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thedailypic•yr8•337/365•2894•BSU Day One

All moved in. To the future.



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thedailypic•yr8•307/365•2864•The Icelandic Event

In a room full of my own photos, I took one photo while the show was open, and the photo is not even in focus. I am humbled by the turn out, you never know how these things will go. It is summer, people are on vacation, people have sports, couches, choices, just life to keep them busy and I set up a show for them to come look at my vacation photos. That thought seeped in my head about 2 hours into setting this up today. And then 6:30pm came, the doors opened and people came in, and they kept coming, there was a one out the door at one point, wall to wall people inside, it was humbling. These photos are important to me, and I wanted to give them a different send off. Thank you to all who came out, sent notes, helped in any way. I had Jeff help me set stuff up, Kelley play piano and keep the atmosphere sophisticated, my wife went over and above with the Food by Barbie snacks, Bill for the ambiance, the secret Iceland Review team who helped turn 4000 photos into 400, my family and dog for putting up with 3 weeks of framed photos all over a messy house, Ray for promoting the show like it was his own, and the town of Medway for always being supportive.  I got to share so many stories, met a ton of other Iceland travelers, it was a great night.

Now, I know what you are saying…. “I am sorry I missed it Tim” well I have some good news, one of the visitors tonight and fellow Medway business owner Tina from everyone’s favorite TC Scoops has offered me her shop to do one more Iceland Show of the photos, and this time, we won’t even need tickets. August 24th, Thursday night 6pm, I will hold another Iceland photo show. It might be a bit smaller, but I promise it will be just as fun and this time with ice cream!

Thank you all who supported this project, and thank you for looking.


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thedailypic•yr8•306/365•2863•And Then The Rain

Where were you when the flood started? I was in the driveway, getting strange looks by passers by and neighbors, I am sure. Better tonight than tomorrow (tomorrow to me is Thursday, August 3rd – in case you are not reading this today). Why is that? Thanks for asking, tomorrow (August 3rd) is my Iceland Show – the photo exhibit that has consumed my life since I got back. Almost 100 framed photos, another couple hundred unframed, all on display and for sale, all of Iceland through my lens and drone. Add in piano music by local talent Kelley Mccauley, snacks and treats by Food by Barbie, and even tons of non-Iceland photos to browse, plus a free 4×6 matted print to all that purchase a ticket. Tickets are still available, you can buy online up to a few hour prior to the show, or at the door while they last. $10 ($5 for seniors and 16 and under).  All info here (last time I bug you with it I promise):

Stay dry.


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thedailypic•yr8•302/365•2859•Bridge Over Canal

A quick night at the canal.


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On the South coast of Iceland (my favorite part) is the coolest beach I have ever seen. Basalt sea stacks situated under the mountain Reynisfjall line the outside of this cave. The beach is all black with smooth rocks and the caves are incredible. This photo and the others below are all blown up and look awesome. All ready for next Thursday’s show. I am on track to have at least 50 framed photos, a bunch more matted and about 100 unframed photos to be viewed.

I am working on refreshments, I will have the talent of Kelley McCauley playing music for us. Every person who buys a ticket will get a free matted print when they arrive. Tickets are on sale online (link below) and I will be at my studio 9-noon this Saturday for an open house where you can also stop by and pick up tickets – or drop me a message. In addition to the Iceland photos I hope to display my other work too, as space allows.

Tickets $10/$5 for under16 and seniors:


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