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Day#1096-Year 3 Complete
September 30, 2012



Another year completed. To be honest 96 days ago was going to be the last, it was going to end at day 1000… until I realized I am not in control, I may have started it, but somewhere along the way taking this picture became a necessary part of my day. Someone recently joked that I have posted a picture more regularly than they had showered in the last 3 years. I slowly backed away of course, but it was not until then had I really recognized the milestone. The dailypic is a living-breathing thing in my house, the kids refer to it as if it were sitting with us, just wondering what it will look like today. The places it has taken us, the sights we have seen in hopes of capturing it, the lessons I have learned and the business I have grown, I owe it a lot. How could I let it end?
I hope you all realize how much thought goes into this project. I also hope you all know how much I appreciate knowing you look at it. Tomorrow begins a new set, presented in a new way, but just know until I figure out how to shake it, one pic each day just as it started.
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