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November 30, 2012

This is my new friend Matthew, he is 3 months old today. This was our second shoot, the first one was at a week old. We got some new shots for his upcoming Christmas Card… this is not it, his Mom said I could use this one, but she holding the cute one for the card (I know, can you believe there might be a cuter photo of this little guy). This was one of the easiest shoots I have had in a long time, not only was the “cuter shot” the first shot taken, but the whole shoot took 10 minutes and there was not a bad shot. Below is a pic from the first session, he is a ham.


1/60sec, f2.0, iso800, Nikon D700, 85mm

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November 29, 2012

The full moon setting this morning as the sun rose. This was shot through a window at work 7am this morning. I used a polarizing filter to cut down on the glare. While driving to work I could see Venus, but the time I got to the office the sun was too bright. If you squint and pretend it should be somewhere towards the top in the middle.


1/125, f5.6, is06400, 98mm, Nikon D700

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November 28, 2012

Growing up I was a big fan of Super Robots, Gaiking and Grendizer were my favorites. This is a recent version of The Great Mazinger, called Shin Mazinger Z. The detail on it is incredible, die cast metal. When I was a kid all I ever wanted to do was go to Mr. Big’s Toyland on Moody St in Waltham and buy everything in the store. I never made it, I actually remember the first time I made it to Waltham, I was 28 years old working for Kodak, I happened to randomly turn on to Moody street I was crushed knowing it was gone. Check out the commercial for the store, I am sure some of you can recite it. For Christmas feel free to get me any of the toys they show in the video. I am at the age where re-purchasing my youth could be quite expensive. Thankfully I still have Rubber Chicken Comics.



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thedailypic•Yr4•058/365•Tree Along Fence

Tree Along Fence
November 27, 2012

When I shot this it was intended to be a black & white image, after debate, I went with the color version. Below is the black & white. Which do you prefer?


1/40sec, f2.8, iso6400, 85mm, Nikon D700

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thedailypic•Yr4•057/365•Shameless Plug

Shameless Plug
November 26, 2012

OK, so this one is purely an advertisement for my upcoming show. For 2 days in December I will have a retail space in Bellingham, Ma.  You can see all the details below. Saturday and Sunday December 15 & 16th. If you are in the area stop by.  There will be photos framed and unframed for sale.  Landscapes, Toys, Macro, Still Life, most of the shots are from the daily pic collection. I also will be shooting photos of toys. Just bring down yours, or your kids toys and get it shot while you wait.

I honestly do not know what to expect, I have had a few shows in restaurants with a reception nights for a couple hours here and there, but this is a completely different scale. I could be sitting there alone or in a perfect world helping people get some great gifts of the holidays.  Either way, I can’t wait.  Saturday night I will have a fan appreciation event from 6-9. We will grab some pizzas, have some raffles. Stop by if you can, even if it just to say hello, and please feel free to share with anyone you might be interested.  This is going to succeed purely on word of mouth.


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