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thedailypic•Yr6•001/365•1827•The Peanuts

Yr6•001/365•1827 The Peanuts October 1, 2014

The Peanuts
October 1, 2014

Another year, another photo. Welcome to year 6 of the dailypic. I would like to announce new features or plans, but I really don’t have any. A year ago today I had decided year 5 would be the last year. It was not until a few weeks ago I was really positive I would keep it going. Here I am, in for a day, in for a year is the way this seems to work. I was asked last night by more than one person, why don’t more people – “comment, click like, share” – your daily photo. I often wonder that myself. I trust people are looking, I get stats on the website, insights on Facebook, I trust them only so far, but there are people seeing the photos.  People read the blog.  I barely have time to look at the photo each day, I do not imagine people are waiting for it each and everyday.  I appreciate any time, anyone give this project.  In a world where we are all so busy, it is easy to get lost in the noise.

Now, do I secretly wish I was on, say Ellen, telling her stories of the photos I have taken, or talking to Ira Glass on this American Life about the streak of 5 years… of course I do.  I see blogs go viral all the time, and the common factor for many of them is negative content. I saw a post get shared over and over yesterday that did nothing but slam the Big E – that was it.  He added photos or his experience and then crapped all over a tradition in the area that millions enjoy. The post went viral, as have many of his other posts. And there are thousands more like him. Negative gets the attention, polarize people and you double your audience.  I take a photo everyday, nothing too risqué about them, a fourth of them are toys. I think there is skill, imagination, and effort involved, but who is going to flood my comments with hatred over Charlie Brown and his friends? Maybe that is my plan, I want to expand the audience, I figured it would grow as it needed and get as big as it wants to.  And it has, if you are reading this I thank you, if you know Ellen or Ira or anyone else that might be interested… well, don’t be afraid to let them in on the secret.  There is plenty of room in stats for more numbers. I promise I won’t forget those here now. Here is to a new year starting with a #toywednesday.


Yr6•005-365•1827•The Peanuts Yr6•004-365•1827•The Peanuts Yr6•003-365•1827•The Peanuts Yr6•002-365•1827•The Peanuts Yr6•001-365•1827•The Peanuts


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