No where on the menu did she write de-thaw the meat or the rolls. Both were frozen. Anna said I could de-thaw them in the microwave. What am I a scientist? I do not use the microwave. I do not like the microwave. Tonight, I conquered the microwave. We survived.

Now, for the Cat or the Pan? I solved the problem… but first would it have been funny if the cat died? I mean come on no joke she gave me 2 rules:

Rule #1: Do not let her cat Billie Jean, die.

Rule #2: Do not ruin any of the new pans.

It is like she tried to jinx that cat’s life. We would be talking about that forever. “Remember when I went away that time?” “Oh, you mean the time when the cat died?” Classic comedy, but no, I can not even lie for comedic purposes on this one (which I have many times this week btw, you really think I am too stupid to know we don’t have a dishwasher?). The cat is alive and pissing me off as we speak.

I did however almost ruin the new pan. Pot actually, big pot, just got them before Christmas. I was specifically told never to use them for making popcorn. See, I do not make popcorn in the microwave like normal folk (I am too stupid to use the microwave, that was real) I cook it on the stove. Oil in a pot, heat it up, dump in the kernels, walk away for 5 minutes… popcorn. Barbie gets pissed because I like my popcorn burnt, a nice layer of crispy, blackened, charred popcorn. Let it cook a minute or two too long, used to set the smoke detector off in the old house. Smell would be here for a day. She gets mad when I do that, but she is not here… so I did it, with her new pan. Forgot, I am supposed to use the old pan, the one I ruined… well… making popcorn.

So the new pan was destroyed on the bottom. I soaked for the last 24 hours, and then scrapped it gently, I think I am ok, hopefully she will never know. Don’t tell her; distract her by asking her about her cat.

Tomorrow should be the final test. Not only do we have the whole school routine, but throw in, because its Tuesday, almost 2 hours of dance class. I am in a class all day at work, so I can not leave as early as I would like. On top of that we are out of many important items that if I was paying better attention would have picked up over the weekend. So I need to go shopping, one item being dog food, not even enough to feed him tomorrow night, and unlike the cat… he is important.

Status: All will be fine one more time.


Seven Days Without a Wife: Day 7

9:57pm – The end is near. She should be home in a couple of hours. I most likely will be asleep, does that make me a bad person? I am tired. Never been a fan of Tuesdays, if I was a single parent, I do not think I would celebrate it at all, skip from Monday to Wednesday. Honestly this is the day that this whole experiment was almost too much.

We got through it. I made a plan, shared it with them over breakfast this morning, got their commitment with smiles, only to have them crap all over it when I tried to complete it. Who’s the fool here? I know the answer. They are smarter than me in some really stupid way. I’m ok with it, I will accept it.

But, all is set, the wife is returning soon. The only thing I have left to share and discuss is what I have heard over the last week from co-workers. Now understand there is bias, I work in HR, where the ratio is 20 women to 1 man, a ratio that is: really good in college, but at work… well…. figure it out on your own. Anyway, I have been told “This week will make you appreciate all that your wife does for you.” You know what… bullshit! I love my wife, she is my balance. I and the children miss her and everyone will be happy when she gets back… you can hear it coming don’t ya…wait for it… BUT, if I hear that stupid ass line one more time… from another wom… from anyone (though not one male had said it to me) I will call… b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t.

You know what was missing for this week? Do you? Me. M-E. I was missing. I needed another me, to help me, while I did what she does. Are you following this. I know this will not get me fans… send your comments to attention “bite me”. I am not downplaying what she does, I just did it, it is work. But, the missing component was someone doing all the stuff I normally do. In spite of that I still got it all done, both parts, but another me would have helped out with the stress. Do I want her to go away again… not really. For all the guys out there that will hear “you will appreciate…crap” if you wife goes away. What you will really learn to appreciate is all you do for your wife. And for that I salute my fellow men.

Status: Tired, but done. Kids still alive.


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thedailypic•News Coverage

I made the local paper, front page, just like my teachers said I would… though they were wrong on the reason. I was photographed shooting a photograph.  Here is the paper and the photo I shot.


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February 25, 2013

OK, I know I said I would give the last 2 parts to the 7 Days series tonight, but I am pushing it out one more night. I woke to more snow, just enough to make everything look nice.  I would have ventured out to get some more photos – I love blue sky snow shots when the snow is stuck to the branches, but I am feeling under the weather. I ran to the store to get some meds early this morning on the way home I passed the cemetery down the street from my house and had to take some quick shots. The light was fantastic.  There was a cloud base that just made everything glow for a little while the sun came up. Check out some more below.  I promise the last 2 days of 7 Days without a Wife will be up tomorrow night.





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