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thedailypic•yr8•273/365•2830•The Dalvik House

Today was that day, you know the days on a long vacation where it shifts gears? Not yet time to go home, but you are starting to wonder, did I book this too long? The answer is no, but this was a transition day. The first day without a “epic” type of thing to see. A day where the weather was not the best, overcast and rain here and there. A day with what felt like a lot of driving without stops. We are in the North of Iceland, still beautiful, but different, desolate I guess is the word, until you come across these awesome little towns – one named Dalvik, in which I found this awesome red house to photograph. We found something for everyone, I liked the tunnels, we had three today, one that was 6KM long with only one lane… but two way traffic. There are pull offs every half KM (you do the math), nerve wracking to say the least guessing if you have enough time to get to the next one before the headlights coming at you. I did manage to get a photo, very quickly in one of the two-laners. Still intimidating when you think you are under a mountain. For Dan we found a music shop in Akureyri, where the staff was awesome and let Dan play a – fairly expensive -Fender Guitar, they hooked him up to an amp and told him to have a blast, by the time we left they were all whistling one of the tunes he played. Barbara got to visit the Christmas Garden, Iceland’s biggest Christmas themed tourist trap shop. They had fried Belgian Waffles on a stick so no one complained. And Anna got more horses than she could had hoped for, our hotel is also a farm, we played with about 30 Icelandic Horses (don’t call them ponies). Sometimes the small stuff is just as great as the epic ones. Tomorrow we start the trek back to Reykjavik, we still have more time and more to see, but it is the back end of the trip. 




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thedailypic•yr8•257/365•2814•THE Batman

For the man who got me into superheroes. Summer reruns of Batman, I know every episode, I was obsessed. I got to meet Mr. West a few years back, he even requested one of my Batman figure photos. In the brief time we spoke, he seemed genuine and interested in those who wanted to meet him. Rest well.




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thedailypic•yr8•247/365•2804•Peace & Out

Neither an end, nor a beginning.

Just a step along the way.

Go forth and make mistakes.

Take more steps.

Own each moment.

Be who you are meant to be.

We love you… who you were, are and will be.



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thedailypic•yr8•243/365•2800•Grad Dog

Anna came home with her cap and gown today, so obviously we had to put the cap on Josie.


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thedailypic•yr8•239/365•2796•Samantha & William Engaged

I had a busy day, started my day with Samantha and William roaming the WPI campus for their engagement session. Learning about them and the sites at WPI. A bridge, a magnificent tree, and a great old house with nooks and crannies all perfect for photos and an awesome couple. Then it was off to a wedding, but more on that another day. First more from WPI, until we meet up later this year for their wedding.



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