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I have no clue what Five Night at Freddy’s is about, I guess it is a horror game, the figure is cool. It belongs to my friend Jack, who asked me to take a photo of it. I hope he likes it… I guess I should have asked what it was about.


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thedailypic•Yr8•164/365•2721•Storm Prep

Many are buying milk, eggs and bread for blizzard French Toast. I am over here busy setting up for a storm time-lapse, if it goes well you will see it here tomorrow… if it goes bad, well we will never speak about it.


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thedailypic•Yr8•062/365•2619•Stranger Christmas


Tree is up, first decoration on is our new Stranger Things themed ornament from That Smarts by Dawn. Check out her page, she has some really cool stuff this year.



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I have been meaning to stop here and get a shot of this building for awhile, I fear it will be torn down. It is for sale as a commercial space. I would love to photograph the inside before it is rehab’d or worse removed. Anyone knows a way to get me in I am sure we could work out a set of photos for you.



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thedailypic•Yr7•092/366•2283•A Look Back

Yr7•092/366•2283 A Look Back December 31, 2015

A Look Back
December 31, 2015

I have said before and still believe it to be true, it is not how each day was filled, it is that the year was filled with each day. Just by collecting them all, it is a successful year. I do my best to use each second as best I can. Some are great, some are crap, this is how it works, but I am lucky to have the ones I get. At the end of the year I try not to look back and think of what to change. I am not a resolution type of guy, I like to work on objectives, goals, things that obtainable. 2015 had a few, I wanted to be in more photos, I did. I wanted to work more efficiently and spend quality time with my my family, I did. I wanted to be better at letting things go, I think I did – this one may roll over.

I do love to look back though, look through the memories I captured. I just spent time with my wife going through photos I took in 2015. I clicked the shutter over 60K times, this is up 2K from 2014. Though thanks to one of those objectives, I am willing to bet they were better this year than last. The emotions ranged from sadness – with a smile – while seeing the last photos of my beloved pet. Humor and pride, as we looked at the difference 12 months can make as my son became an adult. Awe, as I see my daughter drive away alone for the fist time, and own the stage as she danced. Pure joy, as I see the miles, trips and time I shared with my family from Maine to San Francisco. And honor for being part of not only my friends lives, but clients too, all of which allow me to capture memories for them.

I collect moments, it is what I do and I love doing it. I hope your moments were all you wanted them to be. The dailypic is a “Look Back” I took as we left NYC, the rest of the 240 are ones that I wanted to share from 2015. Happy New Year to you all, thank you for looking. No matter how your 2015 was, I wish you all a tomorrow.


Yr7•088-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•087-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•089-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•091-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•090-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•092-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•095-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•094-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•096-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•093-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•098-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•099-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•097-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•100-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•101-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•103-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•102-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•104-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•107-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•106-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•105-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•110-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•109-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•108-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•113-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•112-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•111-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•115-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•114-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•116-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•119-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•118-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•117-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•120-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•121-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•122-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•125-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•124-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•123-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•128-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•127-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•126-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•131-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•132-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•130-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•129-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•133-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•134-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•135-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•137-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•136-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•138-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•139-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•140-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•143-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•141-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•142-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•146-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•145-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•144-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•148-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•149-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•151-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•150-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•147-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•152-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•154-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•153-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•157-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•156-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•155-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•160-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•159-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•158-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•161-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•163-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•162-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•164-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•167-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•166-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•165-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•168-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•170-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•169-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•171-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•172-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•173-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•175-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•174-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•176-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•178-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•177-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•180-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•179-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•183-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•181-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•185-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•182-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•184-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•187-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•186-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•188-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•191-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•190-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•189-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•194-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•193-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•192-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•196-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•197-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•198-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•195-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•199-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•201-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•200-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•202-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•203-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•205-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•204-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•206-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•208-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•207-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•209-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•212-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•211-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•210-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•215-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•214-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•213-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•218-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•217-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•216-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•219-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•221-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•220-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•223-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•222-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•224-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•225-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•227-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•226-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•228-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•231-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•230-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•229-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•234-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•232-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•235-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•236-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•233-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•238-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•239-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•237-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•240-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•242-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•241-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•243-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•245-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•244-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•246-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•248-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•247-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•250-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•251-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•249-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•254-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•253-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•252-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•257-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•256-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•255-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•260-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•259-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•258-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•262-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•264-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•263-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•261-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•265-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•268-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•266-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•267-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•270-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•269-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•271-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•273-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•272-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•275-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•274-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•276-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•278-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•277-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•280-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•279-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•281-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•282-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•284-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•283-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•285-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•287-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•286-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•288-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•290-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•289-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•291-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•292-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•294-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•293-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•297-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•296-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•299-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•298-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•295-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•302-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•301-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•300-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•304-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•305-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•303-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•308-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•307-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•306-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•309-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•310-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•311-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•313-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•314-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•312-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•315-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•317-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•316-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•318-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•320-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•319-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•321-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•322-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•323-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•325-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•324-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•326-365•2278•The Favs

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