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thedailypic•Yr7•187/366•2378•The Cat and The Stuffed Dog

Yr7•187-366•2378•The Cat and The Stuffed Dog

Misty has taken to the stuffed dog that has been hanging around.



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thedailypic•Yr7•142/366•2333•To Paint

Yr7•142-366•2333•To Paint

Music blasting and the paint is flowing… fun Friday night, thanks for keeping us company Joe Cortese.


Yr7•148-366•2333•To Paint Yr7•149-366•2333•To Paint Yr7•147-366•2333•To Paint Yr7•145-366•2333•To Paint Yr7•146-366•2333•To Paint Yr7•142-366•2333•To Paint Yr7•143-366•2333•To Paint Yr7•144-366•2333•To Paint

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thedailypic•Yr7•121/366•2312•Cat Again


Yr7•121-366•2312•Cat Again

Yr7•122/366•2312 Cat Again January 29, 2016

Cat Again
January 29, 2016

Same girl, same cat, 15 years apart. Neither time Misty was too happy with the situation.


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thedailypic•Yr7•053/365•2244•In Her Element

Yr7•053/365•2244 In Her Element November 22, 2015

In Her Element
November 22, 2015

My wife in her kitchen. It’s Thanksgiving week, lots of cooking… this makes her and anyone that likes to eat in the house happy.



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thedailypic•Yr6•330/365•2156•Monster Crush

Yr6•330/365•2156 Monster Crush August 26, 2015

Monster Crush
August 26, 2015

Even monsters fall in love, and stare into each others eye.


Yr6•330-365•2156•Monster Crush Yr6•331-365•2156•Monster Crush

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thedailypic•Yr5•101/365•1562•Woman’s Home Companion

Yr5•101/365•1561 Woman's Home Companion January 9, 2014

Woman’s Home Companion
January 9, 2014

Just need to shoot something quick today, this has been staring at me for a few days. There are many new cookbooks in the house since Christmas.  My wife is a great cook and Danny got her some new book as gifts.  This one showed up a few days later after a visit to my wife’s Grandmother’s house. Something about it just screams wrong to me. It was published in 1942, it is dated beyond it’s years, held together by tape older than me and the photos inside are baffling.  They are few and far between, many in black and white, yet some in color.  Some not even in focus, and some where I might consider making the meal, but then you went and showed me what it looks like and now I will pass.  In contrast we got a Gordon Ramsey book, his book is almost a photography book that happens to have blurbs about food. Full page photos, every page, small text, it is all about the image. Interesting on the difference in marketing.  One is a practical guide or manual for a woman “doing her job”, the other is a show to tease your senses. Here are some of the best shots in the old book. My favorite is the Black and White Fricasseed Chicken that looks like crap, and the Pastry Supper Loaf.


Yr5•105-365•1561•Woman's Home Companion Yr5•104-365•1561•Woman's Home Companion Yr5•106-365•1561•Woman's Home Companion Yr5•103-365•1561•Woman's Home Companion Yr5•102-365•1561•Woman's Home Companion Yr5•101-365•1561•Woman's Home Companion

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thedailypic•Yr4•046/365•Lamp Light

Lamp Light
November 15, 2012

Not too much to say. The house got a new couch and love seat last week, which led to needing new end tables, which then led to new lamps.  This is one of them. The end tables and lamps both came from the antique shop down the street from my house. This one is pretty cool; it is an Orient Express Paris/Istanbul Brass hurricane lamp. It has a stem on the back that you raise or lower the hood to adjust the light, detailed claw feet and an industrial feel to it. I honestly figured it was an Ocean State Job Lot special of its day, until I looked it up. It was made in the 60’s and 70’s, apparently they are still popular and when they are all polished up go for almost 3x what we paid for it.  Below are some additional shots of the detail.


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thedailypic:Yr4•003/365•Out of Commission

Out of Commission
October 3, 2012

You know those safety signs in warehouses and plants, “X days since an incident”? Well the Rice family needs to erase theirs and throw up a 0.  The combined age of the household is 103 years.  That’s 103 years of walking around without ever breaking a bone, until today. After today one of us is walking with a limp.  The boy fractured his growth plate under the right knee. When they were putting the cast on my son he and my wife discussed how this would work its way into the daily pic… and I was not even there. The things we do for art. So, out of commission, no football, no gym and no Taekwondo. Worst part it is not even one of those cool cast where you can draw on them… big deal his leg can breathe and it won’t itch as much, but I want to draw!


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