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thedailypic•Yr7•135/366•2326•Ellis Paul Live in Milford

Yr7•135-366•2326•Ellis Paul Tickets

I am promoting a show next month at Memorial Hall in Milford, MA. The legend Ellis Paul will be headlining, local great Gay Barboza will be the opening act, and we are even running a contest where one more artist can join them as the second opening act. See the message from Ellis himself below, all you need to do is make a quick video of you covering an Ellis song and send it to me. Or send it to Amped Up Promotions by 2/22.

We have been working hard to get this show in Milford, I hope you will consider joining us. March 13th, Sunday 6:30pm. Tickets can be bought online by clicking here. It will be a great show, and if it is a success we hope it is a launching of a great new series at Memorial Hall with local artists sharing the stage with national acts. Don’t forget about the contest! Share a stage with Ellis and play in front of his fans. Contact me if you have any questions, and please share with anyone who might be interested. Thank you.


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Yr7•110/366•2301 Flakes January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

Late last night the flakes came down, one at a time. in perfect form.


Yr7•113-366•2301•Flakes Yr7•114-366•2301•Flakes Yr7•115-366•2301•Flakes Yr7•110-366•2301•Flakes Yr7•111-366•2301•Flakes Yr7•112-366•2301•Flakes

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thedailypic•Yr5•076/365•1903•Carol of the Bells

Yr6•076/365•1902 Carol of the Bells December 15, 2014

Carol of the Bells
December 15, 2014

I love the sound of music in my house, we are going through a piano phase for maybe the 3rd time. Both kids plays, take lessons, practice often. Dan has been working on Carol of the Bells.

Now on to the winning numbers from the gallery weekend. Do you have you raffle tickets? Here they are, if you have a winning number drop me a note by clicking: contact me.  Or comment on this post. Good luck.


Winner of a 8×10 print: 800511

Winner of a dailypic book year 5: 800550

Winner of the TC Scoops gift basket: 800515

Winner of a 30minute 2015 photo session in the trp studio: 800536


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thedailypic•Yr6•046/365•1872•The Big Bear

Yr6•046/365•1872 The Bear November 15, 2014

The Bear
November 15, 2014

I spent most my day setting up stuff at the studio. I still have a ton to do, but I tossed this scene together 10 minutes before I left. This is our big bear. He needs a name. He is soft as he looks, stands about 4 feet tall and would make an awesome pillow.  Want to help name him? Send me suggestions in the comments or on my Facebook page.  If I use your suggestion you can have a print of your choice from the dailypic collection.



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thedailypic•Yr4•217/365•The Spider

The Spider
May 5, 2013

Tore down a fence today and this guy was hanging out on one of the old panels. It did not move when I cut the panel up or moved it into the light, or when I went into the house to get the camera, but the second I took the lens cap off and tried to shoot it, it began to run around.  It wanted nothing to do with me.  I had to flip the panels, search for it a few times before I got this shot. It was worth it, macro lens and late afternoon sun and here we are. Let the complaints begin. I will add him to collection of spider photos. Check out some more below, that is if you are even still reading this.

Also, yesterday I held a raffle for a free 8×10 of “The Captain” Lego print.  If you have number 800417, send me a note by clicking here.  Congratulations!



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