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thedailypic•Yr8•185/365•2742•The Boy Returns

Dan left Friday morning at 3am for a Chorus trip to Disney. So we took the weekend to redo his room, paint, wall art, shelves, rug, lights, bed, all which were over due and a surprise to him. Both he and Josie approve the improvements. Welcome home Dan, enjoy your new space.



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thedailypic•Yr5•198/365•1659•Make it Count #trpinspire

Yr5•198/365•1659 Make it Count April 17, 2014

Make it Count
April 17, 2014

I can not remember when I met Daryl, I am sure there had to be a motorcycle involved. Daryl is a friend of mine who I know through my brother. One of the nicest people you can know, and perhaps one of the most genuine motorcycle enthusiast I have ever known.  I chose those words carefully.  Yes, he is a biker, no doubt, I have met plenty of bikers, I like bikers, I have had a few bikes in my life.  I plan on having more, but I am no biker.  I was barely a weekend warrior, but Daryl is beyond all that. Living in New England makes it hard to appreciate a motorcycle to its fullest potential.  Mine was always stored away in the winter, you delay as long as you can in the spring to let the sand get off the road, add rain, more snow… sometimes you can count the great riding days on 2 hands.  Daryl would need more hands.  Snow, sleet, rain, locust,… it does not matter. His bike is his primary means of transportation. Those 2 wheels (I have seen him use only one a few times) are all he needs.

So, when I came up with this idea of #trpinspire Daryl was the first person I thought of. Life deals strange hands sometimes.  Like an accident that takes a very active person and slows them down. Makes it hard to move, walk and ride. But you can tell a lot about a person on how they cope with the adversity. Daryl has been though a lot over the last few years. Daily pain, surgeries, therapies, frustration. During it all he is still a great husband, father, friend, genuine motorcycle enthusiast and inspiration. Some people would sell the bike and sit on a couch. Nope Daryl buys another one – these photos are his newest toy. A 2012 Harley Davidson Road Glide, with the most comfortable seat. Daryl publicly counts down the days to Laconia’s bike week. Daryl is an inspiration that makes the complaints about small stuff seem trivial. On the other side of the equation I think the bikes and all that go with it are inspiration to Daryl. I look forward to his count down, which starts the day he returns. I look forward to the day I eventually get a bike and ride with Daryl again. I know I can take my time, because nothing is getting that guy off his bike. In case you were wondering only 59 days to bike week.

If you want to learn more about the inspire series, or have idea for a post, check out the details here.  Your story could be next.


Yr5•205-365•1659•Make it Count Yr5•204-365•1659•Make it Count Yr5•203-365•1659•Make it Count Yr5•202-365•1659•Make it Count Yr5•201-365•1659•Make it Count Yr5•200-365•1659•Make it Count Yr5•199-365•1659•Make it Count Yr5•198-365•1659•Make it Count


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Yr5•188/365•1649 trp•inspire April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration? I would like to thank you all, in a way, you inspire me to continue my dailypic project. Over 1600 photos shared, over 1600 days filled with a mini mission– from toys to people, landscapes to food, partially driven by the desire to share. Some days the mere number keeps me going. I am always one missed day from a new number 1, and for a person obsessed with lists that would be crippling. People over the years have told me my photos have inspired them to take classes, buy a camera, even start their own daily project, it is awesome to hear these stories. Now, I want to incorporate that into the dailypic, so again I ask: What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration? I am starting a new sub-project and I am looking for collaborators. Send me what inspires you, it could be a word, it could be a long story, I am open to anything. Though, keep in mind, if you say “Grandma” and she is in California it might be hard. But if you say “Grandma” and every time you see a lily it reminds you of her, I have something to work with.

In return I will translate it the best I can into a photo for a future dailypic. Your story will be part of the blog, eventually a collection of the inspire series and I will send you a print of the photo. I am not sure what to expect, we can work though the process together, but I hope to create a series of meaningful photos with stories. So are you interested? Do you want to be part of #trp•inspire?

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