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October 31, 2012

Boo! That’s all I’ve got, we bought a ton of candy. Last year we ran out, this year we did not have nearly the same amount of kids, but I still had more candy.  So what was I supposed to do?  Now I am crashing.  Here is a picture of a ghost. Boo!

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thedailypic•Yr4•030/365•The Evil Rodent

The Evil Rodent
October 30, 2012

NOTE: I apologize upfront for the length, there is a payoff though.

With today’s photo I was going to explain how I had this little Mickey Jedi action figure for 6 years.  I bought it with my kids when we visited MGM or Disney Studios whatever the name of that park was. They had Star Wars weekend. I  guess it is every year. It was cute, my son got to meet Chewie, the family had a picture with Vader, good times.  I was going to tell you how I had planned on never opening it, dumb, I know, I am a collector I have a good sense for what goes up and down in value…. This is not going to be worth anything, yet there it sat in storage for 6 years, until today.  I would have told you how I ripped the package open out of rage, photographed it in one shot and edited it to make it look dark.  I would have pointed out how even on this figure Mickey looks evil – look at his rat eyes, like back then he knew this was going to happen. Disney would own my childhood.

Why am I not going to tell you all that? Well, my daughter had to go to the store. I tend to rant in the car, it is a great place to go off on things and Anna is a great antagonist,  I think she wants to see me explode. It was awesome, I was rolling. I was explaining how Chewbacca should not be strolling down Main Street USA, he should be in a galaxy far far away, not Orlando. I talked about my hatred for George Lukas, and how he screwed up the easiest franchise in history.  How it started when Han did not shoot first. How he had the best characters and people eating out of his hands and he could not keep out of his own way. Seriously, all I ever wanted since I was 7 was to see Darth Vader go ballistic on the universe.  That’s the movie, not those crap prequels. Erase episode one & two, start with last 20 minutes of three and then have Vader terrorizing the rebels, until we get to New Hope. It is that simple, I knew it when I was in 1st grade. We acted it out on the playground with better acting than found in The Phantom Menace.  No ,we get Ewoks, additional Jabba scenes, Jar Jar, Politics, Trade Talk and Clone Wars and more and more crap.

I was 7 when I saw my first movie in a theater, it was Empire Strikes Back, I remember being angry when it was over.  I knew what I wanted to see next, it did not involve Muppets. Lukas has a history of making bad choices that affect people that worship him. Seriously, why not get 10 young, talented directors/movie makers and say “I pick these kids to make 10 Star Wars movies, go.” How awesome would that be? He would have been a viewed as brilliant. But this is not what we got. We got Disney buying yet another thing I enjoy, yes I am taking this personally, get your own blog.

Keep in mind this is all while my daughter sits there, taking it all in. I told her how I grew up liking the Muppets, Marvel Comics and Star Wars… Check, Check and Check – Disney properties. How they never buy Cheese Companies or Starbucks or other things I hate.  I gave her a finance lesson that in hindsight might not had been mathematically accurate but who has time for facts in a rant, if she is concerned she has Google. The price really set me off, seriously, 4.8 Billon Dollars?  Do you realize what that means?  That means, Disney HAS 4.8 Billion Dollars to spend… TO SPEND.  Once they spend it they will not be broke, that is not their last dime, that’s their spending money. When I have spending money I buy gum from the vending machine at work, when Disney has extra cash they buy Star Wars.  That is their gum money.  They bought Star Wars like I buy gum.  So, The Happiest Place on Earth (©Disney), the family orientated swampland, wants to bring joy to families and kids everywhere. They just so happen to have $4.8B in gum money lying around.  I never want to tell a business how to run itself, I feel hypocritical even bringing it up but it was in the rant, maybe they could lower the cost of the tickets a little? or the food? or those stupid ears? maybe the hotel? the transportation? Shirt? Movies? or SOMETHING and still make spending money instead of gauging each and every family under the guise of the Happiest Place in the Universe (©Disney).  But no, they will buy more things and if the past behavior holds true it will be things I like. So sometime in the near future, Chewbacca will be walking down Main Street USA, sipping a Pepsi, wearing a Spider-man mask, A New England Patriots jersey, with a Nikon D4 around his neck, growling to the tune of a Beatles song.

I know, I am sorry for the length of this post.  I promise tomorrows will be short. A shot of the kids dressed for Halloween or a candy bar, blah blah… So, why am I telling you this? Why have you committed to reading this, well because of the pay off…. Back to the drive, I just kept ranting… my daughter kept listening; I kept driving… until Anna said “Dad, Dad, stop.” At first I did not, this was good stuff, it was like art, I can not stop mid brush stroke…. “Dad, Dad, Stop!” And with her cell phone in her had she was almost crying through the laughter. I was not joking I was serious, but she laughed and laughed waving the phone.

My daughter is obsessed with the band One Direction (a rant for a different day). Apparently she thinks she will win tickets to their summer show if she calls Kiss 108 at the right time. Kiss 108 is on speed dial…  She had accidently dialed them during my rant.  We are not sure when, but no matter they got pure gold at any point.  No clue if it is on voicemail or what, but there was a connection made and the call lasted over 2 minutes.

So, if you hear some sorry sap being exploited tomorrow on the morning drive, making what can only be described as brilliant and valid points about the demise of western civilization, feel free to let them know you know me… just get the website right, one word



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thedailypic•Yr4•029/366•Sandy, Legoboy, Sandy

Sandy, Legoboy, Sandy
October 29, 2012

Over the years Legoboy has made a few appearances in the dailypic. His first was in January 2011 with ‘Run, Legoboy, Run’ (I will add it below – though most have seen it). I have drowned him in ‘Swim, Legoboy, Swim’, Scared him in ‘Commit, Legoboy, Commit’ and now this… ‘Sandy, Legoboy, Sandy’ – my wife said I can’t name it ‘Sh*t, Legoboy, Sh*t”.

This photo was NOT Photoshopped. There was some minor editing done, but most of it was done old school. The ingredients:

  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Umbrella (brand new, yet it did not survive the shoot)
  • Camera: D700
  • Lens: 85mm
  • Flash: SB-(900)
  • Camera raincoat (one of the best accessory purchases ever made)
  • Luck/Timing (You pick)

And 2 more items that I was going to tell you about, but I can’t give all my secrets away.

Hope everyone affected by hurricane Sandy is safe and sound. Legoboy was unharmed in the creation of this photo. Though let’s all take a second for my wife’s umbrella.













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thedailypic•Yr4•028/365•Hostage Situation

Hostage Situation
October 28, 2012

No TV, No Phone, No Internet, No Wi-Fi, No Clue, No Hope, No reason to continue. At approximately 6:45pm EST the Rice family lost it all. It was not even noticed at first, it started with the son asking “Uhm, Dad why is the TV screen blank?” I did not know, to be honest I did not care. The Walking Dead was not one for a few more hours. But it stayed black, as did the rest of our technology.  How did the Pilgrims survive? I bet this is why they died out.

So a call was made. 35 minutes on hold on the cell (Thank God for cellular) and while waiting, there was a cheer from the other room.  We had been pardoned, it all was back.  No one asked questions, no one was wondering why, we just consumed it all… for 5 minutes until it all went away again. Only this time it stung a little bit more.  I had hung up from my holding room,  The kids had seen enough to want to watch more of the TV… it was too soon. We were fools.

Another call to the mighty provider, this time 50 minutes of – “we are experiencing higher call volume than expected.”  What exactly do they expect? As I zoned out, the voice came though, as if he had marbles in his mouth, my savior was on the line to help me… if only I could understand his words. Get to the box in the basement, yes, I know the box.  I had been there earlier, but of course now that you are on the line I will do everything again and pretend I had no clue to do it before. Pull the plug, yes, wait 2 minutes, yes, plug it back in, yes, and the lights will be green, no. NO! No green lights. Huh. There should be green lights he said… no sh*t.

Now I have an appointment from 8-12 tomorrow. We shall see. I guess the battery backup died, it is supposed to last 3-10 years. This is the 3rd for us in 6 years and the last time it was replaced was the week of Irene. I guess they do not like hurricanes.

As I post this I am standing on one foot, with the kitchen window open, the laptop propped on the kitchen faucet, stealing the only neighbors Wi-Fi signal I can access, but only if I am just right… I need to hit send and hope the daily pic makes it to the universe before my family goes the way of the Pilgrims.


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thedailypic•Yr4•027/366•The Walk

The Walk
October 27, 2012

Convinced the family to join me on a walk this afternoon. They were thrilled.  It was approximately 3 miles in some woods we had never ventured.  Up hill, mildly-rough terrain, it all appeared pretty easy on the little map thing in the parking lot. Yes, one of them technically does have a broken leg but it is in a cast. We stopped every now and then to let him catch up.

Honestly, it was a good time, they like to make faces for the camera, especially the one standing in the middle. I added some extras to show it as not all bad. Upton State Forest is a great place for a hike. We hope to get back when we have more time and poor Dan can climb a little better.


1/200, f6.3, iso 2000, 85mm, Nikon, D700


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