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thedailypic•Yr7•341/366•2532•Party People

Yr7•341-366•2532•Party of the Year

Yesterday was the party of the year, the 4th annual Labor Day Bash at The Tradesman in Milford Ma. This is Ray Auger and I on the stage with a few of our friends – yes they are friends telling us we are number one! Ray is the mastermind behind this event, so why not let him speak… the following is from him.  If you want to see ALL the photos check out the set on my facebook page here.


Wow what a night. 800+ people (good chance there was a few more!)… 9 bands… delicious food from Anzios Brick Oven Pizza, Wicked Twisted Pretzels and Larry Joes New England Fire Pit… massages from Kelsey Rutkowski… incredible music by Josh Briggs & Friends, Jambag, SOULidarity, Shanna Jackman and Not in Kansas, Bad Marriage, Tailgates Down Band, Charity Case, The Abe Froman Project and Tigerlily… just an incredible lineup of local music!

We raised money for Cory’s Crusaders, Inc. and Milford Ma. Youth Football and Cheer this year through a raffle and all the bands donating their fees back to the cause. Each organization will be receiving about $1500 each!

Thanks so much to Rob DeDominic for putting it all on the line year after year, making it possible for us to throw this party. I appreciate his dedication and willingness to let us do crazy shit at his bar. Now show him your support by visiting The Tradesman again soon AND Valley Pub… his other establishment in Whitinsville. Thanks to Tim Rice of timrice/photo for making all look so good! It’s no doubt that this thing gets bigger and bigger every year because he captures the fun for all to see so perfectly. Thanks to Christopher Rando for amazing sound, stage and lighting. You made us sound and look like rock stars my friend. Thanks to William James for managing the stage all day. He kept us all in check while rocking a set of his own with Charity Case. Thanks to Ed Barry for proving the community drum kit, Todd Boisvert for the bass rig and Gordon Swanson of UpFront Guitars for the rest of the backline. Thanks to the entire staff of The Tradesman and Valley Pub and all the volunteers who worked their asses off all day. Thanks to Jay Pillarella and Dawn Bailey (That Smarts by Dawn) for the cool commemorative t-shirts. Thanks to Milford Police Department and fire departments for doing an outstanding job managing the crowds and supporting the party in general. Same to the Town of Milford, especially our selectmen who approved the party. Great to see you at the show Will Kingkade! You too Scott Harrison. I love walking through the crowd and seeing town officials and school committee members like Joey Callery and off duty police officers and firefighters. This event has really turned into a great community celebration.

On a more personal level thanks to the two great bands I am honored to be a part of… Tailgates Down, with Meghan Haskins, Israel Saldana, Matt Kudirka, Jamie Nicholson, Lorraine D’Angelo Lee and our talented fill in for the show Jay Tullio and The Abe Froman Project with Justin Redden, Todd Boisvert, Tim Corrigan, Johnny Keys and Todd Boisvert. You guys make performing so fun! Thanks to Molly for putting up with me with all the planning and day of shenanigans and to some great friends for your consistent support… Dexter Avery Carcione, Jay Pillarella, Dawn Bailey, Amber K. Redden, Justin, Barbara Bain Rice, Tim and Kathleen Ann and Chris Manoogian.

Hope you go this far because I really want to thank all of YOU! The crazy bastids who partied with us all day! See you all at the social on Monday!

There’s probably more… I’ll stew over it for a bit and hope I didn’t forget anyone. So many great people to thank!



Yr7•341-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•342-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•343-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•344-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•345-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•346-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•347-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•348-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•349-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•350-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•351-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•352-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•353-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•354-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•355-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•357-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•358-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•360-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•361-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•362-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•363-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•364-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•365-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•366-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•367-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•368-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•370-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•371-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•372-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•373-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•374-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•375-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•376-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•377-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•378-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•379-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•380-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•381-366•2532•Party of the Year Yr7•382-366•2532•Party of the Year

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thedailypic•Yr7•338/366•2529•Matt & Friends

Yr7•337-366•2528•Matt & Friends

Tonight Amped Up Promotions supported a local music show at Memorial Hall in Milford, dubbed – An Evening with Matt Zajac & Friends. Unbelievable performances, openers Seafoam Green kicked off the show, then Matt and a parade of local musicians took over the night. Awesome job by all, check out the photos.


Yr7•346-366•2528•Matt & Friends-3 Yr7•345-366•2528•Matt & Friends-3 Yr7•344-366•2528•Matt & Friends-3 Yr7•343-366•2528•Matt & Friends-3 Yr7•342-366•2528•Matt & Friends-3 Yr7•341-366•2528•Matt & Friends-3 Yr7•340-366•2528•Matt & Friends-3 Yr7•339-366•2528•Matt & Friends-3 Yr7•338-366•2528•Matt & Friends-3 Yr7•337-366•2528•Matt & Friends-4 Yr7•337-366•2528•Matt & Friends-3 Yr7•350-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•349-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•348-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•347-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•346-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•345-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•344-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•343-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•342-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•341-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•340-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•339-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•338-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•337-366•2528•Matt & Friends-2 Yr7•350-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•349-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•348-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•347-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•346-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•345-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•344-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•343-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•342-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•341-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•340-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•339-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•338-366•2528•Matt & Friends Yr7•337-366•2528•Matt & Friends

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thedailypic•Yr7•291/366•2482•Carlie’s Wish

Yr7•291-366•2482•Carlie's Wish

I spent the day photographing a charity event for Carlie. Carlie is a local High School student, a talented musician/singer and is currently being treated for Ewings Sarcoma, a very rare and aggressive bone cancer usually found in children and young adults. The local music community led by Ray Auger held a concert today at Scioli’s in Milford. Raffles, Auction and entertainment by : Whiskey Church, Fringe Benefits, The Lynx, The Knuckleheads and Carlie herself. Thank you to all who came out, over $6K was raised, all the money will be used to support Carlie and her family during this time and assist with fulfilling her dream of having a music studio in her house. If you would like to contribute there is still a chance, feel free to contact me for more info.


Yr7•327-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•326-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•325-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•324-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•323-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•322-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•321-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•320-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•319-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•318-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•317-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•316-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•315-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•314-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•313-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•312-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•311-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•310-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•309-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•308-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•307-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•306-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•305-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•304-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•303-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•302-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•301-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•300-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•299-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•298-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•297-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•296-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•295-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•294-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•293-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•292-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•291-366•2482•Carlie's Wish


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thedailypic•Yr7•165/366•2356•Introducing Ellis Paul

Yr7•163-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul

Tonight Ellis Paul came to Milford, and I was honored to introduce him. First, my son took this photo, I do not get in many… so when I am in them they usually mean a lot. Thank you Dan for getting this moment for me. This is me inviting Ellis to the stage at Memorial Hall. This show was put on by Amped Up Promotions – which is Ray Auger and myself. We are proud of the work we put into this and tonight was perfect. Sold out crowd, beautiful weather, the Hall itself is a great backdrop, my wife and friends – Food by Barbie – catered it with desert, we had Gay Barboza wow the crowd by opening, with a few songs by Matt Zajac. I even got Ellis to take a one-bulb shot. If you joined us, thank you. We are already working on ideas for the next show, but something tells me this first one will stay with us. Thanks to all our family and friends who supported us, from well wishes, ticket purchases to helping with the chairs Jeff and Jay! Thank you Ellis.




Yr7•163-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•166-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•165-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•164-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•167-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•169-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•170-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•168-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•171-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•173-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•174-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•176-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•175-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul Yr7•177-366•2354•Introducing Ellis Paul

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thedailypic•Yr7•136/366•2327•The Music Makers

Yr7•136-366•2327•The Music Makers

The 2016 representatives Greater Milford Music Scene, this is our second “team” photo. Some new faces, many veterans, the photo stands for more that were not available today. The scene is special, I am honored to be just one of the documentarians. Get out and see these acts, you can follow the Local Lowdown published each week by WMRC and Ray Auger to see who is playing where. There is something for everyone, and you can’t go wrong, soon many of the venues that support these local artists will be displaying this photo. We sell the photo to anyone that will display it, 100% of the profits go to local charity. Last photo raised over $800 for the Milford Schools Music Program. If you have interest in having a print please contact me. Thanks to all who braved the cold to be part of this and the Black Box in Franklin for letting us use the stage.


Yr7•136-366•2327•The Music Makers

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thedailypic•Yr7•135/366•2326•Ellis Paul Live in Milford

Yr7•135-366•2326•Ellis Paul Tickets

I am promoting a show next month at Memorial Hall in Milford, MA. The legend Ellis Paul will be headlining, local great Gay Barboza will be the opening act, and we are even running a contest where one more artist can join them as the second opening act. See the message from Ellis himself below, all you need to do is make a quick video of you covering an Ellis song and send it to me. Or send it to Amped Up Promotions by 2/22.

We have been working hard to get this show in Milford, I hope you will consider joining us. March 13th, Sunday 6:30pm. Tickets can be bought online by clicking here. It will be a great show, and if it is a success we hope it is a launching of a great new series at Memorial Hall with local artists sharing the stage with national acts. Don’t forget about the contest! Share a stage with Ellis and play in front of his fans. Contact me if you have any questions, and please share with anyone who might be interested. Thank you.


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thedailypic•Yr7•093/366•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015

Yr7•093/365•2284 Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 January 1, 2016

Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015
January 1, 2016

Another New Year’s Eve, another Ellis Paul show at Club Passim. Spent the night taking in music with friends, taking photos and planning for March. See, in March, Ellis will be headlining a show Amped Up Promotions (run by Ray Auger and myself) with local Singer/Songwriter Gay Barboza. I have only met 2 kinds of people, those who have seen Ellis and are waiting to see him again, and those who have not seen him yet – but should. Well, here you go. Memorial Hall, Milford, MA, March 13th, 2016, 7pm – tickets are on sale now. Click here for all the details. Hope to see you there.

Happy New Year.


Yr7•126-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•127-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•123-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•124-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•125-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•121-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•122-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•120-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•117-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•118-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•119-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•114-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•115-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•116-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•111-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•112-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•113-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•108-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•109-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•110-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•105-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•106-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•107-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•102-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•103-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•104-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•099-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•100-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•101-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•097-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•098-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•096-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•093-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•094-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•095-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015

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thedailypic•Yr7•092/366•2283•A Look Back

Yr7•092/366•2283 A Look Back December 31, 2015

A Look Back
December 31, 2015

I have said before and still believe it to be true, it is not how each day was filled, it is that the year was filled with each day. Just by collecting them all, it is a successful year. I do my best to use each second as best I can. Some are great, some are crap, this is how it works, but I am lucky to have the ones I get. At the end of the year I try not to look back and think of what to change. I am not a resolution type of guy, I like to work on objectives, goals, things that obtainable. 2015 had a few, I wanted to be in more photos, I did. I wanted to work more efficiently and spend quality time with my my family, I did. I wanted to be better at letting things go, I think I did – this one may roll over.

I do love to look back though, look through the memories I captured. I just spent time with my wife going through photos I took in 2015. I clicked the shutter over 60K times, this is up 2K from 2014. Though thanks to one of those objectives, I am willing to bet they were better this year than last. The emotions ranged from sadness – with a smile – while seeing the last photos of my beloved pet. Humor and pride, as we looked at the difference 12 months can make as my son became an adult. Awe, as I see my daughter drive away alone for the fist time, and own the stage as she danced. Pure joy, as I see the miles, trips and time I shared with my family from Maine to San Francisco. And honor for being part of not only my friends lives, but clients too, all of which allow me to capture memories for them.

I collect moments, it is what I do and I love doing it. I hope your moments were all you wanted them to be. The dailypic is a “Look Back” I took as we left NYC, the rest of the 240 are ones that I wanted to share from 2015. Happy New Year to you all, thank you for looking. No matter how your 2015 was, I wish you all a tomorrow.


Yr7•088-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•087-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•089-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•091-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•090-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•092-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•095-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•094-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•096-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•093-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•098-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•099-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•097-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•100-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•101-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•103-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•102-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•104-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•107-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•106-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•105-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•110-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•109-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•108-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•113-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•112-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•111-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•115-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•114-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•116-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•119-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•118-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•117-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•120-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•121-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•122-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•125-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•124-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•123-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•128-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•127-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•126-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•131-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•132-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•130-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•129-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•133-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•134-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•135-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•137-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•136-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•138-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•139-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•140-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•143-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•141-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•142-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•146-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•145-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•144-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•148-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•149-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•151-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•150-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•147-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•152-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•154-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•153-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•157-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•156-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•155-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•160-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•159-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•158-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•161-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•163-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•162-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•164-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•167-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•166-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•165-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•168-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•170-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•169-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•171-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•172-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•173-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•175-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•174-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•176-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•178-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•177-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•180-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•179-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•183-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•181-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•185-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•182-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•184-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•187-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•186-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•188-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•191-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•190-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•189-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•194-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•193-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•192-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•196-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•197-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•198-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•195-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•199-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•201-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•200-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•202-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•203-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•205-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•204-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•206-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•208-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•207-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•209-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•212-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•211-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•210-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•215-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•214-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•213-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•218-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•217-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•216-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•219-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•221-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•220-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•223-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•222-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•224-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•225-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•227-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•226-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•228-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•231-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•230-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•229-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•234-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•232-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•235-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•236-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•233-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•238-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•239-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•237-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•240-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•242-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•241-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•243-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•245-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•244-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•246-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•248-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•247-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•250-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•251-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•249-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•254-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•253-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•252-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•257-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•256-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•255-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•260-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•259-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•258-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•262-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•264-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•263-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•261-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•265-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•268-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•266-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•267-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•270-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•269-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•271-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•273-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•272-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•275-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•274-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•276-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•278-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•277-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•280-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•279-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•281-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•282-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•284-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•283-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•285-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•287-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•286-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•288-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•290-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•289-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•291-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•292-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•294-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•293-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•297-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•296-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•299-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•298-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•295-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•302-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•301-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•300-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•304-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•305-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•303-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•308-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•307-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•306-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•309-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•310-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•311-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•313-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•314-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•312-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•315-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•317-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•316-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•318-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•320-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•319-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•321-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•322-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•323-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•325-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•324-365•2278•The Favs Yr7•326-365•2278•The Favs

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thedailypic•Yr7•032/365•2223•Work in Progress

Yr7•032/365•2223 Work in Progress November 1, 2015

Work in Progress
November 1, 2015

Tonight was the CD release party for Gay Barboza’s new recording, Work in Progress. Gay performed songs from the CD, and shared the stage with her friends at The Tavern from Tower Square in Plainville, MA. You can check out more and purchase her music on her website here. Highly recommended, I listened to it on the ride home.

From the press release:

Singer/Songwriter Gay Barboza has announced the release of her latest CD, “Work in Progress…”, featuring seven brand new original recordings from the Southeastern Massachusetts artist.

“I went back to basics on this one”, explained Barboza. “Just me, my lyrics, an acoustic guitar and a few appearances by the very talented Kate Russo on violin.”

“Work in Progress…”, as most of Barboza’s work suggests, is a journey into the mind of the artist through observations on life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Her love of folk and rock places her in a sub category of music that transcends definitions- soulful, thoughtful, uplifting and inspiring.

The release party was presented by my latest project, Amped Up Promotions. We help plan and execute promotions of all types, check us out for more info.

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