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thedailypic•Yr4•092/365•Year’s End

Year’s End
December 31, 2012

Ok, so here is the deal short and sweet. My wife says in 2013 we (the whole family) will be eating healthier. Today is still 2012, Today my wife had to work. Today it was just me and the kids. Today we went to 5 Guys, because tomorrow we can not.

Happy & Safe New Year to you all.


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December 30, 2012

On days that I shoot many photos, like today, there is a process in how the dailypic is decided.  It was nice, new snow, sunny, so I went for a walk and got a set of about 60 shots. Whittle those 60 to 30, edit to bring that number down to 18, then I yell for my wife. I show here the set of 18 all at once, I ask her to pick the daily.  She looks for 2 seconds and picks one, a photo I would not have picked.  I say “are you sure?”, she looks again and tells me why she is sticking with the one she chose, in the case she liked the blue.  I personally hate blue in snow pictures and have been known to take it out just to mock nature. I try to figure out which one I will use instead, in hopes that I can show it to her and get a better reaction.  Tonight I could not… I got frustrated and now I have to post the one she chose. I have added the rest below. This is pretty common to how the dailypic is chosen many nights.  It is much easier when I shoot something specific for the post.

Don’t get me wrong I like this shot.  I actually went for the walk with the intent to get this very shot.  I love this path in a park by my house, the light there is really nice. I  hoped it would not have been traveled yet, to get the undisturbed snow.  So, I should not be complaining, it is just when I look at the set of 18, this is not the one I would have picked, the problem is none of the other ones seem to be one I would have picked either. If you like it, thank you.  If you don’t blame my wife.



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December 29, 2012

With the holidays over I welcome the snow. It helps with finding new things to shoot.


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thedailypic•Yr4•089/365•Through the Trees

Through the Trees
December 28, 2012

I could not shoot another toy. I have been on vacation all week, I have barely left the house, I feel tremendous guilt when I am not a contributing part of society. Never go with me to a beach, I will drive you insane, I can not sit still… so I woke up early today and headed west. My brother had told me about an abandoned piece of property out past Auburn, MA that I might find interesting. So that is where I headed, I found it and it definitely looked abandoned, but it was not, I could tell by the guy sitting on the front porch. Since there was no plan B,  I just drove around. In all I ended up with 2 shots. Both of churches. The first, which is below, is the First Congregational Church of Brimfield MA. Nice blue sky, I stood on the back of the truck to get some height,  I like the shot, the light was perfect, I have seen it 100 times before.  I am sure I could Google First Congregational Church of Brimfield MA and see more just like it.

Then there is the second shot I got, ‘Through the Trees’ the one above. It was a bit harder to get and to be honest with you, I have been debating which is the official dailypic. I could see why it should be the church with the blue sky, but then I’d talk myself out of it. I’d make my point that it is because I know that I was originally on the road that is in the shot. Right in front of the church, I got out and looked around but never took a picture. I stood on the steps of the church and looked west and knew I needed to get up on that hill. I would add it also because I had to drive around awhile to find the road and right spot, and in doing so I saw all the destruction from the tornado that swept through the area last year and was in awe of the path of downed trees and destroyed property it had left behind. It is also because the trees and debris in the foreground of this picture are just the beginning of that path where the storm hit, yet there the church is, still standing untouched, yet just yards behind me were trailers and new construction rebuilding what was lost. And last, it is because it reminds me of an old postcard that might have been taken years ago, something I might have found in my Grandfather Arthur’s house tucked away in a book on his hutch.

So, the other picture might be prettier, with a bluer sky and fancier church up on the hill, and that is why we have all seen it before but this one was worth the effort. And until just now, I was sort of disappointed that I had only 2 shots to show for my trip this morning.


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thedailypic•Yr4•088/365•Shred, Legoboy, Shred

Shred, Legoboy, Shred
December 27, 2012

More from Legoboy, we had snow here for about an hour until the rain made it disappear. Fortunately I bought some fake stuff to add to the prop collection, unfortunately it’s like stripper dust, it gets everywhere.  I made a gallery of just Legoboy shots you can check them out here. I just got another idea for a Legoboy photo… do you think there are exotic dancer Legos?  I am sure that would get me the attention of Lego.


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