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thedailypic•yr8•234/365•2791•MyFM LMAs 2017

Yesterday was the 2017 version of the MyFM 101.3 Local Music Awards held at Liz’s Diamond in Hopedale. Awards, Drinks, Music and the best people in the area all under one roof. No one ever says we don’t have fun. I love my music family, my son even worked crew this year. What a party.  Click here to see the whole thing in photos.


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thedailypic•Yr8•037/365•2594•My Three


No jobs, a family day, Barbie and I hung out with our three. The plan was changed due to weather, but a great day no matter. We headed to Bristol RI, lunch on the water at Thames Waterside Grill and trekking around Colt State Park. Even squeezed in the final (I assume) Senior photos of Anna.I got the drone up right before some rain too.


yr8%e2%80%a2043-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three yr8%e2%80%a2044-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three yr8%e2%80%a2042-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three yr8%e2%80%a2039-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three yr8%e2%80%a2037-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three yr8%e2%80%a2038-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three yr8%e2%80%a2040-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three yr8%e2%80%a2041-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three yr8%e2%80%a2039-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three-2 yr8%e2%80%a2038-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three-2 yr8%e2%80%a2037-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three-2 yr8%e2%80%a2041-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three-2 yr8%e2%80%a2040-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three-2 yr8%e2%80%a2042-365%e2%80%a22594%e2%80%a2my-three-2

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thedailypic•Yr7•332/366•2523•And Through A Door

Yr7•331-366•2522•Through A Door

“And Through A Door… What did I see?” I photographed Toad the Wet Sprocket today at Indian Ranch in Webster Ma. One of my all time favorite bands, they had a huge influence on my taste in music in the 90’s, even indirectly led to a job at Newbury Comics. Rusted Root took the stage first, it was an awesome show by both bands. Today was actually the  25th anniversary of the release of TTWS’s Fear, an album that was in my car and played start to finish many times. I saw them a few times in the 90’s in small clubs, today I had a photo pass to shoot the first 3 songs in front of the stage. The set list was a great mix of old with some newer songs. The nod to the Pale album and 80’s with Come Back Down proved the place was full with loyal fans as they sang along was my favorite moment. Indian Ranch is the perfect place to see a summer show. Thanks Toad for still sharing your music.


Yr7•331-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•332-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•333-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•334-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•335-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•336-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•337-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•338-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•339-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•340-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•341-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•342-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•343-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•344-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•345-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•346-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•347-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•348-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•349-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•350-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•351-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•352-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•353-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•354-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•355-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•356-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•357-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•358-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•359-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•360-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•361-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•362-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•363-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•364-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•365-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•367-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•368-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•369-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•370-366•2522•Through A Door Yr7•366-366•2522•Through A Door

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Yr6•276/365•2096 Chinatown July 3, 2015

July 3, 2015

Spent some time in Chinatown.


Yr6•302-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•303-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•304-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•299-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•300-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•301-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•296-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•297-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•298-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•295-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•293-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•294-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•292-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•290-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•291-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•289-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•288-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•287-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•286-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•284-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•285-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•283-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•282-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•280-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•281-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•279-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•276-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•277-365•2096•Chinatown Yr6•278-365•2096•Chinatown

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thedailypic•Yr6•195/365•2021•Red Bird White Trees

Yr6•195-365•2021 Red Bird White Trees April 13, 2015

Red Bird White Trees
April 13, 2015

One of these things is not like the others. Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird, Snow…


Yr6•197-365•2021•Red Bird White Trees Yr6•196-365•2021•Red Bird White Trees Yr6•195-365•2021•Red Bird White TreesYr6•195-365•2021•Red Bird White Trees-2


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