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thedailypic•Yr7•291/366•2482•Carlie’s Wish

Yr7•291-366•2482•Carlie's Wish

I spent the day photographing a charity event for Carlie. Carlie is a local High School student, a talented musician/singer and is currently being treated for Ewings Sarcoma, a very rare and aggressive bone cancer usually found in children and young adults. The local music community led by Ray Auger held a concert today at Scioli’s in Milford. Raffles, Auction and entertainment by : Whiskey Church, Fringe Benefits, The Lynx, The Knuckleheads and Carlie herself. Thank you to all who came out, over $6K was raised, all the money will be used to support Carlie and her family during this time and assist with fulfilling her dream of having a music studio in her house. If you would like to contribute there is still a chance, feel free to contact me for more info.


Yr7•327-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•326-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•325-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•324-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•323-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•322-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•321-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•320-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•319-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•318-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•317-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•316-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•315-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•314-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•313-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•312-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•311-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•310-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•309-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•308-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•307-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•306-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•305-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•304-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•303-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•302-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•301-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•300-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•299-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•298-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•297-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•296-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•295-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•294-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•293-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•292-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•291-366•2482•Carlie's Wish


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thedailypic•Yr7•169/366•2360•St. Paddy’s Photo Crawl

Yr7•169-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016The Local Music Scene goes all out for St. Patrick’s Day, so I figured why not join them. I took in 5 acts, at 4 venues, in just over 3 hours. Justin & Ray at Cole’s Tavern, David Rak at Rock & Coal, both in Bellingham. Then Tres Hombres at Central St, Velvet Skies and Smear Campaign at Scioli’s, all in Milford.  The crowds were out, the music was great and I got some shots of them all. Not bad for Thursday night.


Yr7•171-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•170-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•169-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•172-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•173-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•174-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•176-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•175-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•177-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•178-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•179-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•180-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•184-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•186-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•182-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•181-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•183-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•189-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•187-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•188-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•190-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•192-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•191-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•193-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•197-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•196-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•194-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•195-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016

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thedailypic•Yr7•165/366•2356•Introducing Ellis Paul

Yr7•163-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul

Tonight Ellis Paul came to Milford, and I was honored to introduce him. First, my son took this photo, I do not get in many… so when I am in them they usually mean a lot. Thank you Dan for getting this moment for me. This is me inviting Ellis to the stage at Memorial Hall. This show was put on by Amped Up Promotions – which is Ray Auger and myself. We are proud of the work we put into this and tonight was perfect. Sold out crowd, beautiful weather, the Hall itself is a great backdrop, my wife and friends – Food by Barbie – catered it with desert, we had Gay Barboza wow the crowd by opening, with a few songs by Matt Zajac. I even got Ellis to take a one-bulb shot. If you joined us, thank you. We are already working on ideas for the next show, but something tells me this first one will stay with us. Thanks to all our family and friends who supported us, from well wishes, ticket purchases to helping with the chairs Jeff and Jay! Thank you Ellis.




Yr7•163-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•166-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•165-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•164-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•167-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•169-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•170-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•168-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•171-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•173-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•174-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•176-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•175-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•177-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul

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thedailypic•Yr7•161/366•2352•Tres Hombres

Yr7•161-366•2352•Tres Hombres

Tres Hombres took over The Tradesman tonight. Acoustic Rock Greatness all around.


Yr7•164-366•2352•Tres Hombres Yr7•165-366•2352•Tres Hombres Yr7•161-366•2352•Tres Hombres Yr7•162-366•2352•Tres Hombres Yr7•163-366•2352•Tres Hombres

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thedailypic•Yr7•136/366•2327•The Music Makers

Yr7•136-366•2327•The Music Makers

The 2016 representatives Greater Milford Music Scene, this is our second “team” photo. Some new faces, many veterans, the photo stands for more that were not available today. The scene is special, I am honored to be just one of the documentarians. Get out and see these acts, you can follow the Local Lowdown published each week by WMRC and Ray Auger to see who is playing where. There is something for everyone, and you can’t go wrong, soon many of the venues that support these local artists will be displaying this photo. We sell the photo to anyone that will display it, 100% of the profits go to local charity. Last photo raised over $800 for the Milford Schools Music Program. If you have interest in having a print please contact me. Thanks to all who braved the cold to be part of this and the Black Box in Franklin for letting us use the stage.


Yr7•136-366•2327•The Music Makers

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Yr7•101/366•2292 TBVS January 9, 2016

January 9, 2016

Late last night, my friends in Tollbooth Willie, channeled Pearl Jam once again. This time by performing PJ’s album VS. Last January Tollbooth did TEN start to finish, check out the post here. I am a huge Pearl Jam fan and I love TEN, but I love VS just a little bit more. It is an album that fits that time period where music is a soundtrack. I was working at Newbury Comics when it came out. I was running the store for the midnight on-sale on October 8th, 1993, it was a huge event. We played it in the store all night, I played it in the car on the way home from the store, played on the way to college the next day, back to the store, on and on. The album never left my player for weeks. Last night was the first time I had ever seen these songs done live, in person and it was awesome.

Tollbooth Willie, Ray, Todd, Kieth, Kev and Mark, you guys out do yourselves with these shows. TEN, the Unplugged Show, and now VS, so much more than a cover show. These are one of a kind events, the love you have for this music come across to every person in the audience. W.M.A. was insane, dueling drums, haunting vocals, we were not in the Tradesman it was the highlight of the night – I put the camera down and just took it in. Same with Rats, where else and I ever going to see that song performed?  Go, Rear-view, Elderly woman, all of them… incredible jobs guys. I say each time I get to photograph you, thank you for letting documenting these shows. And Eddie, Mike, Jeff, Matt, Stone, if you happen to read this… big fan – drop me a note here, I would be happy to snap some photos for you too.


Yr7•122-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•119-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•120-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•121-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•116-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•117-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•118-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•113-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•114-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•115-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•110-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•111-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•112-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•107-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•108-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•109-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•105-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•106-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•104-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•101-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•102-366•2292•TBVS Yr7•103-366•2292•TBVS

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thedailypic•Yr7•093/366•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015

Yr7•093/365•2284 Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 January 1, 2016

Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015
January 1, 2016

Another New Year’s Eve, another Ellis Paul show at Club Passim. Spent the night taking in music with friends, taking photos and planning for March. See, in March, Ellis will be headlining a show Amped Up Promotions (run by Ray Auger and myself) with local Singer/Songwriter Gay Barboza. I have only met 2 kinds of people, those who have seen Ellis and are waiting to see him again, and those who have not seen him yet – but should. Well, here you go. Memorial Hall, Milford, MA, March 13th, 2016, 7pm – tickets are on sale now. Click here for all the details. Hope to see you there.

Happy New Year.


Yr7•126-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•127-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•123-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•124-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•125-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•121-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•122-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•120-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•117-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•118-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•119-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•114-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•115-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•116-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•111-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•112-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•113-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•108-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•109-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•110-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•105-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•106-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•107-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•102-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•103-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•104-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•099-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•100-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•101-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•097-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•098-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•096-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•093-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•094-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•095-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015

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Yr6•229/365•2049 Honored May 17, 2015

May 17, 2015

I took home a trophy tonight at the 2015 Local Music Awards for Favorite Local Non-Music Supporter. After they announced my name, my great friend Ray Auger, the man (along with his amazing wife Molly) who arranges this incredible event, took my camera and snapped some shots – thank you Ray, it is not often I am seen in photos, especially at a moment like this. You never really know what to say at these things. Though, I need to be honest I liked my speech, it was not planned, it just came out… it focused on that this community is a family, with all it’s good and bad, it’s success and dysfunctions, and I am honored to be a part of it. Everyone in this category deserves an award, and even more should be in it with us. How do you really measure support? Thank you to Ray, Molly, WMRC and every single musician in this area. It’s like were are all part of a not so secret club. I have sneaked out to broaden my photographic reach lately… shooting in other areas, and I can say without a doubt, there is nothing like the Milford Local Music Scene… I am honored to be the family photographer.

Tune in tomorrow for more photos from the event.



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thedailypic•Yr6•212/365•2038•Travelin’ Broke and Ugly

Yr6•211/365•2037 Travelin' Broke and Ugly April 30, 2015

Travelin’ Broke and Ugly
April 30, 2015

I can’t help but take photos of musicians, even if I only have the pocket camera. I really was more interested in the street musicians, than the ones in the bars. Going in the bars to take photos, when you are alone and don’t drink can be awkward. Besides, the guys on the street have better stories. These two were good guys, played/sang a tune for me while I took the photo. Got to talk to them for a bit, guy with the guitar is from VA, the second guy is from PA. This is it, they travel around and make money playing music on the street. The drummer I did not get to talk to, but he was insane on the kit… as everyone just walked by. Then for our conference party we saw Jerry Don Oneal at the Tequila Cowboy, awesome room, great music.


Yr6•211-365•2037•Travelin' Broke and Ugly  Yr6•213-365•2037•Travelin' Broke and Ugly Yr6•214-365•2037•Travelin' Broke and Ugly Yr6•211-365•2037•Travelin' Broke and Ugly-2 Yr6•212-365•2037•Travelin' Broke and Ugly-2 Yr6•213-365•2037•Travelin' Broke and Ugly-2


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