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I have no clue what Five Night at Freddy’s is about, I guess it is a horror game, the figure is cool. It belongs to my friend Jack, who asked me to take a photo of it. I hope he likes it… I guess I should have asked what it was about.


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thedailypic•Yr8•164/365•2721•Storm Prep

Many are buying milk, eggs and bread for blizzard French Toast. I am over here busy setting up for a storm time-lapse, if it goes well you will see it here tomorrow… if it goes bad, well we will never speak about it.


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An afternoon hike around Medfield State Hospital with only a Lensbaby Spark – a fun manual lens.



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thedailypic•Yr8•095/365•2652•Strung in Rain

Some lights in the rain.



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thedailypic•Yr8•094/365•2651•Phone on Table

Found an old Lensbaby lens I don’t use much any more while organizing today. It is called the Spark, a plastic accordion type of thing. You manually focus by flexing and pulling the accordion part of the lens until you get the distortion you like. 


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thedailypic•Yr8•062/365•2619•Stranger Christmas


Tree is up, first decoration on is our new Stranger Things themed ornament from That Smarts by Dawn. Check out her page, she has some really cool stuff this year.



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I have been meaning to stop here and get a shot of this building for awhile, I fear it will be torn down. It is for sale as a commercial space. I would love to photograph the inside before it is rehab’d or worse removed. Anyone knows a way to get me in I am sure we could work out a set of photos for you.



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thedailypic•Yr7•226/366•2417•The Joshua Tree

Yr7•226-366•2417•The Joshua Tree

I shot The Joshua Tree at the End Zone in Mendon tonight. Awesome U2 tribute band. Great show. The End Zone has some more shows coming up, I will be there again Sunday night for The End Zone Presents Lance Carpenter.  Check them out.


Yr7•237-366•2417•The Joshua Tree Yr7•236-366•2417•The Joshua Tree Yr7•235-366•2417•The Joshua Tree Yr7•234-366•2417•The Joshua Tree Yr7•233-366•2417•The Joshua Tree Yr7•232-366•2417•The Joshua Tree Yr7•231-366•2417•The Joshua Tree Yr7•230-366•2417•The Joshua Tree Yr7•229-366•2417•The Joshua Tree Yr7•228-366•2417•The Joshua Tree Yr7•227-366•2417•The Joshua Tree Yr7•226-366•2417•The Joshua Tree

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thedailypic•Yr7•137/366•2328•Dog Heart Arrow

Yr7•137-366•2328•Dog Heart Arrow

A quiet Valentine’s Day, some Deadpool, a burst pipe and Beef Wellington. Somehow this dog was Lego’s “Holiday Theme” set… more important, doesn’t my new bathroom floor look nice.  I told them when they finished installing it yesterday it will be a great backdrop for photos.

In related news, Valentines Day is like “Red Sox Truck Day” – except you get the rings at the beginning of the season! I would love the opportunity to talk about adding your ring (our someone you know) to my photos. Always happy to talk weddings here at trp. weddings by timricephoto



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thedailypic•Yr7•134/366•2325•One Tomato


February 11, 2016

Sometimes it’s just a photo of a tomato.


Yr7•134-366•2325•One Tomato Yr7•135-366•2325•One Tomato

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